Repeating for about the 50th time—I get a lot of inspiration for these posts from Facebook friends. I do not recall who posted the above, but it was likely not one of the liberal crowd. To digest, here is what it says:

  • Incandescent lamps (bulbs) cost $0.42 each.
  • Compact fluorescent lamps cost $6.34 each.
  • Poor people are not going to be able to purchase expensive CFLs as though they are peanuts out of a vending machine. (Furthermore, government regulations enacted by liberal politicians are phasing out incandescent lamps.)
  • The poor will have to choose between replacing light bulbs and feeding their kids.
  • “I love using liberal clichés to illustrate the absurdity of liberal policies.”

Well this is just disgraceful. Liberals, with no sense of the practical, want to force everybody to conform to their wrong-headed notion of “global warming.” Global warming, as we all know, is a crisis concocted by liberals to leverage political control over the rest of us. Liberals obviously have no regard for the poor, whom they claim to protect, but who actually are pawns in their grab for power. Absolutely disgraceful. I like it when somebody puts these liberals in their place so squarely.

If only there were any substance to it. Let’s take a look at some reality. A quick visit to Home Depot reveals the following:

$6.97 / package:
$8.97 / case:

What happened to the $6.34 each for CFLs? Where did that price come from? How long did it take the person composing the little ditty above to come up with such a number? It could have taken a while. Writing fiction can be tedious. How about the $0.42 each for incandescents? Let me know where I can get them. Home Depot has its own price:

Model # 60A/RVL-6PK
$8.77 / package

Which brings us back to “I love using liberal clichés to illustrate the absurdity of liberal policies.” By now you are beginning to think what I’m thinking. This is a joke, right? I mean, nothing goes this far off the rails without a little nudge from somebody. I’m guessing this particular somebody was thinking, “I’m bored, so what I’m going to do is have some fun with dim-witted libruls.”

All right. I concede. It was fun. If this was somebody’s idea of a joke, the joke was well and truly joined. If it was not a joke, then… Then oops! Somebody’s got a problem, and it’s not the kind of problem I’m prepared to help with. Let’s all hope this was just a wall-laid spoof and let it go at that.

Whatever it was, let me describe a bit of the real world.

  • 2600 square foot all-electric residence in San Antonio, Texas
  • Compact fluorescents installed throughout
  • Lamps purchased at Home Depot as shown
  • April last year $61 electric bill
  • July last year $105 electric bill

Since then I have replaced maybe 26 CFLs with LED lamps equivalent to 60W incandescents but consuming only 9.5 Watts.


I’m hoping that liberals don’t have a lock on saving money. I’ve been wrong before.

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