Your Friend The Handgun

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The Second Amendment ensures American citizens have the right to use firearms to protect themselves and their family, and it is heartwarming to see this right being put to good use. Take the example of a grandmother in Tennessee:

Nellums, initially identified by police as the boy’s mother, carried her grandson outside and told officers that his 3-year-old brother was playing with a gun when he dropped it and it discharged. The victim was taken to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital where he was in non-critical condition for a gunshot wound to the arm.

Nellums told police that when shots were fired at her home, she grabbed her gun from her lock box and went outside. She fired shots into the ground to scare off suspects. She then put the gun back in the lock box, but forgot to lock it. Police recovered the gun and Nellums was arrested. She will be in court Tuesday on the charge.

Americans are cautioned to be on alert in these trouble times and to keep their powder dry.

Your Friend The Handgun

Nothing new here, folks.

The National Rifle Association works tirelessly to defend your right to protect yourself. How’s that working out?

DUDLEY – An 11-year-old boy died Friday after accidentally shooting himself in the head, according to reports from Dudley officials Friday evening.

At 9:15 p.m. Friday, A Dudley police sergeant said Police Chief Steven J. Wojnar was at the location of the shooting, but no other information could be given because it was still an active scene.

Later in the night, Chief Wojnar confirmed the child died from his injury and said state police were leading the investigation.

Keep your powder dry. And keep reading.

Your Friend The Handgun

Nothing new here, folks.


The Second Amendment is there to protect us. With all things of any worth there is always a price to be paid:

Police: 4-year-old shot, killed while playing with mother’s boyfriend’s gun

Boyfriend originally told police boy hit head on table, APD says

By Brianna Volz – Staff

Posted: 8:35 AM, January 22, 2017 Updated: 4:35 PM, January 22, 2017

AUBURNDALE, Fla. – A 4-year-old died from a gunshot wound Friday evening, the Auburndale Police Department said.

Police said they responded to the 100 block of Lakeside Hills Loop in Auburndale around 10 p.m.

Officers said they were originally told that a 4-year-old boy had hit his head on a table and was badly injured. Upon their arrival, officers and arriving emergency medical responders found the boy, Avion Weaver, with a gunshot wound to his cheek.

Weaver was transported to Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The handgun apparently belonged to Demenko Robinson, who was outside talking to some friends at the time. We can all be thankful there are people like Mr. Robinson who care enough about public safety to assert his Second Amendment rights.

People, you need to keep your powder dry these days. And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

Your Friend The Handgun

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The Second Amendment is always in need of protection. People give their lives to protect this right. Some are only ten years old:

CARTHAGE, Mo. — Sa’nya LaTrinity Faith Hill has been identified as the 10-year-old victim of an apparent accidental shooting Friday afternoon in Carthage.

In a statement today, Carthage police Chief Greg Dagnan said the firearm that is believed to have been used in the fatal shooting was from the home and is a handgun. Police have not identified the owner of the handgun. Two other juveniles present during the shooting will not be identified because they are juveniles.

Remember, when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.

Your Friend The Handgun

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Not everybody is hunky dory with the current president. M.D. Harmon, a retired journalist and military officer, is one of them. As a free-lance writer and speaker, he could always be counted on for sage advice contra the policies of out-going President Barack Obama. Here is some commentary from last June:

Harmon: Gun owners unjustly under fire

Restricting firearm sales won’t prevent crime.

Why is it that when a man motivated by a foreign ideology attacks a group of Americans, many of us ignore the perpetrator and attack each other instead?

It’s been more than a little sickening to see commentators, celebrities and politicians from our top national leadership on down (all of whom seem to lack an effective strategy for defeating jihadists, “homegrown” or otherwise) blame gun owners, traditional Christians, Republicans and conservatives in general because a U.S.-born son of immigrants from Afghanistan killed dozens and wounded many more in a vicious attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

 I doubt that quail hunters in Wisconsin, target shooters in Arizona or gun collectors in Maine were responsible for this massacre. And it’s more than hypocritical for people who have armed guards protecting them 24/7 to tell free Americans they can’t even defend themselves with guns.

And Mr. Harmon had a lot of other things to say. He touched on additional concerns, such as baking cakes for gay couples and people holding onto biblical moral standards on sexual issues. But, the gist of the June posting had to do with the value of maintaining an armed populace. His remarks included the following:

So I will offer my expertise instead. As a retired Army officer (and Vietnam vet) who has fired everything the Army has to offer, up to and including a 105 mm tank cannon, I will consult for free with first-time gun buyers, male or female, gay or straight, who want to acquire a weapon for self-defense.

I can also put people in touch with range officials and firearms instructors who can teach them how to shoot safely and also maintain their firearms, both critical components of their use.

And here’s a special bonus: For the first five people who contact me and prove they have acquired a gun since the Orlando attack, I will buy them a standard-sized box of ammunition.

That’s strong stuff. If ever there were a champion for the Second Amendment, here was that person. Harmon, as you might expect, was one of many glad to see the back side of President Obama as he sidles out of office tomorrow. As it turned out, Mr. Harmon did, indeed, have the very last word:

M.D. Harmon: Obama flounces out of office as Democrats ponder much-diminished prospects

Donald Trump’s election is what’s offering ‘hope and change’ these days, as the outgoing president’s U.N. inaction puts Mideast peace even further out of reach.

President Obama’s last few days in office (writing those words is one of life’s simple joys) illustrate the lyrics of the old country song: “How can we miss you if you won’t go away?”

Oh, he’ll depart the Oval Office soon, but because Hillary Clinton’s defeat meant his policies will get no “third term,” he has become like a spiteful ex-spouse smashing as much furniture as he can before the door slams and the lock clicks behind him.

And that was, in fact, the very last word. I neglected to include in the above a note added by the editors of the Portland Press Herald. Here is the omitted note:

Editor’s note: M.D. Harmon filed this column earlier this week for publication Friday. A longtime columnist and former Maine Sunday Telegram and Press Herald editor, Harmon died late Wednesday.

Died on Wednesday. Died on Wednesday? Really? Totally no sense of irony. What the editors of the Press Herald linked to but did not print along with Harmon’s very last posting was this:

As the Press Herald itself reports, the 71-year-old Harmon was showing off one of his guns to a 16-year-old boy in his home in Sanford, Maine, on Wednesday. Harmon apparently let the teenager handle the weapon, which went off while the boy was holding it.

Both the teenager and his father were visiting Harmon for undisclosed reasons, and Harmon’s wife has called the shooting an “accidental tragedy.”

Yes, well this brings us around to the supposed Benjamin Franklin quote featured above. I covered this previously:

I did a quick search of Franklin quotes. There may be one, but I couldn’t find any related to this, so let’s consider this a made-up case. Somebody created this to make a point, and the point is not explicit, only implied. I will state the point: “Disarming innocent people does not protect innocent people.”


Let’s go back to  M.D. Harmon’s headline from last June:

Restricting firearm sales won’t prevent crime.

For the record, the purpose of gun control laws is not to prevent crime. Most crime is committed without the use of firearms. My own experience is that most homicides by firearms are not committed by criminals. That is, at least in most cases the killers are not criminals up until the time the point  a gun at a person and pull the trigger.

This is number 42 of this series of postings, and there is going  to  be one every week while my fingers remain able to work a keyboard. Keep reading.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

Your Friend The Handgun

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Are you starting to feel  safe yet? Depends on how your Christmas party is going:

A family Christmas party had been going on at the home when an argument broke out between a man and woman, who are believed to be boyfriend and girlfriend, police said.

Family members escorted 44-year-old Alford Thorpe out of the party, but he returned about an hour later and tried to reenter the home, police said. He got into an argument with several family members in the front yard, then pulled out a gun and shot a 35-year-old man in the abdomen.

That was last year. Check back in December, and I will let you know what kind of Christmas we’re going to have this year.

Your Friend The Handgun

Nothing new here, folks.


The Second Amendment protects the right of American citizens to protect themselves with adequate fire power. It is gratifying to  see this right is never abused:

What was finally real was Edgar Welch, driving from North Carolina to Washington to rescue sexually abused children he believed were hidden in mysterious tunnels beneath a neighborhood pizza joint.

What was real was Welch — a father, former firefighter and sometime movie actor who was drawn to dark mysteries he found on the Internet — terrifying customers and workers with his ­assault-style rifle as he searched Comet Ping Pong, police said. He found no hidden children, no secret chambers, no evidence of a child sex ring run by the failed Democratic candidate for president of the United States, or by her campaign chief, or by the owner of the pizza place.

People, we can never be too careful. Where police won’t take action, concerned citizens step in. Keep your powder dry.

Trump News

Disclaimer: I subscribe to an email fake news service. Trump News is the name of the email sender. These posts are pulled from the emails.

For your reading pleasure


Beginning of a new series. I subscribe to an email newsletter from The sender is listed as Trump News, but it is not likely the President-elect is in any way involved with Trump News. Where to get started? How about with a recent story from En-Volve:

Career Felon Killed In Shootout By 13-Year-Old During Home Invasion

A check reveals the WCBD news item cited had much the same story.

That is certainly good news, and it flies in the face of my series of postings titled Your Friend The Handgun, aimed at demonstrating the folly of actually invoking your Second Amendment rights and loading yourself up with firearms. What is so heartening to learn is that the use of a (presumed) handgun allowed a 13-year-old child to defend his home and himself from two dangerous criminals. A side effect is that criminal proceedings will not be necessary against one of the crooks. R.I.P.

But wait. What’s fake about this news? Well… For starters, look at the picture of the young boy who pulled the trigger. How righteous. How heroic. How white.

If you read available news stories related to this incident you will observe that the identity of the young boy is being withheld at his (and most likely his parents’) request. So, where did En-Volve get the photo of the shooter? Your guess is as good as mine, and my guess is this is a stock photo, and the boy is a model posing for the photo with a semi-automatic pistol and a very determined look. I am familiar with the concept because I shoot stock photos for profit, and I have used such models.

So, the photo is a stock photo, and the boy is a model. Most likely that is a prop gun provided by the photographer. That does not answer an interesting  question. Why is the boy white? This is North Charleston, SC. Yes, that North Charleston, SC, where apparently a bunch of non-white people live. Such as the two crooks in the picture. I’m going to leave it to readers to figure out why a white child is supposed to have killed a black thug. There is an additional item worth discussing.

The story from En-Volve was posted by A. Michael Smith on 30 December 2016. As a reference, Smith’s story links to a story in That story says:


Then it says pretty much what the En-Volve story says. Except for the date. The date of the En-Volve story is 30 December of 2016. The date of the US Army 4 Life story is 25 December 2016. So when did the actual events take place? To find out I relied on my trusty Way-Back machine, Google:

– On Tuesday afternoon a 13-year-old boy who was home alone used his mother’s gun to fend off two potential burglars, killing one of them.

According to authorities, the boy, who is not being identified because of his age, became suspicious of a grey Chevy Sonic that had pulled up near his house.

The Charleston County Sheriff’s Office reported that the boy later heard someone trying to break into his family’s home. He then got his mother’s gun and went to the back door of the house.

The boy told police officials that he fired the gun at a person outside and the person fired back.

The two burglars, Lamar Anthwan Brown, 31, of Summerville, and Ira Bennett, 28, of North Charleston, then fled the scene.

Bennett reportedly drove an injured Brown to Trident Medical Center, and then took off—Brown later died of his gunshot wounds.

US Army 4 Life used the Fox 29 news item pretty much as written, obviously without a lot of re-investigation. But note that the Fox 29 story is from 11 November 2015, over a year prior to both the US Army 4 Life story and the En-Volve story. But the Fox 29 story did not have a photo of the child, just the two black crooks. In none of the news accounts was the child or his family identified.

And now I get to the part where I speculate, completely fact-free. Why did US Army 4 Life need to go back over a year to find an appropriate story? If there is any substance to “a million self defensive uses of firearms a year,” why wasn’t there a story available from the previous week. Or the previous month? Could it be that no such story existed—that the last time a home owner effectively used a firearm to protect his home was over a year prior? I am not going to stretch incredulity that far, and I am going to grant that real self protection events occur more than once a year.

I also like to wonder how many of those self-protection episodes involve something like popcorn.

Your Friend The Handgun

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Bad news from Minnesota, readers. A man bent on a terrorist mission has rammed his car into a crowd at a St. Cloud shopping mall, injuring some and shooting nine dead.

No, wait! I have that a bit wrong. He was not armed with a gun, but instead he carried an equally deadly knife. The carnage was no less shocking:

Nine people were hurt in a knife rampage at a Minnesota mall during which the attacker made references to Allah, authorities said.

The suspect was shot dead by an off-duty police officer at the Crossroads Mall in St. Cloud, which began around 8 p.m. (9 p.m. ET) on Saturday.

I guess that settles the dispute over knives being just as deadly as handguns. I have a great idea. Let’s issue guns to our military and to police and require terrorists carry only knives.

Your Friend The Handgun

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From advertisement for Urban Carry

Safety for you and your family comes in many ways. One way is through the Second Amendment to the Constitution, which ensures every citizen the right to keep his sidearm with him at all times. You never know when you will need protection from obnoxious people driving without consideration for others:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — A 3-year-old boy being taken on a shopping trip by his grandmother was killed in a road rage shooting when a driver opened fire on the grandmother’s car because he thought she “wasn’t moving fast enough at a stop sign,” police said.

The boy and his grandmother were at the stop sign in southwest Little Rock on Saturday evening when a driver apparently angry about the delay stepped out of his car and opened fire, police said. The boy was struck by gunfire at least once, they said.

The grandmother, who wasn’t struck, drove away and called police from a shopping center.

Police arrived at the shopping center and found the boy in the car outside a JCPenney department store. The boy was taken to a hospital, where he died shortly after, becoming the second young child shot dead in a road rage incident in the city in the last few weeks.

Ya’ll be safe out there, and remember. Don’t leave home without it.