Your Friend The Handgun

Number 134

The reason we are plagued by gun violence is because we have removed God from our public life. That I have been told. I have also been told it’s because we have removed God from our schools. It’s a good thing we have not yet removed God from our churches:

Gunman fatally shoots Pennsylvania churchgoer after fight over seat at Sunday service

All of which leaves us to ask, “What gun would Jesus choose?”

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 133

The National Rifle Association is diligent in protecting the Second Amendment from erosion by liberals. Citizens are now safe knowing they don’t have to take a bunch of shit off anybody. I’m feeling safer already:

Father, son accused of killing their neighbor over dispute about a box spring

Updated 1:07 PM ET, Sun September 23, 2018

(CNN)A father and son are facing murder charges after police say they shot and killed a neighbor in Abilene, Texas, over a dispute about a box spring — an incident the victim’s common-law wife caught on camera.

According to police, on September 1, John Miller, 67, and his son Michael Miller, 31, got into a confrontation with their neighbor over a box spring mattress in a shared alleyway.
The argument escalated, and both father and son discharged a handgun and a shotgun, respectively, killing 37-year-old Aaron Howard, police said.
Remember, the Second Amendment is there for you, but only if you make use of it.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 132

Apologies all around. I try to post one of these each Thursday, but the problem is I’m always running behind. Obviously there is more than one a week of these, but ABC World News Tonight with David Muir was forced to run two items back to back. The first is above:

4 shot, injured in Wisconsin workplace shooting; suspect dead

Four people were shot and injured in a workplace shooting in Middleton, Wisc., on Wednesday morning, a city about 6 miles outside of Madison.

Two are in serious condition and one is in critical condition, according to the University of Wisconsin Health in Madison.

The suspect was shot by officers after the incident at WTS Paradigm, a software company where the suspect worked, Middleton Police Chief Charles Foulke said at a news conference.

Here’s the other:

Gunman in courthouse shooting that injured 4 was scheduled for assault hearing, authorities say

Four people were shot at the municipal building that houses the Fayette County Magistrate Court in Masontown, Pennsylvania, a spokesperson for the Fayette County Emergency Management told ABC News.

The gunman entered the lobby shortly after 2 p.m. and began shooting with a handgun, said Lt. Steven Dowlin, station commander of the Pennsylvania Police Department’s Troop B, which handles Fayette County.

And that’s it for today. Again, I apologize. It could be I will run out of ink before they run out of bullets. Sorry. Not my fault.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 131

There is a large segment of modern society, reinforced by a headstrong gun rights organization, that holds to the belief that more guns available to the public makes for a safer world. Others are inclined to disagree:

Officers arrived to the scene at the intersection of South Meadowbrook Drive and Skyline Drive just before 5:30 p.m. Saturday, where they found Widman suffering from a gunshot wound. Police and paramedics tried to save the woman’s life, but she was pronounced dead about an hour later at a local hospital.

Police say that Widman was driving northbound on South Meadowbrook Drive with a friend when she stopped at a red light and got out of her car to approach the driver in the car in front of them. Witnesses say they heard a gunshot and saw the woman collapse in a parking lot.

The gunman left the scene, driving away northbound on Meadowbrook Drive.

According to some logic, the woman should have approached the other car with her gun already drawn. That way there might have been two dead people when the police arrived.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 129

The Second Amendment ensures citizens have the right to own guns to protect themselves and their families from dangerous criminals. Let’s see how that’s working out:

Louisville man says 2-year-old son died after accidentally getting into his gun safe

A 2-year-old boy died at Norton Children’s Hospital on Monday after being shot in the face.

Monday, July 31st 2017, 1:15 pm EDT by Travis Ragsdale & Joel Schipper

Monday, July 31st 2017, 10:24 pm EDT

.LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A 2-year-old boy died at Norton Children’s Hospital on Monday after being shot in the face.

LMPD spokesperson Dwight Mitchell said the shooting happened just after 1 p.m. in the 6500 block of Huff Lane near the intersection of Cane Run Road and Camp Ground Road.

“About 1 o’clock this afternoon, Louisville Metro Police second division officers responded to a call of a shooting in the 6500 block of Huff Lane,” Mitchell said. “When officers arrived, they located a 2-year-old male who had been shot.”

The victim’s father, Jesse Mefford, said his two sons were being watched by their adult cousin when they found a 9 mm handgun.

All right! Dangerous criminals never give you any warning before they prepare to strike at your peaceful home. Keep alert out there, and vote to protect your gun rights.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 128

Above is a photo of Omar Enrique Santa Perez enjoying his constitutional rights under the Second Amendment during the final minutes of his life. With him is his friend, his handgun, which unfortunately failed him at the moment when he needed it the most:

Cincinnati shooter’s gun jammed during four-minute rampage, police say

CINCINNATI — The shooter who killed three people in the lobby of a downtown Cincinnati office high-rise could have killed many more if his gun hadn’t jammed during the four-minute rampage, city leaders said Friday. Newly released security footage from inside the lobby showed the gunman firing randomly while carrying a briefcase with hundreds of rounds of ammunition over his shoulder.

Remember, the Second Amendment protects you, but routine maintenance is also essential.

Here is Mr. Santa Perez in a photo apparently taken in a happier time, during which he had been charged only with minor crimes in another state.

Here is Mr. Santa Perez’s handgun, a 9mm semi-automatic pistol, which he purchased legally at a local gun supply store. The photo appears to have taken where the weapon was found lying on the floor after Mr. Santa Perez dropped it.

Santa Perez did not break any laws when he purchased the pistol. He did not break any laws when he purchased multiple magazines for his weapon, and he did not break any laws when he purchased 200 rounds of 9mm ammunition for it.

Additionally, he did not break any laws when he drove into downtown Cincinnati with the weapon and the ammunition in his car and parked the car before entering several businesses before choosing this particular bank building. In fact, Santa Perez only broke the law when he pointed his weapon at somebody. That is called assault with a deadly weapon. Then he pulled the trigger, breaking additional laws. At that  point he would have become ineligible to purchase, own, or possess this weapon.

Santa Perez’s rights under the Second Amendment next led him to this point in his life, where security video shows him walking down a corridor, shooting people as he encounters them.

The video also shows building security personnel taking advantage of an opportunity to hustle  victims out of harm’s way.

His rights granted by the Constitution finally led Santa Perez to this point, the final seconds in his life, as police, outside on the sidewalk and firing through the glass, accomplish what politicians paid for by the National Rifle Association, refuse to do. They ended this threat to society. They also ended the existence of this human being.

Almost never will I post an image of the final seconds of somebody’s life, but I am posting this one. Four people died, three besides Santa Perez. Two more shot and survived, one wounded by twelve bullets. There is no way this scene is does not depict a travesty of the American political climate.

And you have to ask, who stood up for the three innocents killed? Additionally, who stood up for Omar Enrique Santa Perez when he needed our help? Who stood up, when he went to purchase the pistol and the ammunition, and told him, “Dude, there is no reason for you to have this weapon. You’re not in the military, not even in the National Guard. You’re not a police officer, not even a security guard. Besides, you have already demonstrated the lack of stability that would make us feel safe for you to be among the public and armed. For your own safety and for the safety of others, we deny you permission to own a firearm of any kind. We recommend you seek help.”

I cannot tell you who did stand up for Santa Perez, because nobody did. I can tell you who did not stand up for him:

And there are many more.

Something is wrong when people in positions of power put personal preference and political power ahead of concern for public safety. These people can conjure up a hundred reasons for not restricting gun ownership and possession as they stumble to come up with a single alternative.

Events such as the one that played out in Cincinnati seem automatically to be followed by a flowing of thoughts and prayers, which outpourings end with the resolution to fix the underlying problem, “mental health.” Mental health! They are, before too many more of their constituents die, going to solve a social problem that has existed for thousands of years before addressing one that has become manifest only in the past 200 years—the availability of cheap, powerful, and deadly weapons.

Much as they may claim otherwise, these people are not your friends. And neither is a handgun. Just ask Omar Enrique Santa Perez. If only you could.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 127

It’s the Second Amendment that looks after you when nothing else will. Like when you can’t get concert tickets, and you really need those tickets. Luckily the Constitution ensures you have the means to make your frustrations known to others:

Shots fired before Ice Cube concert at California horse track

Del Mar Racetrack says the concert will go ahead as planned after deputies shot a man outside the track.

Sheriff’s deputies shot a man before a sold-out concert by Ice Cube during the last race of the day at Del Mar Racetrack north of San Diego, authorities and track officials said.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department said the man fired several rounds from a semiautomatic handgun when he was told that no more tickets for the concert were available. Deputies returned fire, and the man was taken to a hospital with unknown injuries. The concert went on as planned after a delay.

OK, so you’ve been shot, and you’re flat on the sidewalk, and some highly skilled professionals are working to save your life, but at least you were ensured of your constitutional right to let us know you’re as mad as hell, and you are not going to take it anymore.


So profound I had to say it twice.

I’ve been trying to figure out what the NRA (National Rifle Association) is all about. I look at the words:

  • national
  • rifle
  • association

By themselves they make sense, but somehow when you string them together they take on a a meaning unto themselves. The NRA, once a sportsman’s club, has within the past few decades morphed into a pernicious political entity. Forget about the 4th Amendment, and forget about the right of citizens to bear arms. The NRA has allied itself with some of the basest elements of American society. If ever this base needed a voice, the NRA is there to provide it. That voice exhibits a nature the likes of which are rare in civilized society. I exhibit an example. Here is NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch speaking in an ad sponsored by the NRA. It’s a video, and I have watched through it a few times and can attest to the accuracy of the transcript provided by Vox. I captured some screen shots and have inserted them into the text at the approximate places they show in the video:. We see Loesch saying:

They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex-president to endorse “the resistance.”

All to make them march. Make them protest. Make them scream racism and sexism and xenophobia and homophobia. To smash windows, burn cars, shut down interstates and airports, bully and terrorize the law-abiding — until the only option left is for the police to do their jobs and stop the madness.

And when that happens, they’ll use it as an excuse for their outrage. The only way we stop this, the only way we save our country and our freedom, is to fight this violence of lies with the clenched fist of truth.

I’m the National Rifle Association of America. And I’m freedom’s safest place.

Watch the video. It also shows protesters smashing windows and otherwise acting in a criminal manner. You will get the idea, she hopes, that all those who oppose President Trump and protest in the streets are like this.

I will repeat a key section of the narrative in order to do a bit of analysis.

They use their media to assassinate real news. They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler. They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again. And then they use their ex-president to endorse “the resistance.”

“They use their media to assassinate real news.” Let’s see how this is done. “They,” meaning me and others like me, make skillful misuse of the media. Would that I had that kind of power. My control over The Dallas Morning News is not what it used to be. We (I) assassinate the real news. Let’s  take a look at some of the real news I have assassinated recently:

All right, I’m getting tired of this part of the game. Let me move on.

“They use their schools to teach children that their president is another Hitler.” Forget about Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was more popular. And the schools teach this? I pause to gag. The schools have no need to any such. We have a man in Washington we pay to do this kind of thing for us:

I just cannot state strongly enough how totally dishonest much of the Media is. Truth doesn’t matter to them, they only have their hatred & agenda. This includes fake books, which come out about me all the time, always anonymous sources, and are pure fiction. Enemy of the People!

“They use their movie stars and singers and comedy shows and award shows to repeat their narrative over and over again.” They do? Why? Is it necessary to use movie stars, singers, comedy shows, and award shows to repeat the narrative? If these are used in that manner, then it is a waste of effort on the part of a bunch of people, because once again we pay Donald Trump to do this for us:

Many journalists are honest and great – but some are knowingly dishonest and basic scum. They weeded out!

Yes, that’s about going to do it for me, my friends, and the media working overtime to embarrass the president.

So, if you are a fan of President Trump, you should show him your support and join up with the NRA. Or you could just back off a bit and let somebody else do it. There is no longer any doubt the Russian government is funneling money to the NRA, which then uses it to propagandize for President Trump.

Loesch concludes by reminding viewers the NRA will defend American values withe the “clenched fist of truth.” I will get back to you when I come across the “truth” part.

NRA! Say it twice.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 125

Screen shots are from ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, streaming on Hulu 23 August 2018.

Remember gun rights advocates, the reason you need to have a handgun is for your personal protection and for the protection of your family. These random shootings, these untimely deaths—it’s not supposed to work that way. Excepted that it does. A lot:

2 sought in mystery shooting at Upper East Side building from across East River

Bullets pierced glass windows at apartments inside One East River Place, a 50-unit high-rise located at 525 East 72nd Street, on two separate occasions.

Hey! Nobody injured. Nobody killed. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, right? Actually, no. The way it’s supposed to be is that citizens are supposed to have access to arms in the event they are called out for a well regulated militia.

But, you say, this business in New York, that’s not any of my doing. I’m a responsible gun owner, and I never point my gun at anything I do not intend to kill. Then good for you. You are not responsible for multiple shots being fired into the windows of apartments were people were living. All you did was to support politicians who promised to continue to keep easy access to deadly weapons legal. And it was your constitutional right to do so.

Please note, these shots were from a handgun.

So, your conscience clear. You are now able to sleep, secure in the knowledge you have done nothing wrong. All except the part about secure sleep.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 125

Not only does having a handgun in your home provide you with a greater sense of security, it’s also an invaluable convenience when it comes to those matters that cannot be resolved through thoughtful conversation or, in extreme circumstances, through the courts. Bang bang, the matter is settled, with a certain degree of finality:

Peoria girl, 12, finds mother shot; father suspected in attack

Of course, there remain a few loose ends to tie off, but at least those can be resolved through the courts.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 124

I’ve been trying to determine how this would have come off better if everybody were completely armed up. Let me know when you figure it out:

The father of two Parkland school shooting survivors is shot and killed during a robbery

Don’t get involved. Your job is to stack them and count them.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 123

The answer to the gun death crisis is not fewer guns but putting God back into our lives. How’s that working out?

1 dead, suspect in custody after shooting at Mormon church in Nevada

Last Updated Jul 22, 2018 11:34 PM EDT

Authorities are investigating a shooting that took place at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fallon, Nevada. At least one person was killed and one person was injured Sunday afternoon, according to CBS affiliate KTVN-TV. The station writes that the suspect, John K. O’Connor, 48, is in custody but has not been charged yet.

KTVN-TV reports there were about 50 witnesses when the incident unfolded inside the church. Police say the suspect went home after opening fire and police followed him there where a hostage negotiator was able to get him to surrender.

I’m glad we finally got that matter settled.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 122

This is good news. Apparently having your friendly handgun now ensures you never have to take crap off anybody anytime, especially in Florida. A few years ago, likely at the urging of the National Rifle Association, Florida enacted what is called a Stand Your Ground law. Summarizing from memory it says, in Florida, if you feel your life is threatened you do not need to take it. You can fight back. Specifically, you can shoot to kill. That is especially good news for one Mr. Michael Drejka, 47 years old:

Florida Sheriff Cites ‘Stand Your Ground’ in Not Arresting Shooter in Parking Lot Killing

By Julia Jacobs July 21, 2018

A man who shot and killed another man in Florida this week during an argument over a parking space will not be arrested or charged by the sheriff’s office because of the state’s so-called Stand Your Ground law, the authorities said.

To summarize, Ms. Britany Jacobs was sitting in a car in the parking lot of a convenience story in Clearwater,  Florida. Everything would have turned out just fine that day, except the car was parked in a handicap space, and there was no handicap permit anywhere in appearance.

Enter Mr. Drejka, who voiced objections. Enter one Markeis McGlockton, 28 years old at the time and not destined to get any older. He was sweet Britany’s boyfriend, and he was in the store doing some business. When he came out and saw Mr. Drejka harassing his main squeeze, he got physical. He shoved Mr. Drejka. Mr. Drejka did not shove back. He pulled his weapon and dispensed with the person of Markeis McGlockton. You can watch the video. So much for parking in handicap when you’re not supposed to.

This might not be big news were it not the end of a string of such occurrences since the Florida law was enacted:

  • George Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, 17 on February 26, 2012, about the time Martin was getting the better of Zimmerman on the grounds of an apartment complex. Zimmerman walked.
  • In November 2012 Michael Dunn opened fire on a car in a parking lot in Jacksonville after an argument over loud music coming from the car. The gunfire killed one Jordan Davis, then 17. Mr. Dunn is now serving time.
  • In January 2014 Curtis Reeves, then 71, opened fire in a suburban Tampa movie theater when a Mr. Chad Oulson threw movie popcorn on him at the culmination of an argument. Mr. Oulson did not survive. A judge in the case has ruled that Mr. Reeves is unable to invoke the Stand Your Ground law. The most recent news has a trial date still to be set. It’s possible Mr. Reeves’ lawyers are trying to run out the clock, expecting him to succumb to old age before there is any resolution in the case.

So, the NRA is telling us that such laws are appropriate to ensure public safety. Really? How’s that working out?

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 121

Found one! Actually, there are several of these every year, and in fairness I post some of the cases involving a friendly handgun. This is from The Dallas Morning News:

‘I had to do what I had to do,’ says Dallas mom who shot man trying to steal SUV with kids inside

Loyd Brumfield and Claire Z. CardonaUpdated Sunday at 4:15 p.m.: Revised to includemore details.A woman shot a man in the head as he tried to steal her SUV with her two children inside Wednesday night, Dallas police say.An employee of a gas station in the 200 block of West Camp Wisdom Road, near the border with Duncanville, alerted the mother about 10 p.m. that a man was trying to get into her SUV.

The mother, identified by KDFW-TV (Channel 4) as Michelle Booker-Hicks, told the station she had been paying for gas at the time.

She jumped into the vehicle. When the man didn’t stop, she pulled a gun from the glove box and shot him in the head, police said.

So, there. Sometimes you do come out ahead being in possession of a legal handgun. If she had not obtained the weapon for her protection, as she told authorities, and kept it handy, then man would have stolen her car with her kids inside.

Of course, should have accomplished the same result without the expense of a handgun by taking the keys with her when she got out of the car. But, that’s just me talking.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 120

Sometimes a handgun is what you need to get your point across:

Man arrested after shouting ‘womp, womp’ and pulling a gun on immigration protesters

A Huntsville police spokesman said the man — identified as 34-year-old Shane Ryan Sealy — pushed one of the protesters, who pushed him back and knocked him to the ground, at which point Sealy allegedly produced the weapon.

Holder-Joffrion still had her eyes closed, and she said her husband, Democratic congressional candidate Peter Joffrion, didn’t see a scuffle — just a protester telling Sealy to “leave, leave, leave, leave.”

It’s a good thing Sealy had his constitutionally-protected handgun ready when needed it to make his point perfectly clear.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 119

Keep it handy. You never know when you’re going to  need it:

LOUISA COUNTY, Va. (WINA) – A two-year-old Louisa County boy is dead after he was shot by his 4-year-old brother, who thought the gun he was playing with was a toy.

Tyler “Ty” Aponte suffered a shot to the chest at around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, May 22. He was rushed from his Bakers Branch Road home to University of Virginia Hospital, where he was pronounced dead a few hours later.

It’s all about your right to keep your family safe.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 118

People keep giving me good advice. Good advice such as I should have a firearm handy in the event somebody tries to rob me, or somebody decides to start shooting up the place. Let’s see how that’s working out:

A tragic shooting of two construction workers outside a Blue Valley Elementary school Tuesday morning set off a chain of crimes with a bizarre ending as the suspect was taken into custody soon after noon.

One worker died at the hospital. Another remained in critical condition.

Ouch! Who would have suspected the creep coming to kill you was the person standing right next too you. ABC World News Tonight with David Muir has the story streaming on Hulu, where I obtained these screen shots.

Three workers at an elementary school got into an argument. Fortunately one of the men had the presence of mind to be packing heat, and he ended the argument to his satisfaction. Then he figured to skate on out, so he used his handy personal protection to force a driver to surrender his car and then proceeded to go about his business, which at the time involved getting away from the police. Neighbors were relieved that at least one citizen among them had the sense to arm himself to protect his community.

Yep. Keep ’em zipped.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 117

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir streaming on Hulu

The Second Amendment ensures the right of citizens to arm themselves for their own protection and for the protection of others. Tell that to Jeremy Webster of Colorado:

DENVER — A 12-year-old boy told police he saw a driver open fire on his family during a road rage confrontation in Colorado, killing his older brother and critically wounding his mother and younger brother, authorities said Friday. Police arrested Jeremy Webster, 23, hours after the shooting that killed a 13-year-old boy and also wounded a bystander not related to the family.

Apparently that did not turn out well for Jeremy. Fortunately for him, or maybe not, he had no past criminal record, so he was allowed to possess a firearm. Knowing he had “mental issues” and was on “new medication,” he failed to relinquish his right to carry. I’ve been told by others that people can obtain insurance coverage to protect themselves in case their use of a firearm causes harm. I’m guessing instances such as this are addressed by exclusion clauses somewhere down in the fine print. Tell that to Meghan Bigelow, who is now hospitalized in critical condition, her oldest son dead and another wounded. I am sure Meghan would rather not sue if she could only get her son back.

ABC World News Tonight with David Muir streaming on Hulu

It’s what we are willing to pay for the right to  “protect ourselves.”

Your Friend The Handgun

Nothing new here, folks (number 115).


What is important is for you to have the right to protect your family. So far, so good:

The triple homicide that stemmed from the Tuesday night shooting on Quinlan Court has been ruled a murder-suicide, Springfield Police Chief Lee Graf said Wednesday:

  • Eric Sirons shot his wife, Jennifer, and stepdaughter Andrea Heiser before shooting himself
  • A handgun used in the killings was found in the home
  • The couple was going through a divorce

If Mr. Sirons left a note thanking Wayne LaPierre, nobody has been able to find it.

Your Friend The Handgun

Nothing new here, folks (number 114).

Remember to always keep your weapon ready for the times you will need it to protect your family:

(CNN) —An Indiana man faces charges for leaving a loaded gun in the car with his family as he shopped, after his 3-year-old daughter accidentally shot her mother, police said.

Shanique Thomas, the woman who was shot, told police she was unaware that Menzo Brazier, 21, was carrying his weapon when they left their residence in Michigan City, Indiana.
Remember, the NRA instructs responsible gun owners that if they have plans for leaving a loaded gun in a car while they are shopping, they should instruct their young child to not shoot her mother under any circumstances. I hope everybody has the message by now.