Your Friend The Handgun

Number 193, no surprise

The graph shows up in a publication from The Heritage Foundation and bearing the title “Here Are 8 Stubborn Facts About Gun Violence in America.” The text explains:

More people are stabbed to death every year than are murdered with rifles. A person is more likely to be bludgeoned to death with a blunt object or beaten to death with hands and feet than to be murdered with a rifle.

So, more people are stabbed than killed with rifles. Blunt objects, also. Which is why this series is about Your Friend the Handgun. The graph clearly shows handguns are what we should be concerned about, as in this case:

Wisconsin police officer shoots student who pulled gun, refused to drop it, officials say

Christopher KuhagenBill Glauber Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

WAUKESHA, Wis. — A city police officer inside Waukesha South High School in Wisconsin shot a 17-year-old student who pulled a gun in a classroom and refused to drop it, according to officials.

The suspect — taken into custody — was the only person injured in the incident, police said.

Yes, nobody was killed. So this is not about gun deaths. This is about gun violence, and it’s another example of how the proliferation of guns, especially handguns, fails to make our society safer.

When Stupidity Is Abused

Number 2 of a series

There are times when stupidity has its uses. I can’t think of them right now, but there must be times. This is to alert you that stupid can also be abused. Take the example of (now) presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. Here is something from 2014:

I think having a gun at home when you have children is really dumb. Kids —, we all went and tried to figure out what was in the top shelf of their parents closet. And we looked in mommy’s handbag. Under the bed. Kids are inquisitive.

That did not go over very well in a number of respects. First of all, if you want people to vote for you you don’t start out calling them stupid. Obviously candidate Bloomberg was not thinking very far ahead five years ago. Now he needs to. That notwithstanding, it is stupid to have a gun in the house. However, do not attempt to convince some of my conservative Facebook friends. Cody posted the above meme, and a lively discussion ensued. Here are some excerpts. Names have been abbreviated.

November 30 at 4:26 PM ·

Says a man with armed body guards and all the money in the world. I have nothing against, other than disagreeing on policy, with any of the Democratic candidates… with one exception. This man is a terrifying ego manic. (yes, prepare for the standard anti- Trump statements).
Goodness you could not pay me a million dollars to vote for this man. (Maybe 3 million would do it though…

Jerry: It sounds like Bloomberg is the one who’s pretty stupid.

Rob: Ironic isn’t it

Cody: It’s as if the Democratic Party said… Hold My Beer, we can find a bigger a hole.

It’s starting to appear there is not a Democrat in the bunch. We are about to see some archetypal gun rights rhetoric.

John: I’m definitely smarter than *YOU* are, Michael! And you aren’t getting my guns, either!

It’s at this point I added a snarky comment:

John Blanton It’s so nice to have a gun around the house.…/your-friend-the…/

The linked post features a graph based on some gun violence statistics.

Apparently this elicited this response from Cody.

Cody: Be honest and remove suicide and life isn’t safe, never has been, never will be. But in the interest of safety, we must surrender to the wiser among us, correct? Finally, the use of arms is why you exist today, hunting and killing of other creatures, to keep warm and to eat. In other words, manly pursuits that were…wait for it… dangerous.

The graph clearly shows gun violence in the United States is way out of line with other first world countries. Cody’s explanation is “life isn’t safe.” He seems to ignore that elsewhere life is safe. Why not here?

Now the conversation gets really interesting.

James: Cody, also you can’t give up guns. If we have a Civil War, the food chains to the supermarket may get cut off. People will need to hunt for their own food.

The logic is inescapable. If you give up your guns, then what do you do if there is a civil war? I swear, in my questioning the logic behind free access to guns, I never thought about what we would do in case of civil war. And the need to hunt for our own food. Without guns we are all going to starve. Something is being abused here, and there does not appear to be a lot of intelligence is going to waste.

There is additional comment, and I began to think the conversation needed to be brought back on track.

John Blanton The chart shows countries with strict gun laws and free societies. And not so many children killing children. We need to get over the notion having a gun at home will make us safer.

This is what candidate Bloomberg is shown saying, in his maladroit way. Cody responds.

Cody: John Blanton again. Remove suicide. But that would require honest discussion versus hyperbole and wanting to spin. The method of death doesn’t matter but the result. The major underlying cause of death of young people in US is drug and drug use. Also death rates among whites are consistent with Europe. We have a problem with gangs and drugs that is mainly in the black community. But again you just want to preach… So peace out.

It’s becoming apparent nothing I can say is going to restore sanity to this conversation. A followup response is breathtaking.

James: John Blanton, a gun at home does make you safer. When guys [guns] are taken away, criminals will have free rain to invade your home.

It is hard to argue with logic like that. Yes, criminals will have free reign to invade my home, except it is against the law for them to do that, and they will be prosecuted and put in jail if they do it. It is not against the law for any jakeleg who thinks he needs a gun to have one. The result is children are dying.

The brilliance of this argument rises to new heights.

Randy: And most of those free countries in that chart are free still because we in the U.S. have guns and a demonstrated willingness to use them.

The kid brother is safe from the bullies because of the reputation of the older brother.

See, it goes like this. Because Americans have guns in their homes, people in Japan are safe, because criminals in Japan will not invade their homes, because they know that somebody several thousands of miles away has a gun in his home.

Actually, it is possible Randy means something else. Japan (and France and England) have no fear from a resurgent Russia, because America’s enormous defense establishment is ready to knock down any invaders, and possibly receive thanks in return. However, the discussion is supposed to be about whether it is safer or not to have guns in the home. We see logic bending under the weight.

I attempt to get the discussion back in the groove.

John Blanton Once again, the discussion is about guns in the home. I post one of these every week, and there are several more each week I do not post, because this is a one incident a week posting. It’s not about police killing bad guys. It’s about good guys (even children) killing people. And to tamp down the traffic I only post about experiences involving handguns.

I am preparing to post a story about a person who killed somebody to protect his property. You should not feel good about this. Somebody died who did not need to die.

Lots of stories I post do not involve anybody dying. These are about times when a person wishes he had not had a gun. Loss of job. Arrested by the police. Embarrassed himself. When do we get to see the benefit of the proliferation of private gun ownership?

I am not against guns. I received pistol training from the government. I worked arming aircraft in the Navy Reserve. All right, rockets and bombs but not guns.

Here I am attempting to deflect by pointing out I have nothing against guns, they being made out of metal and having no intent to do me harm. My lame excuse about being a weapons specialist (Aviation Ordnanceman in the Navy Reserve) falls a little flat, since I and most of my shipmates did not actually deal with guns.

Vincent thinks he has a good argument.

Vincent: The moment you illegally enter a home with nefarious intent, you’re right to live has been forfeited. If they didn’t need to die, they also didn’t need to do something to cause it.

Yeah, Dude. You come at me, and I have my gun, and you’re going to be history. And you are five years old, and you find my gun, and now all bets are off. Let’s get back to the substance of the conversation.

Edward posts a link to suicide in Japan. Relevance, please.

A substantial factor driving the narrative of those advocating for copious ownership is this argument.

  • Peter: It’s amazing how so many are willing to subjugate themselves to a central government in search of “safety.” I use it in quotes because the opposite is the historically accurate outcome.

Yes, this is that lovable anti-government sentiment. I think back longingly to the CSA.

Peter: These same people are the ones that say we can’t trust police. Anyone else see the irony?

See where this is going?

Jeff: Typical, elitist, judgemental attitude of leftist Democrats.

I was getting the idea Tim is a police officer.

Tim: Only one thing to say about someone wanting my guns….come take them. I will put up a fight…I may die…but guarantee someone will go with me if I do die.

My response was that likely if somebody came to take Tim’s guns he would not resist. That did not go over well.

Cody: John Blanton you don’t know [Tim]. Seriously arrogant attitude Mr. Blanton especially for someone so needing protection that you need a government to protect you. By the way Tim is a policeman and ex military. One of those you think will do your bidding.

Cody: Here’s the best part. John Blanton judges men like us [Dan and Tim] by his own standards. I faced down a DA that was a tough character to say the least. Was nearly killed. I didnt run asking for government and help. Real men don’t seek protection, they are the protectors.

What I liked most about that part is the way Cody was able to peer into my mind, and I remarked on this amazing ability he alleges to have. I need to find where I said that.

Ah! Here it is.

John Blanton Cody Knotts says I judge men… That I make such a judgement is an amazing presumption. The ability to peer into the minds of others would be priceless, were it real.

Tim: Mr. Blanton….Cody said nothing about you being able to read minds…he said you judge men. A judgement is not reading minds…its an assumption. You write like you’re an educated man. Im not super educated and wont ever claim to be. However…for you to comment as you did to my comment is a hell of an assumption to think that I will not fight for my rights if it comes to that. I see you are from Texas…according to your facebook page. A long time ago y’all had a battle cry over there….Remember the Alamo. Well…heres one for you…Remember Ruby Ridge.

I’m sure Tim misunderstands. Cody did not say anything about being able to read minds, but he presumed to know what is in my mind, which implies such an ability. And the conversation gets further from the original posting—is it stupid to have a gun in the house?

This is the moment when Cody decides he needs to scorch me. It is fun to watch.

Cody: John Blanton you did make a judgment. Like so many of your background and class, you play semantics games. Always twisting and turning, spinning and implying, then saying that is not what you said. It all feeds your ego and vanity. I worked 29 years in politics and I met this personality over and over again as I did many. In that time I never once saw that type accomplish anything politically. I have helped elected over 20 officials, removed a corrupt DA and other numerous corrupt officials of both parties, helped get 3 men wrongly accused of murder out of prison, and ran a homeless shelter and a halfway house, my eagle project led to scouting for food. I state all of this not to brag but to make the larger point about constantly making points versus action. You want attention for your supposed positions but what you really seem to want is to lord your alleged intellect over others. You do not openly engage and consider the other position as Eric Weinstein and others I engage with here and on twitter. They regularly disagree and I learn from their position. You seek to enflame discreetly which is about your ego. Its old and tiresome and when you insult my friends personal honor and their manhood, you will be called out as you should. In the 19th century it would be called pompous. I rarely make this responses personal but you are deserving of this response.

Please, Cody and any others who seek to insult me. You are way out of your league. The United States government used to pay a trained specialist to belittle and insult me on a daily basis. You need to take lessons.

Tim picks up on the slant. More power to these people.

Tim: Cody..hes just another one that will type insults on a keyboard but if we were ever to meet in person…he would be a little…well you get the point.

Insult somebody? Me? In your dreams.

Anyhow, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get to something of sustanceb.

John Blanton Cody Good point, Cody. Perhaps I am arrogant in believing a person who has sworn to uphold the law will obey the law when asked to do so.

There is another matter. Who is there to protect. me. I am guessing those prepared to protect me will include:

1. The multitude of people who have shot family members to death.
2. The children who have shot other children and also adults.
3. Any number of the wack jobs who are able to get their hands on firearms due to this county’s notoriously lax standards of ownership.

Remember, the theme of this thread is supposed to be about whether it is foolish to have a gun in the house. It is not about the Second Amendment. You may have the right to have a gun in the house, but is it wise to have one? Many think it is wise. Many are dying. Others are merely having regrets.

Comments welcome.

If it’s comment I want, it’s going to be comments I get. Here are some:

CodyJohn Blanton spin. Semantics and games. You insulted a person and you spin rather to defend. Old tiring and dishonorable.

Once again—I insulted someone? Were ever someone to insult me so. What a glad day that would be.

Finally this, which made my day.

Tim: Mr. Blanton….I will uphold laws when they are constitutional. When they become unconstitutional…I will turn in my badge. As for if its wise or not to have a gun in the home….who are YOU or ANYONE to determine what is wise for someone else? IF you depend on firearms owned by anyone to protect you…as Cody says you do….you are a hypocrite for criticizing ANYONE for having a gun in the house. But I gues if you’re a politician as Cody says…I shouldn’t expect anything else. Oh and if you are under the assumption that tougher laws are going to keep guns out of the hands if…the wack jobs…as you call them…YOU are not as intelligent as I was giving you credit for. You have no idea the amount of firearms that are sold or traded in back allys. You probably should stop talking about things you obviously have no clue about.

Jesus! If I had known. I need only obey the laws I consider to be constitutional. Forget judges. I am the one who decides whether a law is constitutional and should be obeyed. Oh the money I wasted paying taxes and driving in the slow lane. I’m telling you, readers, dealing with the American heartland broadens one’s horizons. Try it sometime.

Thoughts and Prayers

A Continuing Discussion of Gun violence in this Country

I post a regular series about the value of handguns for personal safety, and I get some push back. The above was posted to my Facebook feed.

If the intent is to demonstrate no increase in deaths due to mass shootings, then it accomplishes its purpose. Another purpose it accomplishes is that it shows statistics only since the ban on assault rifles expired in 2004. Before proceeding it will be worth the time for some analysis.

Note the character of the statistics. The graph depicts number of fatalities and provides no information about the number of mass shootings. There are various definitions for the term “mass shooting,” but a popular one is an incident occurring at one location over a short period of time with four or more people killed, not including the shooter. Other restrictions apply, but this will do.

Another thing not shown is the type of weapon used. These are shootings since the assault weapon ban expired, but some mass shootings do not involve handguns. So the graph is missing some interesting stuff, but I will let it go at that.

Now we turn to whether changes in gun ownership and permissiveness regarding use, e.g., open carry. The gun environment has changed dramatically in this country over the decades, and what is interesting to study is the long history of mass shootings. Somebody has compiled a record. See the following.

What does it show? I think it shows an increase of the rate of mass shootings since the 19th century. Of course, the population has increased during this time. The census from 1890 showed about 63 million. The population last year is estimated at 327 million. That’s over five times the 1890 population, so we should expect a proportional increase in mass shootings, all other factors being equal. It’s worth citing details for each of those listed in the chart.

1891—Parson Hall Shooting

Nobody killed. Fourteen wounded with a shotgun.

1891—St. Mary’s School Shooting

Shotgun again. Several injured.

1903—Camon Band Massacre

Shotgun again. Six killed.

1913—Thomas Jones-Houston Massacre


1936—Lehigh University Shooting

1940—Pasadena Public School Shooting

1948—Chester, PA, Shooting

1956—Parsnippany-Troy Hills Shooting

1960—William Reed Elementary School Shooting

1966—University of Texas Shooting

1984—McDonald’s San Ysidro Shooting

1986—Post Office Shooting Edmond, OK

1989—Elementary School Shooting Stockton, CA

1990—General Motors Shooting Jacksonville, FL

1991—Luby’s Shooting Killeen, TX

1998—Jonesboro Middle School Shooting

1999—Columbine High School Shooting

2003—Record High School Shooting

2007—Virginia Tech Shooting

2009—Geneva County Massacre

2009—Pine Lake Nursing Home Shooting

2009—Binghamton Shootings, NY

2009—Fort Hood Shooting

2012—Dark Night Theater Shooting

2012—Sandy Hook Shooting

2013—Navy Yard Shooting

2015—Emanuel Church Shooting

2015—Navy Reserve Center Shooting

2015—Umpqua Community College Shooting

2015—San Bernardino Shootings

2016—Pulse Nightclub Shooting












parson hall school shooting

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 192, no surprise

It’s so nice to have a gun around the house. That’s because you need a gun to defend your home. For examle:

Two juveniles killed outside Union City elementary school


UNION CITY — Two juveniles were fatally shot while sitting in a van outside a Union City elementary school early Saturday morning, authorities said.

Callers to 911 reported hearing gunfire in the area of Sherman Drive and Colgate Drive at 1:26 a.m. When officers arrived, authorities said, they found two boys, ages 11 and 14, shot in the parking lot of Searles Elementary School. The older boy died at the scene, and the younger child died en route to a trauma center.

Union City police have not released the names of the children.

I don’t know about you folks, but I’m feeling safer already. Don’t leave home without it.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 191, no surprise

It’s the American dream. Few if any countries have it. The freedom to gather and to exchange pleasantries and meet new people. And the guaranteed means to settle disputes with prejudice:

Airbnb bans ‘party houses’ after California shooting kills 5

Five people died after a Thursday night shooting that sent some 100 terrified partygoers running for their lives in the San Francisco suburb of Orinda.

The four-bedroom home had been rented on Airbnb by a woman who told the owner her dozen family members had asthma and needed to escape smoke from a wildfire, the person with knowledge of the transaction told The Associated Press. A fire burning in Sonoma County about 60 miles (97 kilometers) north of Orinda earlier in the week fouled the air over a wide area.

The owner was suspicious of a one-night rental on Halloween and before agreeing reminded the renter that no parties were allowed, said the person with knowledge of the transaction, who was not authorized to publicly disclose the information and spoke only on condition of anonymity.

The owner, Michael Wang, said his wife reached out to the renter Thursday night after neighbors contacted them about the party. The renter said there were only a dozen people at the home but Wang said he could see more people on video from his doorbell camera.

“We called the police. They were on the way to go there to stop them, but before we got there the neighbor already sent us a message saying there was a shooting,” he told the Chronicle.

I’m guessing there is an unspoken factor on display here. An unauthorized party? That’s no good. Police did not arrive in time to prevent five people from getting killed? Most unfortunate. I’m thinking this is not what the framers had in mind when they drafted “T]he right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I’m sure the lawmakers from 1791 did not have in mind handing over to every jakeleg who could plunk down a week’s wages the ability to engineer such a lopsided encounter. Is it possible we can have an interpretation that goes like “You are going to need a serious kind of license, issued by an unsympathetic authority, before you are allowed to lay hands on a weapon that can mow down a slew of people within a matter of seconds?”

For the record: AirBNB now bans party houses and has agreed to fund funeral expenses for those killed. The National Rifle Association has not responded to the request for a similar token pledge, nor has such a pledge been requested.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 190, no surprise

It’s better to have it when you don’t need it than to need it when you don’t have it. That way, something that should ended with a couple of dudes facing public disturbance charges now ends with one dude dead and another having to find a lawyer.

Man using racist slurs killed in Waffle House fight in Georgia, police say

Deputies in Butts County responded Halloween night to three 911 calls minutes apart. The first reported an angry customer; the second, a fight; and the third, shots fired.

You went to the Waffle House expecting waffles. What were you thinking? And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 189, no surprise

Stay safe, my friends. Don’t leave home without it.

NC man charged in shooting after child kicked holster

HICKORY, N.C. (AP) — A North Carolina man has been charged in a shooting after his child kicked his gun holster and wounded the child’s mother.

The Hickory Daily Record reports 23-year-old A-Duan Namon Walker is charged with carrying a concealed weapon without a permit in the Sept. 5 shooting at Valley Hills Mall in Hickory.

Police Chief Thurman Whisnant said Tuesday that the child kicked the holster while being picked up by Walker, shooting the woman in both feet with a single bullet.

The police chief says the shooting was apparently accidental and the woman was treated.

It’s a good thing somebody brought along a handgun in case there was trouble.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 188, no surprise


Without protection, your children will not be safe in you home. Be prepared for the danger that lurks in the streets outside.

Gun deaths of St. Louis children rise to 22 as 3-year-old shoots self in head

Yes, Dude, keep ’em loaded and keep your family safe.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 187, no surprise

Apparently no sporting event will be completely safe as long as citizens refuse to arm themselves.

Parent dispute leads to gunfire at youth football game in Texas

A girl was grazed and a woman shot in a leg Saturday when a parent dispute led to gunfire at a youth football game in Fort Worth, Texas, police said.

This incident started as a parent dispute at a “pee wee football game,” Officer J. Pollozani of the Fort Worth Police Department said by email.

“It is believed, the son of one of the parents arrived at the location armed with a handgun and began discharging the firearm,” he said.

Properly used, a handgun will serve to keep your family safe during one of these unforeseen eventualities.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 186, no surprise

Just to be sure you know, it’s not only children being killed by handguns.

Sheriff: 2 dead, 8 wounded in South Carolina bar shooting

LANCASTER, S.C. (AP) — Two men were fatally shot early Saturday at a South Carolina sports bar and eight other people were wounded in the gunfire, authorities said. A suspect was being sought.

The shooting occurred in Lancaster, a community about 45 miles (72 kilometers) south of Charlotte, North Carolina. Coroner Karla Deese told news outlets that the dead have been identified as Henry Lee Colvin, 39, of Rock Hill, South Carolina, and Aaron Harris, 38, of Kershaw, South Carolina.

The idea is, if you go there might be somebody there with a gun, so you better take your gun along in case you meet up with somebody else with a gun. Makes sense to me.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 185, no surprise

If you followed the advice of the NRA this kind of thing would never happen:

A 14-year-old girl received treatment at Cook Children’s Hospital in Fort Worth after being transported there from a Burleson medical facility early Sunday morning.

On Monday, Child Protective Services said it’s investigating the accidental shooting in Fort Worth and two others in Arlington.

A CPS spokeswoman says it has not removed any children from the three homes.

In Fort Worth, police say criminal charges will not be filed against the parents of the 4-year-old boy who died after being shot by his 5-year-old brother.

A 2-year-old boy was in the home at the time but not hurt.

The CPS spokeswoman says the agency has previously visited the home, but couldn’t provide more information.

Police wouldn’t disclose any information about the gun or other details.

In Arlington, police say the 6-year-old boy who was shot in the head remains in very grave condition.

And there is more, of course, as there will be more next week and the week after. Keep your powder dry.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 183, no surprise

Along with millions of other fellow Americans, I applaud the Second Amendment, our guarantee we can be safe in our homes. Let’s see how that’s working out:

4-year-old boy shot dead allegedly by 5-year-old sibling while mom slept in another room: Police

It’s not necessary for me to comment on these. I post a new one every week, and for each one I post there are several I pass up. That’s because the following week there will be an ample supply of additional such items. Keep safe, my friends.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 183, unfortunately

So I got to wondering whether a bunch of people wised up and figured having a handgun around was not a great idea.

Kroger shopper accidentally shoots himself inside store


Your Friend The Handgun

Number 182, unfortunately

A reminder—if the story is not about a handgun, then it doesn’t make it into this column. No matter. There are plenty of these:

A social media feud led to the killing of a 9-year-old girl in Dallas, police say

Yes, a lot had to go wrong to make this story. The problem is, a bunch of stuff always goes wrong, and when a handgun gets into the mix the outcome is generally regrettable.

While I’m at it, here are a few that did not make the cut this week.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 181, unfortunately

The above was posted to Facebook by a conservative friend. And that will about do it with made-up George Washington quotes:

“When a nation mistrusts its citizens with guns it is it sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens because such a government has evil plans.”

The quote seems to originate from an online publication: The American Wisdom Series presents Pamphlet #230, “President George Washington’s Thoughts on Firearms.”  The author provides no citation for the quotations used.

Meanwhile, on planet Earth:



A pastor’s wife in West Virginia has been charged with reckless endangerment after allegedly firing a gun in a church parking lot.

Melinda Frye Toney, 44, is accused of pulling out a pistol that accidentally discharged during an argument with another pastor’s wife at New Life Apostolic Church in Oak Hill on May 11.

Toney is the wife of New Life pastor Earl Toney while the other woman, Lori Haywood, is married to New Life’s youth pastor, David Haywood,

George Washington, where are you when we need you?

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 180, unfortunately

This is a continuation of my posts from “A few of the reasons people fired their guns in December, 2018.” Here is number 10:

My brother was arguing with me about paying rent for the apartment we share, so I shot him in the butt. (WI, 12/31/18)

Man allegedly shot his brother in argument over money

A Kenosha man is being held on $100,000 bond, alleged to have shot his brother during an argument over rent money.

Andrae Oliver, 33, was charged Wednesday with first-degree recklessly endangering safety-use of a dangerous weapon, and resisting police.

I am so glad to know that “an armed society is a polite society!”

Houston, we have a problem.

Number 9 of a series

People, I have good news. But first the bad news.

On Saturday a Texas man was fired from his job and shortly after went on a shooting spree, using an AR-15-style weapon. We now have seven people dead in addition to the shooter, Seth Ator.

It was some kind of show, stretching along I-20 between Midland and Odessa, ending in a firefight with police in Odessa.

But the good news. We are assured, definitely assured, by Texas Governor Greg Abbott that some of the recent shootings in the news did not, DID NOT, involve an AR-style weapon.

Thank you, Governor, for your words of assurance. The next time I am present at a mass shooting (been there, done that) I will tell those dodging fire, “Don’t worry. It’s likely not an AR-15.” They will be so relieved, as will those whose duty will be to bury the victims.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 179, unfortunately

This is a continuation of my posts from “A few of the reasons people fired their guns in December, 2018.” Here is number 9:

The employees at Taco Bell forgot to put hot sauce in my drive-through order, so I shot up the place. (OK, 12/31/18)

Confrontation over taco sauce leads to shooting at SW Oklahoma City Taco Bell

OKLAHOMA CITY – Police are searching for a man who fired several shots through a Taco Bell drive-thru window when he didn’t get the taco sauce he wanted.

It happened around 1:30 a.m. Monday at the Taco Bell near S.W. 59th and South Penn. When officers got to the scene of a shooting at that location, they learned what lead up to the bizarre ordeal.

Remind me again that “an armed society is a polite society!”

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 178, unfortunately


This is a continuation of my posts from “A few of the reasons people fired their guns in December, 2018.” Here is number 8:

My sister wouldn’t let me borrow her car, and when our argument got heated her boyfriend tried to intervene. So I shot him dead. (TN, 12/25/18)

Man accused of shooting sister’s boyfriend in the back of the head

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —   A Memphis man was charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault and reckless endangerment after he allegedly shot his sister’s boyfriend in the back of the head.

The incident happened Thursday in the 6400 block of East Shelby Drive.

The victim told police he was headed to see his girlfriend and was talking to her on the phone when Jarvis Greer got on the line. Greer told the man he wasn’t welcome and threatened him.

Undeterred by the threats, the man said he continued on to the woman’s home.

The couple were talking when the victim was suddenly shot in the back of the head. He was rushed to the Regional Medical Center in critical condition.

I am continually informed that “an armed society is a polite society.”

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 177, unfortunately

This is a continuation of my posts from “A few of the reasons people fired their guns in December, 2018.” Here is number 7:


I saw a parent arguing with his kid’s basketball coach about how much game time the kid had. It looked pretty intense, so I shot both of them (NY, 12/22/18)

Dad’s confrontation with basketball coach ends in double shooting

The father of a Brooklyn high-school basketball player got so upset about his son’s lack of court time that he confronted the kid’s coach during a melee that resulted in both being shot by a third man, sources said.

Remember, “an armed society is a polite society.”