Friday Funny

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Someday it’s going to be more difficult to come up with a theme for Friday Funny. But not while Donald Trump is around.

As it was, Barbara Jean and I were in the Barnes & Noble store up north, and she said something like, “What a great book. Get that, and we can laugh into our golden years.” The book is Yuge by Garry Trudeau, and I did purchase a copy, and it is providing laughs. Golden times must be almost here.

If you don’t know, Garry Trudeau has been following Donald Trump as long as I have, that being over 30 years. And he has been having fun with The Donald all this time. Apparently not so much fun for the current presidential candidate. From the back cover, here are quotes from Trump that Trudeau has collected over the decades. I guarantee they are funny:

“Doonesbury, Doonesbury! Everybody’s asking me to respond to Doonesbury! People tell me I should be flattered.” “They say Trudeau is somewhat clever. But I’d venture to say that most people are like me. They don’t comprehend what Trudeau’s trying to achieve with Doonesbury either.” “Actually I don’t read his stuff. You know, I did well in school, but for the life of me, I still can’t understand what Doonesbury is all about.” “Why’s he have to keep putting me in his comic strip month after month?” “I think he’s got overrated talent, and I wish he’d draw someone besides me.” “The good news is he’s been covering me for years, and it seems very few people read what he writes.” “It’s too bad that he’s allowed to write this garbage.” “A third-rate talent trying to get publicity on my back.” “A low blow by a sleazeball.” “A third-rate talent who got lucky.” “A jerk.” “A total loser.”

Coming up: a review of the book. I promise it will be funny. And I won’t have to wait for a Friday.