How to spot a loser, Part 63 of Many

This is Donald Trump speaking to the press yesterday. He’s letting us know about the massive voter fraud that gave Joe Biden the presidency. He speaks of, “Fraudulent voting and fraudulent votes.” Here is more about fraudulent voting and fraudulent votes.

Trump’s private attorney, Rudy Giuliani has the proof. He will show it later. Much later.


A Michigan Court of Appeals judge reminds a lawyer in her court about the definition of hearsay evidence.


A district court judge in Nevada makes an obvious observation. “At what point does this get ridiculous?” We begin to wonder.


Another judge asks the burning question, “I’m sorry. Then what’s your problem?”


Stand by. If the matter of a few days the (current) President of the United states will reveal the truth behind fraudulent voting and fraudulent votes. Stand right over there and hold your breath. We will return shortly. Or not.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

Years of Living Dangerously

Continuing a review of William Shirer’s Berlin Diary

William Shirer’s book recounts his experiences and observations from close up during the years prior to the war and concluding when he left Europe in December 1940. This is being posted on the 80th anniversary of the events.

In November 1940 the war stagnated. There were no large movements, but the business of bombing and counter bombing became routine. During this month Shirer begins to pick up on an ominous turn of events, as the Nazis begin in earnest to make the name for themselves that will survive the Third Reich.

He begins to make plans to leave in December.

BERLIN, November 5

If all goes well, I shall leave here a month from today, flying all the way to New York—by Lufthansa plane from here to Lisbon, by Clipper from there to New York The very prospect of leaving here takes a terrible load off your heart and mind. I feel swell. It will be my first Christmas at home in sixteen years…

The United States is still out of the war and will remain so for another year after November. You can read Winston Churchill’s account of the war to comprehend the amount of cooperation between himself and Roosevelt during this time. All that would dissolve if Roosevelt failed to obtain an unprecedented third term. His Republican rival, Wendell Willkie was running on a platform of keeping America out of the war. The world’s fortunes turned as Roosevelt easily prevailed in November 1940.

BERLIN, November 6

Roosevelt has been re-elected for a third term! It is a resounding slap for Hitler and Ribbentrop and the whole Nazi regime.

Nazi bigwigs made no secret of this in private, though Goebbels made the press ignore the election so as not to give the Democrats the advantage of saying that the Nazis were for Willkie.

Because Roosevelt is one of the few real leaders produced by the democracies since the war (look at France; look at Britain until Churchill took over!) and because he can be tough, Hitler has always had a healthy respect for him and even a certain fear.

Hitler correctly sees in Roosevelt the death knell of his ambitions.

I’m told that since the abandonment for this fall of the invasion of Britain Hitler has more and more envisaged Roosevelt as the enemy in his path to world power, or even to victory in Europe.

But now the Nazis face Roosevelt for another four years—face the man whom Hitler has told a number of people is more responsible for keeping up Britain’s resistance to him than any other factor in the war except Winston Churchill. No wonder there were long faces in the Wilhelmstrasse tonigh t when it became certain that Roosevelt had won.

Armistice Day was and still is an significant event in America. Not so much for Germany. On 11 November 1918 Germany was worn completely down from four years of non-stop fighting, and its leaders recognized the inevitable. The armistice was more than that. It was a complete capitulation, and Germany was humiliated by the terms of the Versailles Treaty. This was the driving force for the rise of Nazism.

BERLIN, November 11

Roosevelt’s Armistice Day speech was completely suppressed here. We broadcast from coast to coast every utterance of Hitler, but the German people are not permitted to know a word of what Roosevelt speaks. This is one of the weaknesses of democracy, I think, though some people think it is one o! its strengths.

Yes, the Molotov cocktail is named after Vyacheslav Molotov. Besides having a hand-made fire bomb named after him, he was the Soviet Union Minister of Foreign affairs from 1939 to 1949. He survived the rough and tumble world of upper-level Soviet politics during this period and died in 1986.

BERLIN, November 12

A dark, drizzling day, and Molotov arrived, his reception being extremely stiff and formal. Driving up the Linden to the Soviet Embassy, he looked to me like a plugging, provincial schoolmaster. But to have survived in the cut-throat competition of the Kremlin he must have something.

America’s 31st president presided in the country’s slide into depression and was defeated on that score by Roosevelt in 1932. His positions and his actions regarding America and the war are worth noting.

During a 1938 trip to Europe, Hoover met with Adolf Hitler and stayed at Hermann Göring’s hunting lodge. He expressed dismay at the persecution of Jews in Germany and believed that Hitler was mad, but did not present a threat to the U.S. Instead, Hoover believed that Roosevelt posed the biggest threat to peace, holding that Roosevelt’s policies provoked Japan and discouraged France and the United Kingdom from reaching an “accommodation” with Germany.[234] After the September 1939 invasion of Poland by Germany, Hoover opposed U.S. involvement in World War II, including the Lend-Lease policy. He rejected Roosevelt’s offers to help coordinate relief in Europe, but, with the help of old friends from the CRB, helped establish the Commission for Polish Relief.[237] After the beginning of the occupation of Belgium in 1940, Hoover provided aid for Belgian civilians, though this aid was described as unnecessary by German broadcasts.

During a radio broadcast on June 29, 1941, one week after the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, Hoover disparaged any “tacit alliance” between the U.S. and the USSR, stating, “if we join the war and Stalin wins, we have aided him to impose more communism on Europe and the world… War alongside Stalin to impose freedom is more than a travesty. It is a tragedy.”[240] Much to his frustration, Hoover was not called upon to serve after the United States entered World War II due to his differences with Roosevelt and his continuing unpopularity. He did not pursue the presidential nomination at the 1944 Republican National Convention, and, at the request of Republican nominee Thomas E. Dewey, refrained from campaigning during the general election. In 1945, Hoover advised President Harry S. Truman to drop the United States’ demand for the unconditional surrender of Japan because of the high projected casualties of the planned invasion of Japan, although Hoover was unaware of the Manhattan Project and the atomic bomb.

BERLIN, November 14

According to the German radio and the Warsaw Zeitung, Mr. Hoover’s American representative here has offered his congratulations to Dr. Frank, the tough little Nazi Governor of Poland, on the anniversary of his year in office. He congratulates him for what he has done for the Poles!

My information is that there will be no polish race left when Dr. Frank and his Nazi thugs get through with them. They can’t kill them all, of course, but they can enslave them all.

Hans Frank was tried for war crimes and executed in October 1946.

The month is winding down and so is Shirer’s stint as a correspondent in Nazi Germany.

BERLIN, November 20

Today was Busstag, some sort of German Protestant holiday. Feeling low, I went to a candlelight concert in the Charlottenburg castle and heard a string quartet play Bach nobly. I am definitely getting away from here by plane to Lisbon on December 5 if I can get all the necessary papers in time. The Foreign Office, the police, the secret police, and so on must approve my exit visa before I can leave. And getting Spanish and Portuguese visas is proving no easy job. Harry Flannery has arrived from St. Louis to take over.

Julius Streicher was executed along with Hans Frank on 16 October 1946l

BERLIN, November 23

I hear from party circles that Julius Streicher, the sadistic, Jew-baiting czar of Franconia and notorious editor of the anti-Semitic weekly Stürmer, has been arrested on orders of Hitler.

Much like America’s current Trump administration, the Nazis of Germany were not so steeped in ideology they would not dip their hands into the till.

If Hitler cared much, he could make some additional investigations. He could look into the little matter of how it came about that so many party leaders acquired great country estates and castles.

The grim reality of Nazi inhumanity is played out in Shirer’s final news posting of significance. The Nazis are killing undesirables. Here are some selected excerpts.

BERLIN, November 25

I have at last got to the bottom of these “mercy killings.”æ It’s an evil tale.
The Gestapo, with the knowledge and approval of the German government, is
systematically putting to death the mentally deficient population of the Reich. How
many have been executed probably only Himmler and a handful of Nazi chieftains
know. A conservative and trustworthy German tells me he estimates the number
at a hundred thousand. I think that figure is too high. But certain it is that the figure
runs into the thousands and is going up every day.

Pastor von Bodelschwingh returned to Bethel. The local Gauleiter ordered him to
turn over some ofhis inmates. Again he refused. Berlin then ordered his arrest. This
time the Gauleiter protested. The pastor was the most popular man in his province.
To arrest him in the middle of war would stir up a whole world of unnecessary trou-
ble. He himself declined to arrest the man. Let the Gestapo take the responsibility;
he wouldn’t. This was just before the night of September 18. The bombing of the
Bethel asylum followed. Now I understand why a few people wondered as to who
dropped the bombs.

This last notice is signed October 5, indicating that the authorities delayed three weeks in delivering the ashes. Twenty-four such advertisements, I’m informed, appeared in the Leipzig papers the first fortnight of last month.

No wonder that to Germans used to reading between the lines of their heavily censored newspapers, these notices have sounded highly suspicious. Does sudden death come naturally after “weeks of uncertainty”?

“We regret to inform you that your—, who was recently transferred to our institution by ministerial order, unexpectedly died on—of. All our medical efforts were unfortunately without avail.

“In view of the nature of his serious, incurable ailment, his death, which saved him from a lifelong institutional sojourn, is to be regarded merely as a release. “Because of the danger of contagion existing here, we were forced by order of the police to have the deceased cremated at once.”

But these notices have a strange ring to them, and the place Of
death is always given as one of three spots: (1 ) Grafeneck, a lonely castle situated
near Mtinzingen, sixty miles southeast of Stuttgart; (2) Hartheim, near Linz on the
Danube; (3) the Sonnenstein Public Medical and Nursing Institute at Pirna, near

Leipziger Neueste Nachrichten, October 26: “JOHANN DIEITRICH, FRONT SOL-

This is hardly a reassuring letter, even for the most gullible of Germans, and some of them, upon its receipt, have journeyed down to the lonely castle at Grafeneck, it seems, to make a few inquiries. They have found the castle guarded by black-coated S.S. men who denied them entrance. Newly painted signs on all roads and paths leading into the desolate grounds warned: “Seuchengefahr!” (“Keep away! Danger of pestilence!” ) Frightened peasants nearby have told them how the S.S. suddenly took over and threw a cordon around the estate. They told of seeing trucks thundering into the castle grounds—but only at night. Grafeneck, they said, had never been used as a hospital before.

Other relatives, I’m told, have demanded details from the establishment Hartheim, near Linz. They have been told to desist, and that if they talk, severe punishment will be meted out.

X, a German, told me yesterday that relatives are rushing to get their kin out of private asylums and out of the clutches of the authorities. He says the Gestapo is doing to death persons who are merely suffering temporary derangement or just plain nervous breakdown.

The third motive seems most likely to me. For years a group of radical Nazi sociologists who were instrumental in putting through the Reich’s sterilization laws have pressed for a national policy of eliminating the mentally unfit.

If the insane are killed off, it is further argued by the Nazis, there will be plenty of hospital space for the war wounded should the war be prolonged and large casual, ties occur.

It’s a Nazi, messy business—

To the west, Germany now occupied the once sovereign countries of France, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, and Norway. Multiple volumes would be required to detail the continued resistance the Nazis faced until the time the Allied invasion forced them out.

BERLIN, November 27

Many stories about increasing sabotage in Holland, The Germans are furious at the number of their men, in both the army and police, who are being shoved into the numerous Dutch canals on these dark nights and drowned.

I will conclude this review of Berlin Diary next month with Shirer’s account of his journey home.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 245 of a Series

We are assured the Second Amendment gives Americans the right to protect themselves. So, how is that working out?

Boy, 15, arrested after eight people injured in mall shooting near Milwaukee

By Ray Sanchez, Kay Jones and Jamiel Lynch, CNN

Updated 8:15 PM ET, Sun November 22, 2020

(CNN) — Police have arrested a 15-year-old Milwaukee boy in connection with a shooting at a suburban mall Friday that left eight people injured.
At a news conference Sunday afternoon, Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber said the shooting at Mayfair Mall was “not random but an altercation between two groups.”
Weber gave no further information on the suspect, saying the investigation into the incident was ongoing and that the weapon was recovered at the scene.

And we now wonder whose idea was it for a teenager to possess a (presumed) handgun? Is anybody willing to step up? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Anybody?


How to spot a loser, Part 61 of Many

I do not know what I am going to do after he is gone. I mean, all excitement will go out of my life. What will I do when Donald Trump is gone? Where will I get stupid stuff to write about?

Hah! Not to worry. I already have enough to last me into the next century. Here’s for starters.


I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Right now, as you read this email, millions of Americans across the Nation are coming together to show their support for OUR President and his FIGHT to DEFEND the Election.

It’s clear the American People stand with President Trump – no matter what the Fake News media says – and it’s up to us to take action and SAVE AMERICA from the Left.

That’s from an email I received from Lara Trump this morning. Lara Trump, if you recall, is the wife of Eric Trump, son of Donald Trump, President of the United States. I am guessing the reason Lara Trump is sending me this is because Donald Trump, President of the United States, is too busy fighting to defend the election to take the time to email me, again. Above please see a photo of The President of the United States fighting to defend the election.

The email closes with an appeal for money.

The President has legal teams in each critical state that are working around the clock to ensure a fair and transparent Election. All he needs now is YOU, John.

Please contribute $5 IMMEDIATELY to stand with President Trump against the Radical Left. >>

On another note the President of the United States yesterday green-lighted the transition of the presidency to Joe Biden, who will be taking office in January. That taken, where are the contributions to this “defend the election” fund going? The world wonders.

Quiz Question

Number 284 of a series

What is the area of the shaded part?

Post your answer in the comments section below.

Update and Solution

Steve gave the correct answer: 36π. He says he used the Pythagorean identities, but I never got that far. That is because once I looked the problem I knew the answer.

The trick is to use all the information at hand, and that information is given in the way the problem is stated. There is information you might not know you posses. That extra information is that the problem, as stated, can be solved.

So, look at the entire problem. No size is given for the white circle, so you must be able to solve the problem without knowing the size. So, the solution does not depend on the size of the circle. So make the diameter of the circle zero, and the solution falls out immediately.

Stupidity on Stilts

Number 10 of a series

Yes, stupidity does often come walking up on stilts. Here is something from Newsweek.

Trump Supporters in Georgia Threaten to Destroy GOP, Boycott Runoff Elections


Republicans Are Calling On Trump To Concede To Biden

President Donald Trump supporters protesting the outcome of the 2020 election have a new and surprising opponent: the Republican Party.

A viral video of protesters, as well as posts on social media platform Parler, indicate that Trump supporters are looking to boycott the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff elections.

Not to say I am opposed to dumping the Republican Party, but these upstanding citizens of the great state of Georgia seem a bit off kilter. For one, I take it they are calling for Republican voters to boycott the Georgia Senate runoff elections in January. Were this to have the desired effect, then Democratic Party candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff would win, giving the Democratic Party par with Republicans in the Senate. With Vice President Kamala Harris presiding over the Senate, a solidified Democratic party will have control over both houses. You want Medicare for all, you’ve got it.

Not to say I am against any of this, but on the part of Georgia Republicans this appears to be classic stupidity on stilts.


How to spot a loser, Part 60 of Many

He won! HE WON! You don’t believe it? Ask him. Here are excerpts from mail received today.

Donald J. Trump http://www.donaldjtrump.com

I concede NOTHING

Donald J. Trump <contact@victory.donaldtrump.com>Unsubscribe
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.com

Sat, Nov 21 at 5:51 AM


I won the Election!

The Radical Left Democrats, working with their partner, the Fake News Media, are trying to STEAL this Election. We won’t let them.

Joe Biden only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING. We have a long way to go – this was a flawed ELECTION.

Another asks for money.

It’s time for us to get MAD.

This Election is unlike any we have ever witnessed. The systemic corruption is breathtaking. The mainstream media, the Left-wing academics, and the entrenched Democrats will all ask us to roll over right now. There is voter fraud in this Election that MUST be reported and uncovered.

President Trump isn’t backing down – nor should he – but he needs YOUR help to keep going. He’s calling on a select group of his STRONGEST supporters, like YOU, to step up and bolster our critical Election Defense Fund.

Do not ask me to verify where contributions will ultimately go. I am not in that business.



This is so important that we’re BOTH emailing you.

The Election is NOT OVER YET. We are fighting for YOU and YOUR family every single day, and we want to remind you how critical your support is to our movement’s success.

Because of YOU, we’ve overcome the LIES and attacks from the Fake News media. We’ve overcome OBSTRUCTION from the Radical Democrats. And, we’ll overcome VOTER FRAUD, but not without your help.

The emails insist—we must defend this election.

Let me be clear: we must DEFEND the ELECTION.

The American People deserve a FAIR and TRANSPARENT Election, and it is the job of the media to report on all the cases of voting problems that they are so obviously ignoring.

I told you this would happen, John. I warned you about it for MONTHS. The Fake News media is trying to help Joe Biden UNDERMINE THIS ELECTION, and now I need you to stand with me and DEFEND America.

Apparently, to defend this election Senator Lindsey Graham OF South Carolina must inquire of Georgia election officials whether they would be all right with tossing some valid ballots. Also President Trump found it advisable to invite Michigan election officials to the White House to inquire about the possibility of overriding the votes cast in that state.

All this points to one thing.


Bad Joke of the Week

Number 425 of a Series

A housewife takes a lover during the day, while her husband is at work, not aware their 9-year-old son was hiding in the closet. Her husband comes home unexpectedly, so she hides her lover in the closet. The boy now has company.

Boy: “Dark in here.”‘

Man: “Yes it is.”

Boy: “I have a baseball.”

Man: “That’s nice.”

Boy: “Want to buy it?”

Man: “No, thanks.”

Boy: “That’s my dad outside.”

Man: “How much did you say the baseball was again?”

Boy: “$250.”

In the next few weeks, it happens again that the boy and the mom’s lover are in the closet together.

Boy: “Dark in here.”

Man: “Yes, it is.”

Boy: “I have a baseball glove.”

Man: “That’s nice.”

Boy: “Want to buy it?”

Man: “No, thanks.”

Boy: “I think I just remembered something I needed to tell my dad.”

Man: “How much did you say the glove was again?”

Boy: “$750.”

Man: “Fine.”

A few days later, the father says to the boy, “Grab your glove. Let’s go outside and toss the baseball!”

The boy says, “I can’t. I sold them.”

The father asks, “How much did you sell them for?”

The son says, “$1,000.”

The father says, “It’s terrible to over-charge your friends like that. That is way more than those two things cost. I’m going to take you to church and make you confess.”

They go to church and the father alerts the priest and makes the little boy sit in the confession booth and closes the door.

The boy says, “Dark in here.”

The priest says, “Don’t start that shit again.”


How to spot a loser, Part 59 of Many

Above is a screen shot from ABC News. It’s a photo of President Donald J. Trump, working tirelessly to heal our troubled nation. Only, you can’t see him, because he is inside the White House late at night working to heal our troubled nation.

Here again is President Donald J. Trump working to heal our troubled nation.

Donald J. Trump http://www.donaldjtrump.com

YOU are what keeps me motivated.

Donald J. Trump <contact@victory.donaldtrump.com>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.com

Fri, Nov 20 at 7:24 AM


Make no mistake, the Silent Majority will reign.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to STEAL the Election. In order to SAVE AMERICA from their SOCIALIST AGENDA, we need to keep our Election Defense Fund on track.

You know what. I’m feeling healed already. Keep up the good work, Mr. President. And stay inside until all this blows over. You don’t want to look like a loser, after all.


How to spot a loser, Part 58 of Many

People ask me, “How does a striving loser gain that upper rung. Is there a formula?”

The fact is, becoming a loser of the first rank sometimes requires professional help. Take out-going President Donald Trump. It’s for sure he did not get there without assistance. In this case I concentrate on Donald Trump’s current personal attorney and fixer, Rudy Giuliani. Trumps previous lawyer/fixer is currently serving jail time.

You don’t think Giuliani, “America’s Mayor,” is not up to the job? Guess again. No less than Sean Hannity, with his own spot on Fox Network, assures us Rudy is the man. Above we see him describing Giuliani’s performance in a Pennsylvania court just recently. Hannity qualifies, saying all manner of people have observed the former mayor’s performance and reported back to him. It was outstanding, Hannity assures us, saying, “He was absolutely brilliant.”

Brilliant. Not only brilliant, but absolutely brilliant. Here is a snapshot of brilliance so you can recognize it when you see it next time.

“I’m not sure what ‘opacity’ means. It probably means you can see.”

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 244 of a Series

A handgun is your friend, and it will always keep you safe. That is, until you decide to use it.

Sacramento police officer fatally shoots a person who allegedly pointed a gun at a group of people

By Alta Spells, CNN

Updated 9:56 AM ET, Sun November 15, 2020

Sacramento Police said this firearm was recovered near the suspect.
(CNN)A Sacramento police patrol sergeant shot and killed an armed suspect inside a warehouse Saturday night after the suspect allegedly pointed a gun at a crowd of people, police said in a news release.

Police responded to Juliesse Avenue in California’s state capital around 6:30 p.m. after receiving reports of vehicles being driven recklessly in the area, the release said. When the officers arrived, they found a large group gathered in a warehouse for a boxing event.

At around 8 p.m., a patrol sergeant, who had stayed in the area, saw people running from the building, police said. One person told the sergeant that someone had a gun, and multiple gunshots were then heard, police said.

The sergeant ran toward the sound of the shots and confronted an armed suspect who was allegedly pointing a firearm toward a crowd of people inside the building. The sergeant then fatally shot the person, police said.

All right. That didn’t go so well. Maybe next time, provided there is such thing as the afterlife.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.


How to spot a loser, Part 57 of Many

How can you tell that the tin god you have sacrificed your reputation for these past five years is a loser? I mean a real loser? It’s easy. He will tell you in so many ways. Here is one of those ways.

Donald J. Trumpwww.donaldjtrump.com

We need YOU

DonaldJTrump.com <contact@victory.donaldtrump.com>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.com

Mon, Nov 16 at 11:51 AM

This Election is far from over.

John – LEGAL votes decide who is President, NOT the media.

The observers were NOT allowed into the counting rooms. President Trump won the Election with 73,000,000 LEGAL votes. Bad things happened which our observers were NOT allowed to see. Millions of mail-in ballots were sent to people who never asked for them.

We need YOU to FIGHT BACK, John.

Please contribute $5 RIGHT NOW to help DEFEND the Election and to increase your impact by 1000%.

Yes, the election was two weeks ago, and Donald Trump, the candidate who promised to foot the bill for his campaign, wants money from me so he can keep on campaigning after all has all been decided.

Yes, he has proof. Only, he can’t show it to us just right now. If not now, then when? I am sure I know the answer to that.

So, how are saner heads taking to all this? By “saner” I mean people like judges who must evaluate “truth” according to legal standards. Here is a look—screen shots from ABC News.

Meanwhile, the national tear duct from in the White House continues to plead.

But your contributions—see above—are not going toward legal challenges. They are going to Loser America’s political action committee—to be used for Giuliani only knows what. Providing Giuliani, himself, knows.

It has become abundantly clear over the past five years—Don the Con is a loser of historic magnitude. Don’t be like Don. Don’t be a loser.


How to spot a loser, Part 56 of Many

Fifteen days into November, and it’s all over. People have voted, and Joe Biden will be the next President of the United States. Actually, that’s wrong. I have it on good authority the election was rigged, and we can plan on putting up with Donald Trump for another four (eight, sixteen?) years. Here’s proof.

Donald J. Trumpwww.donaldjtrump.com

Donald J. Trump <contact@victory.donaldtrump.com>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.com

Sun, Nov 15 at 4:25 PM



As I’ve said all along, mail-in ballots would cause absolute CHAOS.

This is sheer MADNESS! The Fake News is trying to keep these unprecedented stories of VOTER FRAUD quiet, but it’s important for the American People to know the TRUTH.

See. This is from the President of the United States. I mean, if you can’t trust the President, then who can you trust? It’s right there, in my mail box. CHAOS. MADNESS. FRAUD. What more do you need?

You think that’s all? Oh, no. There is much more. Here is some more.

Donald J. Trumpwww.donaldjtrump.com

We’re closer than EVER

Mike Pence <contact@victory.donaldtrump.com>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.com

Sun, Nov 15 at 1:28 PM


I have great news.

With the President’s WIN in North Carolina, we’ve proved to the Left that, no matter what the media says, this Election is not over.

More votes are coming in for the President every single day, and with your help, we’ll secure FOUR MORE YEARS for the American People.

See what I mean? The Vice President of the United States is saying the same thing. If it weren’t true we would never have the President and the Vice President on the same page.

Both these elected officials would not be putting out false information about the election unless they were both losers. Never happen. Not both the Vice President and the President losers at the same time.

Unless they really are both losers. Something to think about.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

Stupidity on Stilts

Number 9 of a series


So, this Donald Trump comedy is starting to wind down and… No, it is not winding down, but I do need to start getting back to other stuff. I have been neglecting the outer world for too long.

This series concerns stupidity. I mean real stupidity. I call it Stupidity on Stilts. Like, really jacked up.

So, look at the image above. It’s from a police dashcam video posted on YouTube. You can see the URL by hovering the cursor over an image. Anyhow, the camera runs open loop throughout with no commentary. We see two women drive forward toward the camera in an SUV. Police officers approach two women in the car and order them out. The women are accused of shoplifting at the Walmart.

Here is where it starts to get stupid. The woman in red was the driver. The officers go back and forth with the two women about reading their rights and such. Then the woman in white is allowed to re-enter the SUV on the driver’s side. Stupid? You have to believe. How come they do not already have the car keys in their hands by now?

Suddenly the woman in the car gains control of and drives forward, ramming the police car. Then she backs up with police hanging on, and she drives away.


There ensues a harrowing chase lasting over eight minutes on city streets. Here the woman gets jammed up in traffic and drives onto the shoulder to pass.


You have to wonder, what was she thinking? The police know who she is. They know the car. Where is she going to go? Nowhere. The police corner the SUV and approach with guns drawn. Is this the way anybody would want to end their day.



Her day ends face down on the pavement. Lady, you are still charged with shoplifting, and now you are going to be charged with additional crimes. That in addition to finding yourself shot and face down in the street at 10:53 in the morning. Absolutely stupid.


Here is an excerpt from the YouTube posting

Police dashcam video shows what happened on November 2015 when officers stopped an SUV containing two suspected shoplifters. The driver, 25-year old Laquandra Borden, re-entered her car after being questioned and started to drive away with two officers hanging on. After she crashed into a patrol car she backs-up and then drives away, all while another officer tries to pull her out from the passenger side. Several officers followed in their patrol cars. One officer discharged his weapon, shooting Borden in the arm. She was charged with a number of offenses, including shoplifting and hit and run.

And that is going to do it for the stupid today.




This is your president speaking.

Number 275 in a series

And now a few words from the President of the United States

Donald J. Trump http://www.donaldjtrump.com

The Coronavirus Vaccine

Donald J. Trump <contact@victory.donaldtrump.com>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.com

Wed, Nov 11 at 3:21 PM


As I have long said, the success of a coronavirus vaccine would only be announced after the Election.

Pfizer and the others probably didn’t have the courage to make this HISTORIC announcement before November 3rd, because they hoped it would keep me from WINNING BIG.

The truth is, if Joe Biden were President, you wouldn’t have the vaccine for another four years, nor would the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have ever approved it so quickly. 

Well, thank you, Mr. President. Except the facts are Pfizer did not participate in the government program in that it did not develop its vaccine using government funds.

In July, Pfizer got a $1.95 billion deal with the government’s Operation Warp Speed, the multiagency effort to rush a vaccine to market, to deliver 100 million doses of the vaccine. The arrangement is an advance-purchase agreement, meaning that the company won’t get paid until they deliver the vaccines. Pfizer did not accept federal funding to help develop or manufacture the vaccine, unlike front-runners Moderna and AstraZeneca.

Pfizer has distanced itself from Mr. Trump and Operation Warp Speed. In an interview on Sunday, Kathrin Jansen, a senior vice president and the head of vaccine research and development at Pfizer, said, “We were never part of the Warp Speed,” adding, “we have never taken any money from the U.S. government, or from anyone.”

So, Donny, you do not own this achievement in any manner. Here is what you do own.

And for that we do thank you. And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.