The Deplorables

Episode 10 Of The Continuing Adventures Of An American Crime Family

This is the stuff that keeps me going. This morning I received the following from “Official Trump Polling.”


Do you want to know the truth?

Democrats and the Fake News media aren’t pursuing this Impeachment War because President Trump did something wrong, they’re pursuing it because they’re afraid he’s going to win the election in November.

To be fair, how could they not be worried about that? America and its citizens have been WINNING like never before and it’s all thanks to President Trump’s America FIRST agenda.

We know the Lamestream media won’t ever tell you the truth about the great work that the President and his administration are doing, especially not when the Democrats are crying ‘impeachment…’ and that’s why we’re reaching out.

I put it in bold typeface to make it stand out. We all know this is going to end with a request for a campaign contribution. They start by insulting me.

First they ask if I want to know the truth. I’m thinking this is an abstract question, since the last time I looked the Trump organization is short on that elusive substance. I will plow forward.

Yes, there it is again. “The FAKE News media.” Where would the Trump presidency be at this point without this classic phrase. They have pulled a lot of mileage out of it. The rubber is about worn off the tread.

And there is “the Lamestream media.” When the guy pitching to you pulls this out of his bag you know he has got to be right, because this argument is unassailable. I am telling you, it is game over.

Now let’s go to the video tape. I have it. Keep reading.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 9 Of The Continuing Adventures Of An American Crime Family

It’s this kind of thing that gets me up in the morning. Being retired seven years, I am cannot succumb to the temptation to spend a day lying on my back. Thank you, President Donald Trump. And thank you, President Donald Trump Jr. I received this email from the First Son (had his name in the return address):


After a month of tantrums and trying to get Republicans to agree to her INSANE rules, Nancy Pelosi has finally admitted defeat and sent the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

Nancy was so eager to undo the 2016 election results that she rammed a fake impeachment SCAM through without ANY facts or evidence.

Now she’s TERRIFIED that the American people will learn the truth that President Trump did NOTHING WRONG.

She’s counting on the FAKE NEWS to continue LYING to the American people. That’s why we need supporters like YOU to join the Official 2020 Impeachment Defense Task Force TODAY.

In 2019, the Impeachment Defense Task Force defended my father against every bogus attack that the Radical Left threw at us. That’s why we are now launching the 2020 Impeachment Defense Task Force.

And then Trump Jr. asks for money. This from the family that promised to underwrite their own campaign. And that Mexico would pay for the wall.

I particularly enjoy the reference to Nancy Pelosi’s “tantrums.”

I hope the President of the United States never stoops to the level of Nancy Pelosi.

I continue to marvel at Junior’s calm and reasoned language. I am particularly impressed by the way he exposes the “fake impeachment SCAM.” More so, “without ANY facts or evidence.”

And to be sure, “President Trump did NOTHING WRONG.” I mean, the family with a history of fraud and deceit has by now reformed its ways and is through with doing that kind of shit.

And I’m going to wrap it up here. Donald Trump Jr. has a good case going. After all, the guy who spent his life lying, stiffing business associates, concocting fake endorsements of himself, associating with crooks and liars just has to be telling the truth by now.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 8 Of The Continuing Saga Of An American Crime Family

Thanks to comedians again. When the senses become so offended that nothing palatable can be perceived, comedians manage to pull mirth out of a dung heap. Stephen Colbert is an ace at this, or possibly it’s his writers. Anyhow, the impeachment trial of President Trump is being launched today, and Colbert’s take is refreshing.

For now I’m not going into Donald Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors. In fairness to the once and impeached president, I will present what I know of his defense. In short, he didn’t do it. And even if he did, he didn’t mean it. And if he did mean it, then it wasn’t a crime. And if it was a crime, then that’s all right because things happen.

The President’s legal team comprises some of the top constitutional minds in the country. One of them has weighed in with the well thought out conclusion that Mr. Trump should not be convicted, because what he did do does not amount to a crime.

See, you need proof of an actual crime. So what’s this mess all about? In case this argument is not convincing, comedian Colbert provided the opinion of a well-respected professor of law.

All right, That may not be the respected legal scholar we were fishing for. Anyhow, there are others. Here is one.

So, as I said, Mr. Trump’s legal team has the matter well in hand. And, on the off chance they do not have it well in hand, then you need to keep in mind that “things happen.”

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 6 Of The Continuing Saga Of An American Crime Family

Somebody appears to be getting very worried about now. I know this because I am receiving a boat load of these (all right, a few) every day. It appears to be from President Donald J. Trump.



Well it’s about time.

Nancy and her Liberal Puppets IMPEACHED ME a month ago and have since been holding the Articles of Impeachment HOSTAGE.

Democrats in the House will vote on sending the Impeachment Articles to the Senate today, where this HOAX will finally go to trial and show the world who she really is: a LYING and MANIPULATIVE HYPOCRITE who never had any evidence of wrongdoing against me.


Their pathetic attempts to remove me from office are not only an attack on me, but they’re an attack on YOU. They’re trying to UNDO the 2016 Election like it never happened by SILENCING MILLIONS of votes. We can’t let them get away with this, John.

That’s why I’ve activated an EMERGENCY 2020 IMPEACHMENT DEFENSE FUND, and I’m calling on my most fierce and loyal defenders to step up to the front lines of this nasty battle and FIGHT BACK.

There follows a request for donations. This from a candidate who promised to fund his own campaign. And, yes, I did read the transcript. At the very least it reveals you to be a lying cheat and a coward, to boot. By extension, the public is getting the idea you head up an American white collar crime family.

Sometimes comedians know how to say it best. Here is something from Stephen Colbert, who entertained us last night with clips from various news outlets. This in light of comments coming out of one of your henchmen, Lev Parnas, who appears to be getting ready to take you down with him. To be sure,it’s for sure you have no knowledge of this individual.

Right. I got that.

I said I got that.

Here is what else I got.

How much of this is it going to take before your Republican patsies follow the way of Parnas and decide to cut a deal?

The Deplorables

Episode 5 Of The Continuing Adventures Of An American Crime Family

The shadow of an American crime family continues to fall upon the state of Texas. This from the campaign of Texas Senator John Cornyn.


Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment effort has been wrong for our country from day one. It was a rushed process. It was an incomplete process. It was a process that identified a punishment, then searched for a crime… It was a complete circus, and Nancy was the ringleader.

The Democrats have been at this charade for years. First it was Russian collusion, then obstruction of justice, then campaign finance law abuses and then violations of the “Emoluments Clause.” In each case, these outrageous accusations turned out to be untrue. Yet Democrats only looked harder for another excuse.

Now, we find ourselves heading into an official trial which could result in President Trump’s expulsion from office. Having tried every other trick in the book, the Democrats have now pushed our Constitution to the limit.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… As someone who served as a district judge, state Supreme Court justice and Texas Attorney General and now sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, I want to know…

  • What happened to the presumption of innocence in all this?
  • While Democrats say no one is above the law, why can’t they point to the law they think the President violated?
  • What happened to fundamental fairness? The House sat behind closed doors and concentrated all control in the hands of six Democratic committee chairmen. Where is the fairness?

As your Senator, I will be called upon to respond after House Democrats have rushed to impeach the President. That day has arrived.  

Chuck Schumer and Liberal interest groups are already stepping up efforts to pressure me. They want to use impeachment as a tool to beat me and turn Texas blue.

But John, I won’t budge.

I will start with the presumption of the President’s innocence. I will neither be sucked in nor fan the flames of wild rumors and political accusations.

The next few days represent a critical moment for America, and I need to know that you’re with me as I stand firm as the firewall between outrageous partisanship and the Constitution of the United States.

And then he asks for money.

There is so much to unravel here; I wonder where to begin. How about the first paragraph? “Wrong for our country?” How about right for our country? A president who flouted the law all his life and then carried that those practices into the highest office of the land has now been brought to answer for crimes he committed while in office. Wrong for our country? We now begin to wonder whether it is you who are wrong for this country. You want me to contribute to your election campaign, and you do it while insulting my intelligence. You have mistaken me for one of your supporters from the lower reaches of Texas society. You need to aim higher.

Speaker Pelosi searched for a crime? Are you awake yet, Senator? The crime came barreling to the forefront in a manner that was impossible to ignore. What does this criminal president need to do to gain your disrespect?

You mention collusion with a foreign government, then you mention obstruction of justice, campaign finance law abuse and violations of the Emoluments Clause—all apparent to even casual observers. Here is a president who sucks up to a sworn enemy of the United States, manages illegal payments to assist in his campaign and profits monetarily from his position of power. These are all crimes worthy of prosecution. And you appear to deny anything wrong is going on. You say these accusations turned out to be untrue. It would appear you have only a loose acquaintance with the truth, Senator.

Yes, we are now headed into a trial in the Senate, but it is a trial that will not result in the president’s removal from office. He will not be removed, because you and your party affiliates will ignore the evidence and will vote to continue the ongoing travesty in the White House. You will be well-remembered.

You speak of presumption of innocence, and you trumpet your past legal experience. You know better, and still you persist. Prosecution of a criminal is not a violation of presumption of innocence. If it were, no criminal would ever be prosecuted.

You say the Democrats cannot point to a law the president violated. Really? Last time I looked, obstruction of justice and obstruction of Congress are laws the president appears to have violated. And do not speak to me of fundamental fairness when you and your cohorts appear set on not allowing any witnesses to appear at the impeachment trial.

You say Democrats are stepping up efforts to pressure you, and they want to use impeachment as a tool to beat you in the 2020 election. And you are playing into their hands by continuing to suborn criminal activity in the White House. Keep this up, and Texas will turn blue, and you can watch the inauguration next January on television.

The Deplorables

An American Crime Family, Episode 3

No need for Texans to glance over to the East Coast to appreciate a modern American crime family. We have our very on Senator John Cornyn to carry the torch. I get regular email from the senator, trumpeting his subservience. Here is the most recent.

Soleimani is dead.

An active plotter of terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens is neutralized.

The world is a safer place without him. Period.

Unlike the previous administration, President Trump took decisive action to STOP evil in its tracks. He promoted peace through strength and defended our nation from attack.

But the radical left doesn’t see it that way. 

This is about purveyors of evil vs the United States. It shouldn’t be so difficult for radical leftists to decide which side they’re on…

He speaks, of course of Qasem Soleimani, late general of the Iranian army. As the Texas senator states, Soleimani was, indeed a bad dude and a sworn enemy of the United States. Being both of these was not alone sufficient reason for terminating him with prejudice. What was good reason was that Soleimani acted on his impulses, and it is a good thing for us he is gone.

That said, there is something to say about Senator Cornyn’s comments. The radical left doesn’t see it that way? Apologies all around, but I consider myself to be the radical left, and I do see it that way. The senator doth protest too much, methinks. One gets the idea he is speaking thus to curry favor with those deplorables who cling to a criminal president.

Senator Cornyn goes further. He posts tweets from perceived leftists.

The first is from footballer and black discrimination activists Colin Kaepernick, saying:
America has always sanctioned and besieged Black and Brown bodies both at home and abroad. American militarism is the weapon wielded by American imperialism, to enforce its policing and plundering of the non white world.

This language is perceived as being unpatriotic, something Kaepernick has long been considered by the white supremacist right wing. But Kaepernick is retweeting from Congresswoman Ilhan Omar:

The President of the United States is threatening to commit war crimes on Twitter.

God help us all! #25thAmendment…

For the record, the President of the United States was threatening to commit war crimes up until the time saner heads nearby insisted he refrain from doing so. And our own deplorable, representing the state of Texas, is coming down on the wrong side of the issue, as we should expect.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 197

Every week I post a story about a time when somebody wished they had passed on the opportunity to invoke their Second Amendment right to have a handgun. Occasionally I receive feedback from readers. Why don’t I publish stories about people using guns (specifically handguns) to save their lives? Actually, I do publish these stories, having personally known somebody who saved his life with a handgun. However, I point out the fact that cases of misuse of handguns is common, while appropriate use by civilians is rare. Then I am told the news media do not report these cases of self defense. Media bias, perhaps? If there is media bias, you need to show it to me.

Last Sunday a church service in White Settlement, Texas, was interrupted by a man who sneaked a shotgun into the sanctuary and opened fire, killing two. A man working security for the church immediately pulled his pistol and dispatched the gunman without further ado. All major news outlets carried the story.

It was also noted in the news that other members of the congregation went for their own weapons before standing down. This is a clear case of the proper use of a handgun, but it would not ordinarily be included in my Thursday postings, since the intruder did not use a handgun. Look at the title above, “Your Friend the Handgun.”

So we see some benefit of people taking advantage of their Second Amendment rights. Here are some cases.

Police: New Year’s Eve shooting death of Texas nurse likely the result of celebratory gunfire

Christmas Eve Shooting: Six people shot in High Point

Quid Pro Quo

Closing it Down, Number 6 in a Series

To understand this you need to remember who Lara Trump is:

Lara Lea Trump (née Yunaska; born October 12, 1982) is an American television producer, and campaign adviser to the 45th president of the United States (and her father-in-law) Donald Trump. She is married to the president’s son Eric Trump, with whom she has two children.

She is the producer/host of Trump Productions’ Real News Update and the former producer of Inside Edition.

So much for that. Then you begin to wonder why I am receiving this from Lara Trump?

Lara Trump <>

Dec 20 at 9:32 AM


The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Their partisan vote for impeachment in the House was a disgrace.

They let their hatred for President Trump blind them from upholding their duty to the United States of America.

How can you impeach a President that did nothing wrong? There was NO abuse of power and NO obstruction of Congress. If the Left wants to know who DID commit these acts, they should look in the mirror.

They’ve stooped so low to try and undo the 2016 Election, and we need to FIGHT BACK. I’m calling on YOU to step up and defend your President.

So, that’s a bunch to digest. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Yes they should. And after they finish being ashamed of themselves they are going to bring in additional witnesses to testify to the crimes of your father-in-law.

Also let’s talk about that “partisan” vote.

Yes, definitely partisan. Not a single Republican voted for Article 1. Hint: not a single Republican voted for Article 2, either. Now, that’s the definition of partisanship.

“They let their hatred for President Trump blind them from upholding their duty to the United States of America.” It would be interesting to see what duty to the United States of America the Democrats are not doing.

The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.

Yeah, it sort of appears the Democratic House of Representatives is upholding its duty to the United States of America. They impeached your criminal father-in-law’s stupid ass.

 “How can you impeach a President that did nothing wrong?” You’re right. They need to wait until the President does something wrong. They need to wait until he sets up a scam university and bilks students out of thousands of dollars. They need to wait until he organizes a charitable organization and uses it to funnel money into his own pocket. Wait! He did those things before he became President. They need to wait until he directs government business to his resorts by dragging government employees there, where the government is billed for expenses. They need to wait until members of the armed services are directed to stay at his resorts while on official business. They need to wait until he invokes his power as President to prevent investigation into his crimes. They need to wait until he leverages the Treasury of the United States to coerce a foreign government to make a phony announcement about a political rival. The Democrats need to wait until this President does something wrong.Regarding whether the Left (as you call them) committed these acts, we are still waiting for the Left to pump money from the Treasury into their own pockets. We are still waiting for the Left to leverage funds approved by Congress to exact political favors from a foreign government. We will have to wait a long time, because for 24 months your father-in-law was President with a Republican Congress, and no such allegations were ever investigated or prosecuted. How long are we going to need to wait?

Regarding undoing the 2016 election, your father-in-law, by his continued criminal actions, is doing an excellent job of that. And he does not need help from the Left.

Quid Pro Quo

Closing it Down, Number 5 in a Series

The Lord giveth, and the Lord giveth some more. Blessed be the name of the Lord. Our President is a bottomless cup. Every day brings additional joy. Here is some more:

Donald J. Trump <>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.comDec 5 at 2:35 PM


John,Jerry Nadler has taken over this Impeachment Hearing Scam and has turned it into even more of a circus than it already was.

First, the Left cried Quid Pro Quo, then bribery, and now TREASON? This entire HOAX has been JERRY-RIGGED by the Radical Democrats and we cannot put up with it any longer.

Nancy and Jerry are trying to brainwash the American People like the 2016 Election never happened – like YOUR VOTE never happened. WE NEED TO FIGHT BACK. I’m calling on YOU to step up to defend me from their baseless LIES.

First, TREASON? That’s a thought. If this be treason, make the most of it. I will go for treason. Tell us what else you did.

I should defend you from their baseless lies? How about you defend yourself, big guy. I mean, you came to us with the promise you knew more than the generals, maybe more than anybody. Now you are pleading for my help? I am so disillusioned. Like I caught my dog stealing the newspaper. I may never recover. “Bear with me; my heart is in the coffin there with Caesar, and I must pause till it come back to me.”

Otherwise known as give and take. Thank you, Lord.

Quid Pro Quo

Closing it Down, Number 4 in a Series

This is just getting started. I’m never going to run out of these. I have a guy who works for the government to write these for me. Here is a recent one.

Donald J. Trump <>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.comDec 6 at 6:56 PM




The Do Nothing Democrats had a historically bad day the other day and now Nancy is trying to cover up for it by calling for her minions to proceed with Articles of Impeachment.

They just announced that they are going to seek to IMPEACH me over NOTHING. This means that beyond the important and seldom used act of IMPEACHMENT, it will be used routinely to ATTACK future Presidents that Party leaders don’t agree with.

This is not what our Founders had in mind. The Democrats have NO impeachment case and are demeaning our great Country at YOUR expense. But, nothing matters to them – they have gone absolutely insane.


Nancy and her corrupt party have proven that there is no line they won’t cross to try and STEAL the 2020 Election. The biggest WITCH HUNT in the history of politics has reached a critical point, and I need YOU to be on the right side of history with me.

The DC Swamp wants impeachment. The Hollywood Elites want impeachment. The Fake News wants impeachment. The Deep State wants impeachment. Foreign enemies want impeachment. The Establishment wants impeachment. They all HATE you, John, and that’s why they want to steal your vote.

It’s US against THEM. Make no mistake this is a war, and a war we must win to save the United States of America.

I’m calling on my most FIERCE and LOYAL defenders to step up to the front lines of this Impeachment war and show the Left that we will NEVER stop fighting.

If the mail header is to be believed this is from the President of the United States. And we have to believe it, because this is President Donald J. Trump, and who would claim to be who was not? This is worth unpacking. Start with Pelosi will impeach.

Yeah, Jack. Nancy Pelosi is going to impeach your sorry ass. You perhaps had something else in mind when you started cozying up to enemies of the United States, all the while putting the arm on a military ally to coerce them to give yourself political leverage? You did not know this stuff is against the law and you would be impeached if you did it? You have perhaps been vacationing on Mars for the past 50 years? Yeah, Nancy is going to impeach you. In the words of a famous presidential chief of staff, “Get over it.”

You did nothing wrong? You did not create a phony charity foundation and then use it as your ATM? You did not also enlist the national treasury as your personal cash machine by funneling tax dollars into your private enterprises? You did not fire government employees who refused to stop investigating your crimes? You did not order government employees to not testify on what they know of your crimes? You are, perhaps, thinking of a different definition of “nothing wrong?”

You say the Democrats had a bad day. Mr. President, you had a bad day in November last year when the American electorate rose up and put into office people who would no longer ignore your abuse of office? Get over it.

They are going to impeach you over nothing? Dude, you have a lifetime history of white collar crime, and you carried that life style into the office of President, and you think Congress is going to allow you to continue to abuse the office? Come back from vacation, Mr. President.

“This is not what our Founders had in mind.” Really? Let me do some research into that. Ah, yes. From the James Madison archives we have this note: “And if Donald J. Trump is ever allowed to become President you need to impeach his sorry ass.” Yeah, that is what the founders had in mind. And yes, I am willing to pay for the investigations and the trial. Get over it.

Yeah, Nancy. How can you impeach a President [who] did nothing wrong? Why not impeach Donald Trump, instead. So, Donald, get over it.

Nancy and the Democrats represent a corrupt party? If Pelosi and the Democratic Party are corrupt, then what is left to call the Republicans who overlooked your criminal activities for two years while Democrats were locked out of power in the House of Representatives? Perhaps corruption needs a fresh definition. So get over it.

The DC Swamp wants impeachment. The Hollywood elites want impeachment. The Fake News wants impeachment. The Deep State wants impeachment. Foreign enemies want impeachment. The Establishment wants impeachment. I want impeachment. So get over it.

This is war? If this be war, then make the most of it. Saddle up and get it on President Bone Spurs.

This is your president speaking.

Number 233 in a series

And now a few words from the President of the United States.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrumpThe Whistleblower got it sooo wrong that HE must come forward. The Fake News Media knows who he is but, being an arm of the Democrat Party, don’t want to reveal him because there would be hell to pay. Reveal the Whistleblower and end the Impeachment Hoax!

8:33 AM · Nov 3, 2019Twitter for iPhone

Full disclosure: this is the lazy way to post a presidential take down. The congenital liar dug in at the White House has employed the term “Fake News” so frequently it has handles. When something is offered this freely, who am I to refuse?

Quid Pro Quo

Closing it Down, Number 2 in a Series

“These are times that try men’s souls.” No, they are not. These are times when the joy approaches a level of shamelessness. Never was schadenfreude rendered so starkly. These are the moments I have lived 79 years for. Yesterday I received this.

Official Trump Polling <>

Nov 23 at 10:58 AM


The Impeachment Witch Hunt is now OVER.

There was NO QUID PRO QUO.

There was NO BRIBERY.

President Trump did NOTHING WRONG.

It’s so obvious that these baseless hearings were a botched attempt by the Democrats to take down the Republican Party and your President. They wasted your time and your hard-earned taxpayer dollars on a 3-year Witch Hunt only to FAIL. How pathetic.

President Trump knows the Do Nothing Democrats and Fake News media won’t ever tell the facts about him and his Administration, and that’s why he wants to know what a few respected Republican leaders, like YOU, think.

They may have gotten my name right, but I will reserve judgement until I investigate further. Not much else can lay claim to truth. However, watching a corrupt enterprise squirm in this manner is a pleasure beyond compare.

And may Jesus have mercy on my soul.

Quid Pro Quo

The Drama Comes to a Close

A certain phrase has been kicking around for several weeks, and it now seems the entire country has learned to speak Latin. The phrase is quid pro quo, meaning “this for this” or “this for that.” Something offered for something received. If you are purchasing a corn dog it means money for a corn dog. It another situation it has legal implications, meaning bribery. That is what the President of the United States stands accused of. There is much denial by President Trump and his Republican Party supporters. I see denial, too, from people posting comments on social media. No, it did not happen. No, this is normal and does not amount to bribery, much less impeachment.

There is another Latin phrase: res ipsa loquitur. It means literally “the thing, itself, speaks.” We often interpret it as “the thing speaks for itself.” It pertains to a circumstance that is so obvious it does not need to be argued. As a historical record, its current usage in law stems from an 1863 tort case in England.

All that aside, this week quid pro quo morphed into res ipsa loquitur. The thing speaks for itself. It is over.

Lock Her Up!

Number 8 of a Series

Somebody stop me when you notice I am having more fun than the law allows. In the meantime:

Mr. Stone, a longtime informal adviser to President Trump, obstructed one of Congress’s Russia investigations and lied to lawmakers.

Nov. 15, 2019

WASHINGTON — For decades, Roger J. Stone Jr. played politics as a kind of performance art, starring himself as a professional lord of mischief, as a friend once called him. He tossed bombs and spun tales from the political periphery with no real reckoning, burnishing a reputation as a dirty trickster.

On Friday morning, a reckoning arrived, the consequence of his efforts to sabotage a congressional investigation that threatened his longtime friend President Trump.

Mr. Stone, 67, was convicted in federal court of seven felonies for obstructing the congressional inquiry, lying to investigators under oath and trying to block the testimony of a witness whose account would have exposed his lies. Jurors deliberated for a little over seven hours before convicting him on all counts. Together, the charges carry a maximum prison term of 50 years.

So, that will about do it for the “Lock her up!” rallying cry. Not so fast.

And that is all for today. No, not quite all.

There. I’m finished.

Actually, no. There will be a bunch more of these, so keep reading. And may Jesus have mercy on my soul.

People Unclear

This is number 89 of a series

Yes, there are many who have not gotten the message. One would be Margaret Smith of The Heritage Foundation. She sent me the following:

Maggy Smith <>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.comNov 14 at 3:34 AM

Hello John,

Your free eBooklet, “The Impeachment Process: The Constitution and Historical Practice,” has arrived!

Click this secure link to download your copy here >>

Like you, I’m tired of the progressives in this country thinking that they can bully us into giving them what they want. I’m tired of watching them bend or ignore the rules altogether to try to ramrod their policies into law.

If you oppose them, they have proven that they will stop at nothing to destroy you completely.

But I’m not backing down—and I know you aren’t either.

I’m looking for conservatives that will stand with me to fight back against the radical agenda of the Left.

We’re going to show them how they’re breaking the rules. And we’re going to take the facts about the impeachment process to the rest of the American people, too.

But I can’t do it alone. I need people like you to help us get the job done.

If you want to take a stand against progressive bullies in America, this is the chance you’ve been looking for.

Take a moment to learn about our plan to shut them down by clicking here:

I’m excited to hear your thoughts about “The Impeachment Process: The Constitution and Historical Practice,” and I hope that you’ll stand with us today.


Maggy Smith
Membership Programs
The Heritage Foundation

First of all I appreciate being addressed by my first name. It makes the conversation seem so personal.

So I ordered the free booklet, and it is most informative. It told me everything I already know about the impeachment process. It is well-informed and precicesely truthful. Thanks for the memories.

But then this: “Like you, I’m tired of the progressives in this country thinking that they can bully us into giving them what they want. I’m tired of watching them bend or ignore the rules altogether to try to ramrod their policies into law.”

Whoa! Breaking the rules. Maggy, please refer to the booklet you just sent me. It outlines the rules for impeachment of the president, and the House of Representatives is doing exactly what the rules call for. Whence comes this invective? Is this sentence what it appears to be, a bald piece of propaganda? As Shakespeare famously wrote, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

Lady, the dirt bag president you are attempting to prop up has been whittling at the Constitution going on three years. The bit currently of concern to Democrats in Congress is a whiff of smoke from a smoldering dumpster fire. You are surely among the most of the unclear. Congratulations, you made the list barely breathing hard.

People Unclear

This is number 88 of a series

This series is devoted to people who remain unclear concerning any number of realities. One such would be Star Parker, who writes for The Daily Signal, apparently a conservative on-line newsletter produced by The Heritage Foundation. Any resemblance of The Daily Signal to a legitimate news source is illusionary. This is a propaganda outlet for American conservatism, which for the moment is President Donald Trump. You should not expect to find any item here that finds fault with anything this president does. Which is why I am now reading this:

This Impeachment Effort About Ideology, Not Constitution

Star Parker  / 

After some introductory about Representative Rashida Tlaib, Parker continues:

At a reception following the event, Tlaib, speaking about the president of the United States, said: “We’re gonna impeach the [expletive].”

It had to be unprecedented that a newly elected representative publicly used that kind of language about the nation’s president and expressed an intent to impeach him, with no support from leadership of her own party.

Were there grounds for impeachment? No.

The alleged basis was the Mueller investigation, which subsequently found that allegations that President Donald Trump and his campaign conspired with Russia to interfere with the presidential election were false.

What happened to the sacred principle of innocent until proven guilty?

It will be interesting to break this down. First we need to review just what is “nice:”

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrumpCorrupt Congressman Adam Schiff is angry that Ambassadors that he thought would be good for his fraudulent Witch Hunt, are turning out to be good for me – some really good! He’s got all meetings locked down, no transparency, only his illegal leaks. A very dishonest sleazebag!

8:28 PM · Oct 18, 2019Twitter for iPhone

So much for niceties. Now let’s review some precedence:

Yes, that will about do it with the “unprecedented” bit.

How about “grounds for impeachment.” Tlaib was referring to the findings of the report from special counsel Robert Mueller, which did note numerous acts of obstruction of justice, likely grounds for impeachment. Still Parker posted this, not before but after a congressional panel interviewed a number of witnesses to impeachable offenses concerning the president’s efforts to use the power of the United States government for his personal, political benefit.

Following that, Parker echoes the popular refrain from Republicans in congress. “What happened to the sacred principle of innocent until proven guilty?”

Yes, whatever happened to that? At this juncture Parker is critically unclear on a major point. “Innocent until proven guilty” means you do not get your dish of punishment until a court has found you guilty. It does not mean we do not accuse and prosecute until a guilty verdict is handed down. If Parker’s logic were to prevail, then nobody would ever be brought to trial, much less convicted and punished.

There is a definite lack of clarity that is manifest here.

Parker is not finished. Recounting a charge by Tlaib that the Trump administration appears uninterested in people of her district, one of the nation’s poorest, Parker hauls up a favorite avenue of deflection.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics just issued its October jobs report, which The Wall Street Journal called “impressive.”

“The current job market is attracting middle- and working-class workers who have been on the sidelines for years,” reported the Journal.

And, black unemployment ticked down a notch to 5.4%, another new historic low.

But just as legal facts mean nothing to Tlaib, economic facts mean nothing.

Again exhibiting a woeful lack of clarity. the American economy, as of this writing, is showing signs of wear around the edges, but employment remains at historical levels, and there is no sign this year’s holiday spending will take a dive. American farmers seem to be on government life support due to inexplicable actions taken by the president.

However, all this has nothing to do with impeachment. Go back and read Parker’s headline. The impeachment drive is about ideology, not about the Constitution. Is she really that clueless? I’m thinking not. I’m thinking what is visible here is unvarnished soapbox rhetoric. We are not looking for the truth here.

The truth is this is all about the Constitution:

5: The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.

6: The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two thirds of the Members present.

7: Judgment in Cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.

1: The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments, upon any Subject relating to the Duties of their respective Offices, and he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offences against the United States, except in Cases of Impeachment.

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

3: The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.

The foregoing are excerpts from the Constitution that mention impeachment.

In total, the House of Representatives is doing what the Constitution mandates it should do. It should bring charges against the president in cases of “Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Testimony from credible witnesses before House committees has bolstered allegations the president used the power of his office in an act of bribery, an impeachable offense. To not pursue this matter would be dereliction of duty.

Yet Parker continues her efforts to convince us she is stone cold clueless:

Tlaib is a poster child for her party. Despite the Russia conspiracy charges discredited by the Mueller report, Democrats have not given up looking for an excuse to impeach a president they hate.

Now we have the ridiculous claims from a tainted whistleblower about a conversation Trump had with the president of Ukraine.

It’s not about Russia or Ukraine. It’s about Haley or Tlaib; loving our free country or hating it; citizenship or victimhood; rule of law or guilty until proven innocent.

“[T]ainted whistleblower.” Really? Let’s pretend the government employ who blew the whistle is a notorious bank robber, a drug dealer, a Nazi, a child rapist—all of that. What does it matter? If somebody like infamous bank robber Willy Sutton (now deceased) were to come into the police station and tell the desk sergeant about somebody attempting to set fire to the station house, they might arrest the unfortunate Mr. Sutton, but if they decided to investigate, and they found that somebody had been attempting to burn them out, they would launch an investigation. It’s a basic principle of logic. The truth of a statement is conditioned on the facts and not on the character of the person making the statement. Parker is way unclear on this point.

Extending her efforts, Parker speaks of “the Russia conspiracy charges discredited by the Mueller report.” No, the Mueller report did not discredit any charges of a Russia conspiracy. She needs to read the report:

But the anodyne description belied what would soon be released. Mueller’s report, despite redactions, offered a stunning account of how Russia worked to help the Trump campaign and how Trump’s associates were willing to accept Russian assistance, and it presented an explosive and detailed narrative of how Trump sought to shut down the investigation as he worried about its impact.

The Washington Post. The Mueller Report . Scribner. Kindle Edition.

I would love, in my lifetime, to be so discredited.

You want to see lack of credibility, consider reading more from Star Parker. Consider reading The Daily Signal. Consider reading anything produced by The Heritage Foundation.

Regarding “looking for an excuse to impeach a president they hate,” how about the constitutional requisite the House of Representatives do their jobs and hold a criminal president accountable?

With that in mind, it’s worth evaluating the merits of the case against President Trump. Multiple government employees have come forward and given consistent accounts that demonstrate presidential malfeasance, and they have made their statements under oath—under penalty of perjury. Nobody, but no body, has come forward to testify under oath to repudiate these witnesses.

Whether Star Parker is sincere in her beliefs or merely pushing the party line, I cannot ascertain. If she is reflecting her personal convictions, then she is morbidly unclear on some basic facts.

People Unclear

This is number 84 of a series

Not news: I’m on Ben Shapiro’s news feed. See the following:

Ben Shapiro <>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.comOct 24 at 8:53 AM

Hey gang,

I don’t know about you, but I encounter leftist tears almost every day—my show seems to trigger a lot of them.

And he goes on to tell of how “leftists” are crying tears, and he will give me a free Leftist Tears Tumbler, presumably to catch these tears and drink them.

A big oops! Ben, listen up. I am what you may be calling a leftist, and I’m not crying. I and others like me are laughing. Our tears are ones of laughter, and you are cordially invited to capture them and to drink them. And you don’t need a special tumbler. A gallon bucket will do.

The truth is, the Trump opposition is currently in the throes of jubilation. We are watching this criminal fumble monkey in the process of taking himself down by thunderous measure, and we see American conservatism following him straight into history’s dustbin.

You want to see me cry? You will see me cry when I no longer receive priceless gifts such as yours in my mailbox.

Bat Shit Crazy

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The world is going bat shit crazy. I received another of these:

John Jackson <>


Oct 19 at 12:01 PM

I’ll make this quick John,

Liberals are banning plastic straws all over the country forcing hard-working Americans to drink from paper straws… and they don’t even work!

To stick it to the out-of-touch left, President Trump and Senator Cornyn are teaming up to sell their own plastic straws! The straws are made in the U.S. of A, reusable, and recyclable! Real solutions from real leaders!

Senator, are you out of your mind? Your party is on fire, and a bunch of you are about to go to jail. And all you can do in response is to chide liberals for obsessing over plastic straws? Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of insanity. I am beyond response.

Except that I grew up in Texas, and for most of my time I did quite well with paper straws. Check with me if you need additional help, mental or otherwise.