The Deplorables

Episode 10 Of The Continuing Adventures Of An American Crime Family

This is the stuff that keeps me going. This morning I received the following from “Official Trump Polling.”


Do you want to know the truth?

Democrats and the Fake News media aren’t pursuing this Impeachment War because President Trump did something wrong, they’re pursuing it because they’re afraid he’s going to win the election in November.

To be fair, how could they not be worried about that? America and its citizens have been WINNING like never before and it’s all thanks to President Trump’s America FIRST agenda.

We know the Lamestream media won’t ever tell you the truth about the great work that the President and his administration are doing, especially not when the Democrats are crying ‘impeachment…’ and that’s why we’re reaching out.

I put it in bold typeface to make it stand out. We all know this is going to end with a request for a campaign contribution. They start by insulting me.

First they ask if I want to know the truth. I’m thinking this is an abstract question, since the last time I looked the Trump organization is short on that elusive substance. I will plow forward.

Yes, there it is again. “The FAKE News media.” Where would the Trump presidency be at this point without this classic phrase. They have pulled a lot of mileage out of it. The rubber is about worn off the tread.

And there is “the Lamestream media.” When the guy pitching to you pulls this out of his bag you know he has got to be right, because this argument is unassailable. I am telling you, it is game over.

Now let’s go to the video tape. I have it. Keep reading.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

Bad Joke of the Week

One of a Continuing Series

More jokes from a TV series I’m bingeing. It features comical skits, but lots of people die. The woman scientist is giving a keynote speech, and she wants to open with a joke.

Erwin Schrödinger is driving on the freeway when a cop pulls him over. “What have you got in the trunk?” the officer asks.
“It’s a cat,” Schrödinger replies.
“Let me see,” the officer demands. So Schrödinger opens the trunk.
“This cat is dead,” the officer observes.
“It is now,” Schrödinger replies.

Her husband, the FBI guy, has a better suggestion:

“I was talking to this astronaut, and he told me about a restaurant on the moon. The food is great, but there’s no atmosphere.”

The Deplorables

Episode 9 Of The Continuing Adventures Of An American Crime Family

It’s this kind of thing that gets me up in the morning. Being retired seven years, I am cannot succumb to the temptation to spend a day lying on my back. Thank you, President Donald Trump. And thank you, President Donald Trump Jr. I received this email from the First Son (had his name in the return address):


After a month of tantrums and trying to get Republicans to agree to her INSANE rules, Nancy Pelosi has finally admitted defeat and sent the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

Nancy was so eager to undo the 2016 election results that she rammed a fake impeachment SCAM through without ANY facts or evidence.

Now she’s TERRIFIED that the American people will learn the truth that President Trump did NOTHING WRONG.

She’s counting on the FAKE NEWS to continue LYING to the American people. That’s why we need supporters like YOU to join the Official 2020 Impeachment Defense Task Force TODAY.

In 2019, the Impeachment Defense Task Force defended my father against every bogus attack that the Radical Left threw at us. That’s why we are now launching the 2020 Impeachment Defense Task Force.

And then Trump Jr. asks for money. This from the family that promised to underwrite their own campaign. And that Mexico would pay for the wall.

I particularly enjoy the reference to Nancy Pelosi’s “tantrums.”

I hope the President of the United States never stoops to the level of Nancy Pelosi.

I continue to marvel at Junior’s calm and reasoned language. I am particularly impressed by the way he exposes the “fake impeachment SCAM.” More so, “without ANY facts or evidence.”

And to be sure, “President Trump did NOTHING WRONG.” I mean, the family with a history of fraud and deceit has by now reformed its ways and is through with doing that kind of shit.

And I’m going to wrap it up here. Donald Trump Jr. has a good case going. After all, the guy who spent his life lying, stiffing business associates, concocting fake endorsements of himself, associating with crooks and liars just has to be telling the truth by now.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 8 Of The Continuing Saga Of An American Crime Family

Thanks to comedians again. When the senses become so offended that nothing palatable can be perceived, comedians manage to pull mirth out of a dung heap. Stephen Colbert is an ace at this, or possibly it’s his writers. Anyhow, the impeachment trial of President Trump is being launched today, and Colbert’s take is refreshing.

For now I’m not going into Donald Trump’s high crimes and misdemeanors. In fairness to the once and impeached president, I will present what I know of his defense. In short, he didn’t do it. And even if he did, he didn’t mean it. And if he did mean it, then it wasn’t a crime. And if it was a crime, then that’s all right because things happen.

The President’s legal team comprises some of the top constitutional minds in the country. One of them has weighed in with the well thought out conclusion that Mr. Trump should not be convicted, because what he did do does not amount to a crime.

See, you need proof of an actual crime. So what’s this mess all about? In case this argument is not convincing, comedian Colbert provided the opinion of a well-respected professor of law.

All right, That may not be the respected legal scholar we were fishing for. Anyhow, there are others. Here is one.

So, as I said, Mr. Trump’s legal team has the matter well in hand. And, on the off chance they do not have it well in hand, then you need to keep in mind that “things happen.”

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

Abusing Science

Number 54 of a series

Discovery Institute to the rescue again. Whenever I need a story about abuse of science I know I can always find one coming from this creationist organization. Their Evolution News site is a wealth of material. Here I can always count on something fresh. By “fresh” I mean stale. A lot of this stuff I have seen in a previous life spent writing about young Earth creationism.

Truth be told, I subscribe to their newsletter. A recent issue pointed me to a video titled “Is Homology Evidence for Evolution?” It’s short, and it is aimed at children. The idea of religious zealots is to inoculate young minds in order to ensure a ready feed stock for adult propagandizing. It’s a touchy-feely form of child abuse. I watched it through twice and obtained some screen shots for illustration.

This video attacks biological evolution by going after the concept of homology. Briefly, homology, the study of like forms, got people to thinking about evolution thousands of years ago. The idea is it appears humans share structures of like form with other animals.

And here is what is so ironic. The Intelligent Design advocates largely accept common ancestry. Jon Buell heads up the Foundation for Thought and Ethics (see following), and the late Philip Johnson is considered the godfather of the modern Intelligent Design movement. In a conversation in March 1994 both agreed they believed in common ancestry.

Despite what you will be told in the video, homology is evidence of evolution and also common ancestry. Young minds enjoying this piece of propaganda are supposed to get the idea homology is the linchpin holding evolution together and, further, they will be informed that homology is debunked.

Whales, people, and dogs enjoy five-digit appendages.

But, what is the proper interpretation? Is it common descent, or is it evidence of a common designer? This is the point where the video first hints at Intelligent Design.

The video illustrates with the Corvette—a classic American sports car. If you follow the evolution of the car’s design from its origins to today’s model, you will see it morph through several stages.

But this is not due to Corvette models’ common ancestry. It is due to the car’s common manufacturer, the American Motors Corporation.

Here the video is being disingenuous. The story of the Corvette relates descent with modification. Homology relates existing organisms according to their common features. Machines are products of human enterprise and do not undergo the evolutionary process that living things did. Although still not pertinent, a more proper illustration would have been to compare the modern bicycle with the 2020 model of the Corvette. Thousands of years ago people got the idea that wheels would facilitate transportation, and a result is both the bicycle and the Corvette have wheels.

At this point, the video gets to the matter of cytochrome C.

We have seen that before. From the item linked above:

It reflects an argument used by a young Earth creationist in an attempt to debunk homology, and evolution. The argument goes like this:

  • You compare the amino acid sequence of cytochrome C in modern organisms.
  • You note the differences do not reflect a progression from “least developed,” e.g., a carp, to “most developed,” e.g., a horse.

The image is derived from one on page 38 of the creationist text Of Pandas and People, second edition. The book was produced by the Richardson, Texas, Foundation for Thought and Ethics. Creationists attempted unsuccessfully to introduce the book into the science curriculum of the Plano, Texas, public schools in 1995. A similar attempt with the Dover, Pennsylvania, school district culminated with the 2005 case Kitzmiller, v. Dover Board of Education. The creationists lost “bigly” then, and a lot of the Discovery Institute’s propaganda thrust since has been in response to this loss.

Here is another illustration from page 37 the Pandas book.

This illustrates how little the Intelligent Design argument has progressed in its attempt to distance itself from the dismal science of young Earth creationism. The difference in cytochrome C sequences reflects not development from ancient to modern, but the development since the most recent common ancestor. The difference between human and wheat and the difference between human and dogfish are nearly the same, because their most recent common ancestor marked the branching between plant life and animal life.

The video entertains us with more of this. And it moves on to cytochrome D, which I have not studied.

The video characterizes the involvement of homology in the theory of evolution as a circular argument. Evolution implies homology, which implies evolution.

Abuse of science has not much grown up since the Bible-thumping days of the Scopes Trial.

The Deplorables

Episode 7 Of The Continuing Saga Of An American Crime Family

The following is an excerpt I received from “Maggy Smith,” writing on behalf of the Heritage Foundation. “Margaret Smith is a senior associate for Acquisition and Membership Programs at The Heritage Foundation.”


2020 is already shaping up to be a challenging year for conservatives. Liberals in Congress are ready to undo the policy victories of recent years, and go even farther than they have before.

To protect our conservative policy victories and win new ones, we have to stick together this year and stay motivated.

And she requests a donation.

Of course, the Heritage Foundation is this country’s premier promoter of American conservative values, which sort of indicates the email was misdirected. I began to distance myself from American conservatism over 50 years ago with the advent of Ronald Reagan and subsequently Richard Nixon. At one time there may have been sincere concern for family values, and individual liberty, but over time American conservatism has come to represent the right of wealth and the defiance of basic truths. Most recently the organization’s support for a corrupt presidency has been a reflection of depths to which this once noble ideal has fallen.

Unfortunately it is true you are known by the company you keep. Something has been said about lying down with dogs. One thing Hillary Clinton got right was her comment about a basket of deplorables. We have here a situation from which conservatism may not recover for decades.

Quiz Question

Number 240 of a series

As you have guessed, I get most of these from other sources. This is from a magazine I found lying about in the kitchen.

One or both of two letters appear in the names of 47 of the United States. One is a vowel, and one is a consonant. What are the two letters? Which three state names do not contain either of the two letters?

Solving this will be straight forward, so the test is how long it takes you to solve it. Post your answer in the comments section below.

Bad Joke of the Week

One of a Continuing Series

Some background. I was watching this TV episode that involved an FBI agent. He was trying to smoke out a suspect who attended open mic sessions. So he went on with a set of jokes written on cards as part of his ruse. He read off a few, and he was getting no laughs. So he went ad lib.

I once shot an unarmed man. Forget that I was the one who shot his arms off.

The judge asked me, “Did you commit this murder?” I told him I did not. He asked, “Do you know the penalty for perjury?” I told him, I did not, but I was sure it was a lot less than the penalty for murder.

The Deplorables

Episode 6 Of The Continuing Saga Of An American Crime Family

Somebody appears to be getting very worried about now. I know this because I am receiving a boat load of these (all right, a few) every day. It appears to be from President Donald J. Trump.



Well it’s about time.

Nancy and her Liberal Puppets IMPEACHED ME a month ago and have since been holding the Articles of Impeachment HOSTAGE.

Democrats in the House will vote on sending the Impeachment Articles to the Senate today, where this HOAX will finally go to trial and show the world who she really is: a LYING and MANIPULATIVE HYPOCRITE who never had any evidence of wrongdoing against me.


Their pathetic attempts to remove me from office are not only an attack on me, but they’re an attack on YOU. They’re trying to UNDO the 2016 Election like it never happened by SILENCING MILLIONS of votes. We can’t let them get away with this, John.

That’s why I’ve activated an EMERGENCY 2020 IMPEACHMENT DEFENSE FUND, and I’m calling on my most fierce and loyal defenders to step up to the front lines of this nasty battle and FIGHT BACK.

There follows a request for donations. This from a candidate who promised to fund his own campaign. And, yes, I did read the transcript. At the very least it reveals you to be a lying cheat and a coward, to boot. By extension, the public is getting the idea you head up an American white collar crime family.

Sometimes comedians know how to say it best. Here is something from Stephen Colbert, who entertained us last night with clips from various news outlets. This in light of comments coming out of one of your henchmen, Lev Parnas, who appears to be getting ready to take you down with him. To be sure,it’s for sure you have no knowledge of this individual.

Right. I got that.

I said I got that.

Here is what else I got.

How much of this is it going to take before your Republican patsies follow the way of Parnas and decide to cut a deal?

Friday Funny

Number 198 of a series

So it’s Tuesday when I’m thinking about scheduling some blog posts for the remainder of the week. As I write this it’s early morning, and the FACT luncheon is scheduled for 1:00 p.m., and I don’t want to get too deep into something and have to break it off when time comes to head out for the Asian Star. And my quandary was thus: work up a blog post or catch something on TV.

TV won out, because it’s a dark and wet morning, and the house is quiet and ideal for chilling out. So I brought up the next episode of Bones, a series that ran 12 seasons and is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. And that sets the stage for this week’s Friday Funny.

The title character is Temperance Brennan (“Bones”), a brilliant and glamorous forensic anthropologist who works with FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth. By season 8 she has bedded down with Booth and has had a baby. Framed by a psychotic serial killer she hid out from the law, taking the newborn with her, for three months while her friends back at the fictional Jeffersonian Institute worked to clear her name. Now in episode 4 of the season she is back sharing a house with Booth, and the two are having a conversation in the kitchen. She is drawing up a list of qualifications, because she is thinking about what it would take to run for President of the United States.

Booth reminds her one of the qualifications she needs to list would be the time she spent on the lam with law enforcement agencies scouring the country for her. Then comes this remarkable snippet of conversation. She says:

You think I would be a bad candidate? Because Donald Trump is thinking about running.

Yes, Bones, apparently a criminal past is now one of the measures that will get you elected President of the United States. And that is so funny.

Take the weekend off.

The Deplorables

Episode 5 Of The Continuing Adventures Of An American Crime Family

The shadow of an American crime family continues to fall upon the state of Texas. This from the campaign of Texas Senator John Cornyn.


Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment effort has been wrong for our country from day one. It was a rushed process. It was an incomplete process. It was a process that identified a punishment, then searched for a crime… It was a complete circus, and Nancy was the ringleader.

The Democrats have been at this charade for years. First it was Russian collusion, then obstruction of justice, then campaign finance law abuses and then violations of the “Emoluments Clause.” In each case, these outrageous accusations turned out to be untrue. Yet Democrats only looked harder for another excuse.

Now, we find ourselves heading into an official trial which could result in President Trump’s expulsion from office. Having tried every other trick in the book, the Democrats have now pushed our Constitution to the limit.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… As someone who served as a district judge, state Supreme Court justice and Texas Attorney General and now sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, I want to know…

  • What happened to the presumption of innocence in all this?
  • While Democrats say no one is above the law, why can’t they point to the law they think the President violated?
  • What happened to fundamental fairness? The House sat behind closed doors and concentrated all control in the hands of six Democratic committee chairmen. Where is the fairness?

As your Senator, I will be called upon to respond after House Democrats have rushed to impeach the President. That day has arrived.  

Chuck Schumer and Liberal interest groups are already stepping up efforts to pressure me. They want to use impeachment as a tool to beat me and turn Texas blue.

But John, I won’t budge.

I will start with the presumption of the President’s innocence. I will neither be sucked in nor fan the flames of wild rumors and political accusations.

The next few days represent a critical moment for America, and I need to know that you’re with me as I stand firm as the firewall between outrageous partisanship and the Constitution of the United States.

And then he asks for money.

There is so much to unravel here; I wonder where to begin. How about the first paragraph? “Wrong for our country?” How about right for our country? A president who flouted the law all his life and then carried that those practices into the highest office of the land has now been brought to answer for crimes he committed while in office. Wrong for our country? We now begin to wonder whether it is you who are wrong for this country. You want me to contribute to your election campaign, and you do it while insulting my intelligence. You have mistaken me for one of your supporters from the lower reaches of Texas society. You need to aim higher.

Speaker Pelosi searched for a crime? Are you awake yet, Senator? The crime came barreling to the forefront in a manner that was impossible to ignore. What does this criminal president need to do to gain your disrespect?

You mention collusion with a foreign government, then you mention obstruction of justice, campaign finance law abuse and violations of the Emoluments Clause—all apparent to even casual observers. Here is a president who sucks up to a sworn enemy of the United States, manages illegal payments to assist in his campaign and profits monetarily from his position of power. These are all crimes worthy of prosecution. And you appear to deny anything wrong is going on. You say these accusations turned out to be untrue. It would appear you have only a loose acquaintance with the truth, Senator.

Yes, we are now headed into a trial in the Senate, but it is a trial that will not result in the president’s removal from office. He will not be removed, because you and your party affiliates will ignore the evidence and will vote to continue the ongoing travesty in the White House. You will be well-remembered.

You speak of presumption of innocence, and you trumpet your past legal experience. You know better, and still you persist. Prosecution of a criminal is not a violation of presumption of innocence. If it were, no criminal would ever be prosecuted.

You say the Democrats cannot point to a law the president violated. Really? Last time I looked, obstruction of justice and obstruction of Congress are laws the president appears to have violated. And do not speak to me of fundamental fairness when you and your cohorts appear set on not allowing any witnesses to appear at the impeachment trial.

You say Democrats are stepping up efforts to pressure you, and they want to use impeachment as a tool to beat you in the 2020 election. And you are playing into their hands by continuing to suborn criminal activity in the White House. Keep this up, and Texas will turn blue, and you can watch the inauguration next January on television.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 199

This series is devoted to incidents involving handguns, so it is with some caution I post it. The shooting is recent, and no news outlet has reported what type of firearm was used. Could be I am safe in guessing it was a handgun:

A teenager was shot and killed outside a Houston-area high school on Tuesday afternoon, and the authorities said that a suspect and another person were later arrested without incident.

The encounter happened around 4 p.m., just as classes were ending at Bellaire High School, which is in southwestern Harris County and part of the Houston Independent School District.

Let’s assume Benjamin Franklin made the statement alleged in the meme above, although I can find no evidence he did. This killing was done by an innocent person—innocent up to the point he killed an innocent person. Are you feeling protected now?

Abusing Science

Number 53 of a series

The sequence number above indicates I have been posting these for slightly over a year. What I like to do most is to post some challenge that has the appearance of earnestness. Then there are those that are outright silly. Here is one:

Laura Ingraham dismisses climate change: Receding glaciers are “why we have the Rocky Mountains”

Ingraham: “I mean the glaciers, when they recede, they leave pointed peaks”

RAYMOND ARROYO: We almost did the story the other night, the Glacier National Park have signs up that says by 2020 these glaciers will have melted. They’re still there. So now they’re changing the signage because, apparently, the climate forecast were off. I’d say.

LAURA INGRAHAM: Let me say, north of Glacier in Jasper and the Canadian Rockies, I did walk on some of those glaciers and they are receding. But the glaciers in the Rocky Mountains receded which is why we have the Rocky Mountains. I mean the glaciers, when they recede, they leave pointed peaks.

ARROYO: It’s called nature. It happens.

Laura Ingraham, as you well know, is an ultra-conservative supporter of Donald Trump and also a regular commentator for Fox News. Given that, her views on anthropogenic global warming are to be expected. Denial of AGW is a theme that runs strongly in conservative thinking.And, yes, it is glaciers that produce those mountain peaks. Without the action of ice (glaciers) the Rocky Mountains would be hump-shaped. Ice (glaciers) forming on the high peaks leaves steep sides when it calves off. And that is nature.

What is also nature is that when people increase the CO2 content in the atmosphere the atmosphere retains more heat, and the climate gets warmer. And glaciers recede.

My amateur scientist view is the loss of some glaciers is aesthetic. Denuded mountains are not going to as picturesque. Other glaciers are critical. The Greenland ice cap is this kind of ice, and it is melting at ever faster rates. Not today and not tomorrow, but if the Greenland ice cap were to completely melt the world ocean level would rise about 20 feet. If the Antarctic ice cap melts the ocean level will rise 200 feet. That is not a matter of aesthetics. Major cities would have to relocate hundreds of years before their presumed shelf life has expired.

Laura Ingraham makes a baneful collection of thoughts on people of ethnicity and religion that does not match hers, and this is stupid, as well. We are not surprised she has wrong ideas about science.

The Deplorables

Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family, Episode 4

This series is devoted to the continuing saga of an American crime family and the people who condone them and protect them. Here is something from Texas Governor Greg Abbott:


As our nation continues to face a major crisis at the southern border, I remain ready to do whatever it takes to stop the flow of illegal immigration and cartel-related crime through Texas.

That’s why I authorized the state of Texas to spend almost $1 billion more to do what the reprobates in Congress won’t do: secure the border.

  • Funding 500 Department of Public Safety officers to help with border security in addition to ordering 1,000 more National Guard troops to Texas’ southern border
  • Funding more boats on the Rio Grande River to patrol popular crossing areas
  • Funding detection equipment to ensure that there are more eyes in the skies watching for drug cartels and “coyotes” who smuggle people into our country

But radical socialists in Washington, DC don’t see a problem. Instead, they’ve called for eliminating ICE and shutting down the entire Department of Homeland Security!

If we don’t take action against the Democrats’ “open-borders” agenda NOW, I’m afraid for the future of Texas and our nation.

And that’s why I’m asking for your support.

I’m fighting back to make sure we keep Texas red up and down the ballot. I won’t let the Democrats take Texas.

Following the above, he asks me for money. And he addresses me as “Friend.” This is a major indication he has no clue as to what is going on. But there is more.

Our nation faces a major crisis at our southern border? He said that. Governor, what is apparent is that there is a crisis at the southern border, but it is not the major crisis you conjure it up to be. What is more apparent is the “crisis” is one manufactured by the people you cotton up to and further that it is aimed at an audience that dwells in the lower reaches of Texas society. I offer this suggestion. If you want a favor from me the way to start is to not insult my intelligence. Enough said about that.

Governor Abbott wants to “keep Texas red up and down the ballot.” He wants to keep Democrats from taking over Texas. Heads up on this. The way to keep Democrats from taking over Texas is to get to work fixing up the Republican image. Start with knocking off all this praise and support for the American crime family in the White House.

Then come to talk to me.

Quiz Question

Number 239 of a series

An easy one this week. What is the country in yellow in the map above? Enter your answer in the comments section below. No fair searching through world maps.

Update and Solution

As expected, Nick provided the answer. He lived several years in Germany, and he married a woman from Denmark. That is Denmark jutting (no relation to “Jutland”) out between the North and Baltic seas, so that is Sweden in yellow.

As a side note, we were there last year, and I observed the Baltic is connected to the oceans of the world through two narrow waterways, one of which is spanned by a bridge. This is significant in the Battle of Jutland in WWI, since (although the Brits lost heavily) the result was the German navy was bottled up, except for North Sea ports, from further engagement. Much the same happened in WWII, except that early on Germany occupied Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, and France.

The Deplorables

An American Crime Family, Episode 3

No need for Texans to glance over to the East Coast to appreciate a modern American crime family. We have our very on Senator John Cornyn to carry the torch. I get regular email from the senator, trumpeting his subservience. Here is the most recent.

Soleimani is dead.

An active plotter of terrorist attacks against U.S. citizens is neutralized.

The world is a safer place without him. Period.

Unlike the previous administration, President Trump took decisive action to STOP evil in its tracks. He promoted peace through strength and defended our nation from attack.

But the radical left doesn’t see it that way. 

This is about purveyors of evil vs the United States. It shouldn’t be so difficult for radical leftists to decide which side they’re on…

He speaks, of course of Qasem Soleimani, late general of the Iranian army. As the Texas senator states, Soleimani was, indeed a bad dude and a sworn enemy of the United States. Being both of these was not alone sufficient reason for terminating him with prejudice. What was good reason was that Soleimani acted on his impulses, and it is a good thing for us he is gone.

That said, there is something to say about Senator Cornyn’s comments. The radical left doesn’t see it that way? Apologies all around, but I consider myself to be the radical left, and I do see it that way. The senator doth protest too much, methinks. One gets the idea he is speaking thus to curry favor with those deplorables who cling to a criminal president.

Senator Cornyn goes further. He posts tweets from perceived leftists.

The first is from footballer and black discrimination activists Colin Kaepernick, saying:
America has always sanctioned and besieged Black and Brown bodies both at home and abroad. American militarism is the weapon wielded by American imperialism, to enforce its policing and plundering of the non white world.

This language is perceived as being unpatriotic, something Kaepernick has long been considered by the white supremacist right wing. But Kaepernick is retweeting from Congresswoman Ilhan Omar:

The President of the United States is threatening to commit war crimes on Twitter.

God help us all! #25thAmendment…

For the record, the President of the United States was threatening to commit war crimes up until the time saner heads nearby insisted he refrain from doing so. And our own deplorable, representing the state of Texas, is coming down on the wrong side of the issue, as we should expect.

Nobel Nobel

Eye on the Prize, Number 14


The prize is almost within your grasp, President Tiny Hands. Don’t let it slip away:

North Korea says US ‘deceived’ Pyongyang on nuclear talks after Trump sends Kim birthday letter

I’m sure this year you will be off to Oslo to pick up your prize, that is unless you’re in jail. Then they need to mail it to you.