Nobel Nobel

How about that Nobel Prize?

I just hate it when I screw up and people rub it in and never let me forget what a mess I made of things. People shouldn’t be that way.

Except, it’s so much fun when you can sit on the sidelines and watch some dirt bag screw up time after time, and you get to rub it in and force Trump supporters to eat shit and get it all over their faces. Call me Mr. Cruel.

That didn’t take long.

Screenshot New York Times on-line

From The New York Times:

HANOI, Vietnam — President Trump and Kim Jong-un, North Korea’s leader, abruptly ended their second summit meeting on Thursday after talks collapsed with the two leaders failing to agree on any steps toward nuclear disarmament or measures to ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

“Sometimes you have to walk,” Mr. Trump said at an afternoon news conference in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

In case Trump supporters are suffering some kind of memory lapse, here is a reminder:

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 153

The above is from ABC News, and it shows the mayor of a small Florida town:

Florida mayor shot at deputies serving warrant for illegal medical practice: police

All right, let’s take this as a given. When you’re a sheriff’s deputy, and you arrive at the mayor’s house to serve a warrant, the last thing you want is to be met with gunfire. Fat chance of that. There is something about Florida and gun laws. This after:

I’m going to have to stop there, because I’m going to run out of room before Florida runs out of shootings. Or guns. Or victims. Or excuses for allowing people to have deadly weapons.

Breathtaking Inanity

Number 10 of a continuing series

Yes, it is breathtaking. That’s Congressman Matt Gaetz, representing Florida District 1. The staunch supporter of President Trump was seen yesterday on ABC News making some choice remarks about Michael Cohen, former lawyer for Donald Trump and scheduled to give damning testimony today about his former boss.

Spelling it out (from VOX):

Hey @MichaelCohen212 – Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot…

— Matt Gaetz (@mattgaetz) February 26, 2019

We see Congressman Gaetz trying to explain, “We’re witness testing, not witness tampering.” Pardon me for appearing to be embarrassingly naive, but threatening a witness is a stunning imitation of witness tampering. Threatening a witness after he testifies is bad. Threatening the witness during testimony is unseemly, to say the least. Threatening a witness before testimony is witness tampering. It’s the kind of thing that can cost a lawyer his license to practice law:

Florida Bar investigating Rep. Matt Gaetz for Cohen tweet

At one point this inconvenient fact must have dawned on the Florida congressman:

Matt Gaetz says he’s apologized to Michael Cohen for ‘girlfriends’ tweet, wants to leave his family ‘alone’

I have a view on that. If you threaten a witness before testimony, and later you apologize, the threat was still made. I’m guessing we will hear more about this loose cannon from Florida. Keep reading.

Breathtaking Inanity

Number 9 of a continuing series

This week the shit is flying faster than I can keep up with it, so I’m just going to paraphrase—hit the high points. A lot of really bad shit is going to get left where it lies.

Bur first, Michael Cohen, please at no time ever offer to take a bullet for me.

Ouch! I’m glad I found out what it means to “take a bullet” before I ever took anybody up on the proposition. This is breathtaking inanity writ large.

Breathtaking Inanity

Number 8 of a continuing series

I should have started off by naming this series “Space-Warping Inanity” or something like that, because “Breathtaking” is beginning to appear too lame. Anyhow, it’s done, and I need to keep the title.

Anyhow, this morning I linked to CNN and pulled up this clip from “The Lead,” hosted by Jake Tapper. He played a clip from yesterday’s “Fox and Friends,” and my mind was unprepared for what I saw. The president’s son, Don Jr., was on, and he had some choice words. From The Raw Story:

“I’ve been hearing this for two years — everyone is getting, everyone is going to jail,” he said. “Meanwhile, they haven’t actually found anything relates to this. What they did was put incredible pressure on regular guys that couldn’t afford million dollars in legal fees, and got them to slip up, say something incorrectly. They pretended they were their friends.”


“There are no actual crimes,” Trump Jr. said. “There’s only things that people did in past lives – in 2006 before we even thought we ever get into this crazy world, and that’s what it is. They’re touting these things as victories– it’s not. What it has been a total farce, the greatest witch-hunt in American history.”

Right! No actual crimes. Let that sink in. Tapper was quick to respond with some elaboration, and The Raw Story has much the same comment:

Trump’s campaign chairman Paul Manafort, deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates, former national security adviser Mike Flynn, longtime Trump Organization attorney Michael Cohen and former campaign adviser George Papadopoulos have all pleaded guilty to lying to investigators.

Skipping over…

The guilty pleas and convictions cover crimes that occurred during the 2016 presidential campaign and after the 2017 inauguration, although some of Manafort’s crimes continued well into 2018.

Yeah, these sound like real crimes to me. The FBI and the Justice Department noticed in 2016 that Flynn conversed with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak to reassure him that the United States would not impose sanctions for Russia’s meddling in the elections. Then Flynn lied about the whole business to the FBI agents who went over to talk to him about it. Then he lied to Vice President Mike Pence about it, and President Trump, Don Jr.’s father, fired him. The Justice Department charged Flynn with the federal crime of lying to the government agents, among other offenses. He has accepted a plea deal and is awaiting sentencing. That sounds to me as though a crime was committed.

In addition to generally lying at the drop of a hat, President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was convicted of non-governmental crimes, including money laundering and bank fraud. What part of this does Don Jr. not comprehend? And along with that, what planet does he live on? Is it possible the nut does not fall far from the tree?

This is your president speaking.

Number 199 in a series

And now a few words from the President of the United States:

HOLD THE DATE! We will be having one of the biggest gatherings in the history of Washington, D.C., on July 4th. It will be called “A Salute To America” and will be held at the Lincoln Memorial. Major fireworks display, entertainment and an address by your favorite President, me!

Such an impressive train of thought. How come this is not the thing that drives the final nail?

Abusing Science

Number 13 of a series

This is not about Kathleen Hartnett White. That’s another story, but I needed an image for this post, and somebody loaded this onto my Facebook feed. This story is not about a government employee working to subvert science but about a government employee with an earnest regard for the truth. It’s an illustration of how the government, in particular the current administration, abuses science:

A Scientist Who Resisted Trump Administration Censorship of Climate Report Just Lost Her Job

The Trump administration has demonstrated every intent to overthrow the science behind anthropogenic global warming (AGW), and the signals were early and unambiguous:

The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive.

In case you doubted his intent, once gaining access to the nation’s highest office, Donald Trump proceeded to make his fantasies come true:

In October 2017, President Donald Trump nominated White for the position of White House senior advisor on environmental policy. Had she been confirmed by the United States Senate, she would have led the Council on Environmental Quality. On December 21, 2017, the United States Senate sent her nomination back to the White House. Trump resubmitted his nomination of White in January 2018.

Her nomination drew controversy due to her history of advocacy for fringe theories and pseudoscience. Hartnett questions the scientific opinion on climate change and has criticized the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. She has called for increased use of fossil fuels, and criticized the Endangered Species Act. She said carbon dioxide was not a pollutant but “a necessary nutrient for plant life” and that there were “really beneficial impacts of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere”. She has expressed skepticism that there has been “unprecedented warming of the climate, extreme weather events, declining Arctic ice, and rising sea levels”. She has complained about “Apocalyptic Anthropogenic Global Warming” being “the Left’s secular religion”, and that “grand schemes to decarbonize human societies” are part of the “unabashedly totalitarian policy of the Left.”

White has compared the work of mainstream climate scientists to “the dogmatic claims of ideologues and clerics.” During her November 2017 Senate confirmation hearing, she defended past statements that “particulate pollution released by burning fuels is not harmful unless one were to suck on a car’s tailpipe.”

At White’s Senate confirmation hearing in November 2017, she stated that her top three environmental concerns are air quality, the potential failure of waste water and drinking water systems, and climate change. During her hearing she said: “I am not a scientist, but in my personal capacity I have many questions that remain unanswered by current climate policy. We need to have a more precise explanation of the human role and the natural role.”

In February 2018, the White House confirmed their intention to withdraw their nomination of Hartnett White as a senior advisor on environmental policy.

In case you failed to notice the ground moving under your feet, the Republican Party held the majority in the Senate at the time and had the ability to confirm Hartnett White without regard to protests from the Democrats. The Republicans have of late been the party that favored ideology over science whenever push came to shove, and that Hartnett White triggered their gag reflex speaks volumes. Apparently abuse of science does have limits.

Breathtaking Inanity

Number 7 of a continuing series

FLASH! This just from the President of the United States:

We have a State of Emergency at our Southern Border. Border Patrol, our Military and local Law Enforcement are doing a great job, but without the Wall, which is now under major construction, you cannot have Border Security. Drugs, Gangs and Human Trafficking must be stopped!

It is beyond breathtaking. It is warping time and space. We need language help. Is there a lexicologist in the house?

The National Divide

Number 6 of a possibly infinite series

Dan Crenshaw <>
To: [John Blanton]

Feb 25 at 12:27 PMFirst: My Conservative colleagues and I fought to fund strong border security.

Then: Democrats refused to work with us to keep America safe.

Now: While Democrats stand idly by, House Conservatives and I continue to fight to uphold our Constitution and protect our nation.

There’s no doubt Democrat leaders are being held hostage by the left-wing fringe of their party. We must make sure we hold a majority in Congress that fights to keep our country safe.

But, I need your help. Can I count on you to pitch in before our critical FEC deadline?

Read down to the bottom line. They want my money. Now read the lines just above that. They want my money, and they start by insulting my intelligence. I particularly enjoy reading the line that says House conservatives will fight to uphold the Constitution and protect our nation. These are the same House conservatives who support this traitorous disgrace to his office:

This is why I emphasize there is a hard line that separates me from a reprehensible segment of American society. The nation is divided. It needs to be divided. These people should never be on the same side of the dividing line with patriotic Americans:

Republicans asking me for money are on that side of the line, and I am on this side. Let it always be so.

Stupidity on Stilts

Number 7 of a continuing series

Readers know I make a big effort at showing up the stupid in the world, but you need to understand there are people who do this far better than I ever could. It has been famously noted that “a belly laugh is worth a thousand syllogisms,” and who is better at calling up a good laugh that a comedian. Cue that video clip from John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight.”

It’s about “psychics,” and I put the word in quotes, because they would be psychics if they could do what the claim to do, except that none of them can, so they aren’t really psychics. Hence the quotes. Anyhow the show posted on YouTube today begins with would-be medical professional Dr. Oz on TV with a gaggle of psychics. But that quickly turns to a serious look at some of those people. Here is a woman interviewing a psychic, and she’s holding up a photograph.

She says, talking to the psychic, “This is a girl who you said was beaten and killed.” Then she goes for the jugular. “This little girl is me.”

The response is, “Wait a minute. You didn’t die?”

[Sounds of much laughter.]

Putting down the photograph: “I’m right here.”

Yes, the little girl the psychic claimed had been beaten and killed had experience nowhere that kind of end. This ought to be funny, but it’s really sad. Not sad that somebody is stupid enough to make such an outrageously wrong pronouncement, but sad that there is a crowd of people walking among the rest of us who take this stuff seriously. This is stupidity on stilts.

Watch the show on YouTube. The comedian goes through 21 minutes turning the world of phony psychics [redundancy alert] inside out.

Quiz Question

Number 192 of a series

This one is from The Moscow Puzzles by Boris A. Kordemsky, page 75.

Two identical boxes. Put 27 identical balls in one box. In the other box put 64 identical balls (not the same size as the first 27). All balls have the same density. Both boxes are filled to the top. In each box each layer has the same number of balls, and the outside balls in each layer touch the walls of the box. Which box contains the most weight? Also, generalize.

Post your answer in the comments section below.

Bad Movie of the Week

Number 260 of a series

I was shopping around Amazon Prime Video for a new Bad Movie of the Week, and I spotted this one. The title is Frankenstein’s Daughter, and for some reason I figured this has to be bad. It’s from 1958. I will provide a few details and let readers decide for themselves. Technical details are from Wikipedia. It’s in black and white, by the way.

Even before the titles roll we see some action. We see a teen couple getting it on hot and heavy. They are Suzie Lawler (Sally Todd) and Don (Harold Lloyd Jr.). Suzie has enough of Don’s ham-fisted approach to seduction and brushes him off. He drives off in a huff, actually he’s driving a convertible of some brand, but he is in a huff.

Then Suzie turns and sees the monster coming down the street.

And then the titles roll.

The monster turns out to be Suzie’s friend, the absolutely smashing Trudy Morton (Sandra Knight), who lives with her scientist uncle, Carter Morgan (Felix Locher), She has been transmogrified unknowingly by her uncle’s lab assistant, Oliver Frank (Donald Murphy). Trudy wakes in the morning thinking the business of the night was just a bad dream.

Oliver Frank is really Oliver Frankenstein, a descendant of the infamous Viktor Frankenstein. He is supposed to be working for Dr. Morgan on a serious development program, but he’s using his position at the lab, in Morgan’s basement, to rekindle the legendary Frankenstein creation of homan life.

Frank/Frankenstein crudely puts the move on the comely Ms. Morton and is rebuffed. There is a lot of advance rebuffing in this movie. When he fails at foreplay he administers another dose of his formula to Trudy. She again roams the streets as a hideous monster, this time wearing a bathing suit and attracting the attention of the authorities. Police Lieutenant Boyd (John Zaremba) and Police Detective Bill Dillon (Robert Dix) investigate. They spot the monster—Trudy—and open fire. They miss, and she escapes. She racks it up as another bad dream.

Frank is disgusted with the efforts of his lab gnome, Elsu the gardener (Wolfe Barzell). Elsu was the previous Frankenstein assistant, and once again he has brought the wrong head. Frank must have a new head.

He finds one on the body of Suzie. He takes her out on a date, and they park in a secluded place, where he has another go at love-making. She is repulsed, and he gets hostile. She flees, and he runs her down with his car. This is classic horror movie shtick. Young, lovely, sexy female, all alone, fleeing down a road. Much pathos. If you are like me you wonder why people in these movies always run down the center strip when being chased by a car with intent to do bodily harm. See the scene from Mad Max.

Suzie’s head on the body, and the sparks begin to fly. This is classic mad scientist stuff.

She’s alive! She escapes and roams the streets. Two warehouse men working a late shift are finishing up when one goes to investigate. He cannot escape. She closes a warehouse door on him, pinning him and crushing him to death. Once again I have to wonder. What ever happened to turn and run like hell when confronted with a slow-lurching monster?

There is an interlude. Trudy’s uncle suggest she have some fun—she should invite some of her teenage friends over for a cookout on the patio. We are treated to a few musical numbers to stretch the length of the movie past 90 minutes. Suzie is sorely missed. Nobody knows what happened to her.

But matters in Morton’s lab are coming to a crashing conclusion. He has been stealing a vital component from his previous employer, Rockwell Labs. The police get on his tail and arrest him. He has already suffered a heart attack, and he dies in police custody. The cops come to investigate the goings-on at the Morton residence. Boyd returns to the station, leaving Dillon to take care of matters. The monster kills Dillon. Frank grabs Trudy and places her on the lab table. Elsu objects, and Frank orders the monster to kill him. Johnny arrives. Together, he and Trudy battle the monster in the lab. Boyd returns as the fight winds down. Johnny splashes acid in Frank’s face and throws flammable liquid on the monster, who catches fire and burns to death.

Yeah, this movie is the real thing.

And yes, Harold Lloyd, Jr. was the son of Harold Lloyd. The teenage band is Page Cavanaugh and His Trio

Bad Joke of the Week

One of a series

These would be funny if they were not true.

A few of the reasons people shot people in May 2018

A family of four tried to pass me on the interstate, so I shot and killed the mom. (WI, 5/1)

I was fired from my job so I went back with a shotgun and shot five people. (TX, 5/9)

My brother wanted my cheeseburger, so I shot him dead. (FL, 5/5)

I tried to get some tacos from the taco truck, and some guy thought I cut in line in front of him, so I shot him. (TX, 5/10)

I was playing with my gun at home and unintentionally pulled the trigger. The bullet went through my hand, through a woman’s leg, through a wall, into a neighbor’s apartment, and into the body of a four-month-old baby who was nursing in its mother’s arms. (GA, 5/10)

1 liked to feed the squirrels in our neighborhood, but several of my neighbors didn’t like that. One of them argued with me about it, so I shot him in the buttocks and claimed self defense. (CO, 5/12)

My husband and I were having a fight, so we both grabbed our guns and shot each other. (VA, 5/13)

My three-year-old stepson was jumping on the bed and wouldn’t behave, so I shot him dead. (TX, 5/19)

My girlfriend was arguing with me about how to spend the money I inherited. She got mad and pulled a gun on me, so I took it away from her and shot her with it. (KY, (5/19)

Dad and I were arguing, so I shot him a few times and dropped the gun. He picked it up and shot me. (FL, 5/23)

My neighbor was mowing her lawn. I showed her where I thought the boundary was between our properties, but she disagreed, so I shot her. (WA, 5/28)

The Government You Paid For

Number 57 of a Series

Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Michael Cohen, and now Roger Stone. I could have included more, but this will do. One by one Donald Trump’s cronies are going down, scooped up with his criminal enterprise. Do I gloat? Possibly, but in truth I will be sad to see him go. The man has been a source of constant entertainment since he got off that escalator four years ago. So let’s hear that heart-stirring chant once more before it fades into the fog of memory: