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Some odds and ends

I just read last year 4,153,237 people got married. I don’t want to start any trouble, but shouldn’t that be an even number?

Caution. If you heard 20 minutes of moaning from my bedroom, that was just me trying to stand up.

Fun to watch Republicans tell us Michael Cohen has no credibility when he was deputy finance chair for their National Committee.

Roger Stone claims he is being treated worse than Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden could not be reached for comment.

Russia, if you are listening, can we get a copy of the Mueller Report?

Cделать Америку великой снова.

The Deplorables

Episode 40 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

The Deplorables comprise a well-known American crime family and those who cater to them. One entity that appears to be in the pocket of the Trump administration is the venerable Heritage Foundation. To illustrate the peculiar nature of this champion of conservatism, consider the thinking of its founders, one being Paul Weyrich.

In the late 1970s a curious combination of religious and political activists assembled to ponder the strategy of a new political movement, sometimes by letter or phone, and sometimes in conference rooms or at a hotel in Lynchburg, Virginia. Some of the more vocal members of the group included Southern Baptist pastor Jerry Falwell; conservative activists Ed McAteer and Paul Weyrich; Nixon appointee Howard Phillips; attorney Alan P. Dye; and Robert J. Billings, an educator and organizer who would later serve as Ronald Reagan’s liaison to the Christian right.

Stewart, Katherine. The Power Worshippers (p. 57). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

Yes, at some time American conservatism became associated with matters other than preservation of democracy and protection of the homeland.

I receive regular mailings from Heritage, and here is one of interest.

Maggy Smith <>

Tue, Jun 23 at 11:29 AM


Liberals in Congress have spent years peddling the false stories of Trump’s collusion with Russia, when in reality, the threat to elections was so much closer to home. It’s them.

The first resolution introduced in this Congress was H.R. 1, which would compromise the First Amendment, individual voter integrity, the principle of “federalism,” and other pillars of representative government.

While touted as “reform,” this bill would undermine your home state’s authority to regulate elections, make it easier to commit voter fraud, and cripple your state’s voter ID laws.

Show liberals you will fight to protect fair elections by making a secure gift now.

At the same time, there’s a concerted effort underway in liberal states to end the Electoral College – casting aside the wisdom of the Founding Fathers to ensure that big cities get to pick the President. Your rights are too valuable to be given away by these politicians. They want to trade the wisdom of the Constitution for electoral advantage.

This can do with some inspection. Start with false stories of Trump’s collusion with Russia. It would have been helpful had Maggie Smith cited some examples, because my recollection is special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s team, put together by a Republican administration, spent months investigating whether there was, in fact, collusion. I do recall a lot of speculation concerning the matter, but at the higher levels of the government the charge was never made. Nor did it need to be made. President Trump went to extraordinary lengths to give the appearance of being hand-in-hand with the Russian government.

Last I looked, John Bolton is not a flaming liberal, and he believes Donald Trump is dependent on the good will of the Russian government.

Smith next turns to the Democratic House of Representatives’ H.R. 1. Read it on-line. There is a lot in there, so I am going to ask that anybody who agrees with Smith’s assertion regarding compromise of the First Amendment to please contact me immediately.

Let us agree H.R. 1 does require states make voting by mail universal. That may sound coercive until you become aware that some states already have universal vote by mail. Smith fails to mention the motivation of this imposition, and that motivation is the practice by some states to suppress voting, especially voting by minorities that might oppose their favored candidate. What Smith has done is to turn a voter enabling feature into an assault on states’ autonomy. I am coming to conclude Heritage will be pleased if some people are prevented from voting.

Smith writes of enabling voter fraud and crippling states’ voter ID laws. That sounds encouraging until you realize voter ID laws were recently enacted to suppress voting. The matter of voter fraud seems legitimate until you consider states such as Utah have had voting by mail for years and have not experienced problems with voter fraud. Smith seems to be echoing Donald Trump’s claim that millions of illegal ballots were cast (against him) in the 2016 election. If you buy into this absurdity, then you are ripe to sign up to Smith’s voter fraud bogey man.

Do liberal states want to end the electoral college? This seems odd, considering that liberal states such as Nebraska and Maine effectively discarded the electoral college by portioning out electors to the several candidates. Maggie Smith has a problem with this? And besides, if any state wants to do this there is nothing the federal government has to say about it. The power to allocate electors is retained by the states. A popular plan is to allocate all of a state’s electors to the presidential candidate with a plurality of the popular vote. Suck it up, Smith.

In short, Maggie Smith, for The Heritage Foundation, wants us to throw our allegiance behind an administration soaked in scandal, mismanagement, and corruption, the likes of which we have never seen at this level. Let us hope good people of conscience will not take Heritage to represent our true heritage.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 38 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

Thanks for writing again, Baby Cheeks. I enjoy receiving these amusing missives with your name at the top.

Donald J. Trump <>Unsubscribe

Sun, Jun 21 at 7:53 PM

I need to know that I can count on you right now, John.

Sleepy Joe Biden is mentally unfit to be your President, but the Liberal media refuses to tell the truth about what’s REALLY going on in the hope of tricking the American People into voting for him. THEY ARE LYING!

We can’t let them get away with this. My team just launched new ads to FIGHT BACK against their biased coverage and EXPOSE the TRUTH. The American People deserve to know what they’d be getting into if they elected the oldest president in the history of our Nation.

I am so glad you know you can count on me right now. I mean not yesterday, not tomorrow, but right now. In which case you are so done. Sorry, but the next time I need a fiddle I will give you a call. We can discuss your Saturday night rally.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 29 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

Happiness is having somebody on the government payroll writing my material for me. Here’s the latest. <>Unsubscribe

Thu, Jun 11 at 12:09 PM


While Democrats are pledging to turn America into a BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST Nation, President Trump is pledging to fight for YOU.

The ticket will come down to President Trump vs. Sleepy Joe, and we need to know where you stand, John. It’s going to be an uphill battle heading into November, which is why President Trump needs to make sure he has your support.

I need to tell you, readers, this came just in time. Before my eyes were opened I was prepared to vote for guy named Sleep Joe. I realize now my real intent is to vote for the guy who lived his life as a white-collar criminal and humped porn stars.

If it’s a choice between some Sleepy Joe Character and a president who will sell out his country for a political favor, then I’m going for Mr. Art of the Deal every time.

And I like a president with a touch of sin.

So, I guess the election is settled. Why wait for November?


And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 27 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

This is getting to be more fun than the law allows. Email from an infamous American crime family keeps me entertained in my retirement, and I have the compelling need to share. Here are a few.

Mitch McConnell <>Unsubscribe

Wed, Jun 10 at 12:35 PM


I want to bring something to your attention. Today is Colorado’s Primary filing deadline, and a major FEC fundraising milestone.

Democrats and their allies in the liberal media are working overtime to take Senator Cory Gardner’s seat away from him.

Heading the note is this.


I acknowledge Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky has a strong interest in maintaining a Republican majority in the Senate, but I cannot reconcile the Senator John Cornyn banner, unless the robot that composed and routed this dug into the Republican campaign database and determined I live in Texas.

Anyhow, I am told “Democrats and their allies in the liberal media are working overtime to take Senator Cory Gardner’s seat away from him.” To which I respond, “You think?” A quick check reveals Senator Cory Gardner is a strong supporter of President Donald Trump. Yes, that Donald Trump. You think Democrats might ever want somebody who supports Trump’s criminal regime in the United States Senate? I’m hoping not. Democrats are crazy, but they’re not insane.

And the liberal media are working overtime to defeat Gardner. Really? Senator, the only way the liberal media can work to defeat him is to take note his support for Trump’s criminal enterprise. What are the liberal media supposed to do? Lie? Actually, my understanding is that is the job for OAN and sometimes Fox.

What’s next?

Official Trump Polling <>Unsubscribe

Wed, Jun 10 at 12:18 PM


Let’s make something known: your President will never stop FIGHTING to put America First with every decision that he makes.

While the Left is wasting your time and taxpayer dollars by trying to implement their BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST agenda, President Trump has never stopped delivering on his promises to the American People:

Two of the world’s top terrorist leaders have been eliminated
The Wall is being FINISHED
A record number of conservative judges have been appointed to federal courts
America is respected on the World Stage again

The President knows the Do Nothing Democrats and the Fake News media won’t ever tell the facts about him and his Administration, and that’s why he wants to know what a few respected grassroots leaders, like YOU, think.

Out of courtesy to the diligent campaign worker who composed this I am pasting the front matter in its entirety, but I will address only my points of interest.

First, I am glad to learn President Trump continues to put America first, especially with every decision he makes.

And The Wall is being finished. And Mexico is paying for it.

I am so proud America is respected again.

So, next we have to get the Fake News media to start telling the truth about Donald Trump. Oops! too late. They started doing that a long time ago.

Yes, the news services need to stop lying about Donald Trump.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 25 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

There is no help for me. I’m being overwhelmed. The shit is coming faster than I can shovel it. Here’s the latest.

Official Trump Polling <>Unsubscribe

Tue, Jun 9 at 12:01 PM


For the first time in a long time, we have a President who is putting America First with every decision that he makes.

While the Fake News media refuses to report the truth about all of President Trump’s efforts to Keep America Safe, he has never stopped delivering on his promises:

The WALL is being FINISHED – we recently completed 100 brand-new miles
We replaced the failing NAFTA with the USMCA – a massive WIN for American workers
He’s ensured our military is well-funded, trained, and equipped for battle
And, his administration is combating cyberattacks by foreign governments and rogue nations.

Finally, we have a President who KEEPS his promises to put AMERICA FIRST.

This is amazing news, even coming from a Trump source. Just when I think these people can’t juice up even more, they surprise me. What to say?

Start by being impressed to learn President Trump has at last decided to put AMERICA FIRST. See, I too, have an all-caps key on my computer. But back to misters Fruman and Parnas. it is refreshing to see that you have thrown these agents of a foreign power “under the bus.” I guess now that Republican senators have decided to acquit you of charges relating to the their actions, you have decided to finally put AMERICA FIRST. Please feel free to pardon them. We will not be surprised.

I am also glad to note your continued mention of the Fake News media. I had feared their continued reporting on your crimes and awkward reversals would have convinced you they were right all along. Keep up this line. It continues to assure us the Republicans have not done away with you and run a ringer in your place.

And I note the WALL is being FINISHED. Golly gee, you completed 100 brand new miles. Please tell me these are not the 100 brand new miles you reported months ago. It is also good to see Mexico has finally agreed to pay for it.

Replaced NAFTA? The USMCA is a massive WIN (all caps) for American workers? You may need to check on that.

Your statement about the military being well-funded and equipped amazes me, since it appeared to be so when you came into office.

And I am glad your administration is combating cyber attacks from rogue nations. I guess that was never done before your time.

Anyhow, keep up the good work, and give my regards to Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. You should be seeing them soon, like February next year when their trial begins. Golly, I am so impressed to have a President of the United States on a first name basis with notorious international criminals. I agree with you. Obama was deadly dull.

The Deplorables

Episode 19 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

Donald Trump, Jr. is President Trump’s most industrious exponent. If the signature line is factual, Junior spends hours a day tweeting in support of the most corrupt chief executive this country has ever seen. Here is something recent.

Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr

I wonder if Jake Tapper and the rest at the Communist News Network and MSDNC will ever cover this? Hahahahaha, just kidding, of course he won’t, that could hurt Joe Biden and it’s his job to protect him at all costs.

9:53 AM · May 17, 2020Twitter for iPhone
He links to a story about presidential candidate Joe Biden, and the reference is not complimentary. He invokes communism, which I find odd on a number of levels.First, the link is to something having to do with Joe Biden and China, the proper name of which is the People’s Republic of China and which is ruled by the Chinese Communist Party. Strictly speaking, the PRC may call itself communist, but communism died there decades ago. It exists today as a capitalist dictatorship.

Second, if Junior wants to invoke communism, than he has to look no further than to his immediate left to find a President of the United States who coddles and who pays homage to a communist dictator. See the image at the top. Of course, the Soviet Union ceased to exist 30 years ago, but its current leader is Vladimir Putin, a devout communist and a dictator in his own right.

Yes, Junior wants to paint his father’s political rival as a communist sympathizer, his own family all the while serving obeisance to one of his country’s most formidable enemies. Way to go, fellow traveler.

Lock Her Up!

Number 12 of a Series

It’s really true what they say about having friends in high places.

Justice Department drops criminal case against Michael Flynn

So much has changed in three years.

“I fired him because of what he said to Mike Pence.” Mike Pence, if you recall, is Vice President of the United States. Not only did Mike Flynn lie to the FBI about his dealings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, he fed the same story to Donald Trump’s right-hand man in the executive branch.

That was then. This is now. “He is an innocent man.”

Not only is Flynn now an innocent man (unlike three years ago), but “He is a great gentleman.” Really? Then why, Mr. President, did you fire him three years ago?”

Three years ago the FBI and the United States intelligence agencies were the protectors of our security. That was then. This is now. “They’re dishonest, crooked people.”

“They are scum. They are human scum.”

Is it possible all those nasty things people are saying about Donald Trump are true? No way. Can’t be. This has got to be some kind of bad dream.


Your Friend The Handgun

Number 210 of a Series

Four years of these. Who would imagine? The value of a handgun to the protection of your family is without dispute:

Man shot wife three times as she was heading to work, police say

SAN ANTONIO – A gunman who shot at his wife three times Thursday morning remains on the run. San Antonio police chief William McManus said the woman was on her way to work when the man, identified as 52-year-old Javier De Hoyos, drove up beside her and fired shots in 3500 block of S. Gen. McMullen Drive.

Thanks, Wayne, for helping us keep our families safe. And may Jesus have mercy on your soul.


An Intellect Without Equal: Number 21

I continue to plow through the book by Philip Rucker and Carol D. Leonnig. My original intent was to pick excerpts that give insight into Donald Trump’s sorry mental state. I am finding there is an example on nearly every page.

As the United States government prepared for a transition of power, intelligence agencies confirmed the Russian government had viewed the election of Hillary Clinton as a threat, and they had taken steps to boost the candidacy of Donald Trump.

The Obama administration had decided to punish Russia for interfering in the 2016 election, shuttering two Russian compounds in the United States and ejecting thirty-five diplomats suspected of spying.

Trump was angry when he learned the news. He felt it was one thing for Clinton’s advisers and allies to accuse Russia of meddling in the election; he could just accuse the Democrats of sour grapes. But retaliatory action against Russia by the U.S. government effectively confirmed that Russia had actually interfered in the election—and that, Trump believed, raised doubts about his own victory.

“They’re trying to delegitimize your presidency right now,” Bannon told the president.

Rucker, Philip. A Very Stable Genius (p. 21). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Early on it was becoming clear Donald Trump was not merely an idealog, but was also an unstable one with paranoiac fixations.

Houston, we have a problem.

Number 19 of a series

Senator Cornyn, you keep sending them to me, and I will keep posting them. Here is the latest.



Bernie came out loud and clear on 60 Minutes last night in front of our whole nation in SUPPORT of the monster and former-Cuban dictator, Fidel Castro, citing a literacy program Castro created shortly after he came into power.

Fidel Castro made Cuba the first communist country in the western hemisphere, oppressed human rights and murdered untold thousands of men, women and children.

This is the monster that Bernie not only supports, but PRAISES.

John, I need you to understand the urgency behind this email:

The Far-Left has embraced socialism AND compliments a tyrannical leader.

There used to be a time where we could all agree that communism was bad, but apparently, that time is over.

Senator, you are spot on. Castro was a despotic tyrant who had thousands executed after he came to power. American leaders should not embrace communist tyrants. So please take notice of the image above. Which of the two lovers is a communist tyrant?

Sleep well. See you in November.

Houston, we have a problem.

Number 18 of a series

I am receiving a bunch of these. And I love it. May the drip never cease. Here is the latest from Texas Senator John Cornyn:


I love Texas – low taxes. Strong values. Friendly neighbors. Safe communities.

But there are some who want to turn it on its head.

A while back I emailed you about the idea of “Two Texases…” That we have a choice in front of us in November: a blue Texas filled with high taxes and liberal values, or a safe, strong, prosperous red Texas.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize what’s truly happening.

Radical leftists from across the country are taking aim at our state, and they’re trying to turn it into California.

Gosh, Senator, I never looked at it that way before. You have turned me completely around. I was thinking about voting Democratic before, and now I am sure I’m going to vote for the party that has given us:

  • A president who lived life as a white collar criminal before taking office and continues his crimes as President of the United States.
  • A president with strong family values, including three wives and payments to porn stars.
  • A president who holds secret meetings with this country’s preeminent enemy leader.
  • A president who trades American largess for political favors from a foreign leader.
  • A president who fires earnest government employees for testifying truthfully under oath.
  • A president who dresses down our top military leaders, saying, “You’re a bunch of dopes and babies.”

Yes, I would prefer that to a Texas run by people who seem to be overly concerned with the security of our country and the welfare of our people.

The Deplorables

Episode 10 Of The Continuing Adventures Of An American Crime Family

This is the stuff that keeps me going. This morning I received the following from “Official Trump Polling.”


Do you want to know the truth?

Democrats and the Fake News media aren’t pursuing this Impeachment War because President Trump did something wrong, they’re pursuing it because they’re afraid he’s going to win the election in November.

To be fair, how could they not be worried about that? America and its citizens have been WINNING like never before and it’s all thanks to President Trump’s America FIRST agenda.

We know the Lamestream media won’t ever tell you the truth about the great work that the President and his administration are doing, especially not when the Democrats are crying ‘impeachment…’ and that’s why we’re reaching out.

I put it in bold typeface to make it stand out. We all know this is going to end with a request for a campaign contribution. They start by insulting me.

First they ask if I want to know the truth. I’m thinking this is an abstract question, since the last time I looked the Trump organization is short on that elusive substance. I will plow forward.

Yes, there it is again. “The FAKE News media.” Where would the Trump presidency be at this point without this classic phrase. They have pulled a lot of mileage out of it. The rubber is about worn off the tread.

And there is “the Lamestream media.” When the guy pitching to you pulls this out of his bag you know he has got to be right, because this argument is unassailable. I am telling you, it is game over.

Now let’s go to the video tape. I have it. Keep reading.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 9 Of The Continuing Adventures Of An American Crime Family

It’s this kind of thing that gets me up in the morning. Being retired seven years, I am cannot succumb to the temptation to spend a day lying on my back. Thank you, President Donald Trump. And thank you, President Donald Trump Jr. I received this email from the First Son (had his name in the return address):


After a month of tantrums and trying to get Republicans to agree to her INSANE rules, Nancy Pelosi has finally admitted defeat and sent the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate.

Nancy was so eager to undo the 2016 election results that she rammed a fake impeachment SCAM through without ANY facts or evidence.

Now she’s TERRIFIED that the American people will learn the truth that President Trump did NOTHING WRONG.

She’s counting on the FAKE NEWS to continue LYING to the American people. That’s why we need supporters like YOU to join the Official 2020 Impeachment Defense Task Force TODAY.

In 2019, the Impeachment Defense Task Force defended my father against every bogus attack that the Radical Left threw at us. That’s why we are now launching the 2020 Impeachment Defense Task Force.

And then Trump Jr. asks for money. This from the family that promised to underwrite their own campaign. And that Mexico would pay for the wall.

I particularly enjoy the reference to Nancy Pelosi’s “tantrums.”

I hope the President of the United States never stoops to the level of Nancy Pelosi.

I continue to marvel at Junior’s calm and reasoned language. I am particularly impressed by the way he exposes the “fake impeachment SCAM.” More so, “without ANY facts or evidence.”

And to be sure, “President Trump did NOTHING WRONG.” I mean, the family with a history of fraud and deceit has by now reformed its ways and is through with doing that kind of shit.

And I’m going to wrap it up here. Donald Trump Jr. has a good case going. After all, the guy who spent his life lying, stiffing business associates, concocting fake endorsements of himself, associating with crooks and liars just has to be telling the truth by now.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 6 Of The Continuing Saga Of An American Crime Family

Somebody appears to be getting very worried about now. I know this because I am receiving a boat load of these (all right, a few) every day. It appears to be from President Donald J. Trump.



Well it’s about time.

Nancy and her Liberal Puppets IMPEACHED ME a month ago and have since been holding the Articles of Impeachment HOSTAGE.

Democrats in the House will vote on sending the Impeachment Articles to the Senate today, where this HOAX will finally go to trial and show the world who she really is: a LYING and MANIPULATIVE HYPOCRITE who never had any evidence of wrongdoing against me.


Their pathetic attempts to remove me from office are not only an attack on me, but they’re an attack on YOU. They’re trying to UNDO the 2016 Election like it never happened by SILENCING MILLIONS of votes. We can’t let them get away with this, John.

That’s why I’ve activated an EMERGENCY 2020 IMPEACHMENT DEFENSE FUND, and I’m calling on my most fierce and loyal defenders to step up to the front lines of this nasty battle and FIGHT BACK.

There follows a request for donations. This from a candidate who promised to fund his own campaign. And, yes, I did read the transcript. At the very least it reveals you to be a lying cheat and a coward, to boot. By extension, the public is getting the idea you head up an American white collar crime family.

Sometimes comedians know how to say it best. Here is something from Stephen Colbert, who entertained us last night with clips from various news outlets. This in light of comments coming out of one of your henchmen, Lev Parnas, who appears to be getting ready to take you down with him. To be sure,it’s for sure you have no knowledge of this individual.

Right. I got that.

I said I got that.

Here is what else I got.

How much of this is it going to take before your Republican patsies follow the way of Parnas and decide to cut a deal?

The Deplorables

Episode 5 Of The Continuing Adventures Of An American Crime Family

The shadow of an American crime family continues to fall upon the state of Texas. This from the campaign of Texas Senator John Cornyn.


Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment effort has been wrong for our country from day one. It was a rushed process. It was an incomplete process. It was a process that identified a punishment, then searched for a crime… It was a complete circus, and Nancy was the ringleader.

The Democrats have been at this charade for years. First it was Russian collusion, then obstruction of justice, then campaign finance law abuses and then violations of the “Emoluments Clause.” In each case, these outrageous accusations turned out to be untrue. Yet Democrats only looked harder for another excuse.

Now, we find ourselves heading into an official trial which could result in President Trump’s expulsion from office. Having tried every other trick in the book, the Democrats have now pushed our Constitution to the limit.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… As someone who served as a district judge, state Supreme Court justice and Texas Attorney General and now sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, I want to know…

  • What happened to the presumption of innocence in all this?
  • While Democrats say no one is above the law, why can’t they point to the law they think the President violated?
  • What happened to fundamental fairness? The House sat behind closed doors and concentrated all control in the hands of six Democratic committee chairmen. Where is the fairness?

As your Senator, I will be called upon to respond after House Democrats have rushed to impeach the President. That day has arrived.  

Chuck Schumer and Liberal interest groups are already stepping up efforts to pressure me. They want to use impeachment as a tool to beat me and turn Texas blue.

But John, I won’t budge.

I will start with the presumption of the President’s innocence. I will neither be sucked in nor fan the flames of wild rumors and political accusations.

The next few days represent a critical moment for America, and I need to know that you’re with me as I stand firm as the firewall between outrageous partisanship and the Constitution of the United States.

And then he asks for money.

There is so much to unravel here; I wonder where to begin. How about the first paragraph? “Wrong for our country?” How about right for our country? A president who flouted the law all his life and then carried those practices into the highest office of the land has now been brought to answer for crimes he committed while in office. Wrong for our country? We now begin to wonder whether it is you who are wrong for this country. You want me to contribute to your election campaign, and you do it while insulting my intelligence. You have mistaken me for one of your supporters from the lower reaches of Texas society. You need to aim higher.

Speaker Pelosi searched for a crime? Are you awake yet, Senator? The crime came barreling to the forefront in a manner that was impossible to ignore. What does this criminal president need to do to gain your disrespect?

You mention collusion with a foreign government, then you mention obstruction of justice, campaign finance law abuse and violations of the Emoluments Clause—all apparent to even casual observers. Here is a president who sucks up to a sworn enemy of the United States, manages illegal payments to assist in his campaign and profits monetarily from his position of power. These are all crimes worthy of prosecution. And you appear to deny anything wrong is going on. You say these accusations turned out to be untrue. It would appear you have only a loose acquaintance with the truth, Senator.

Yes, we are now headed into a trial in the Senate, but it is a trial that will not result in the president’s removal from office. He will not be removed, because you and your party affiliates will ignore the evidence and will vote to continue the ongoing travesty in the White House. You will be well-remembered.

You speak of presumption of innocence, and you trumpet your past legal experience. You know better, and still you persist. Prosecution of a criminal is not a violation of presumption of innocence. If it were, no criminal would ever be prosecuted.

You say the Democrats cannot point to a law the president violated. Really? Last time I looked, obstruction of justice and obstruction of Congress are laws the president appears to have violated. And do not speak to me of fundamental fairness when you and your cohorts appear set on not allowing any witnesses to appear at the impeachment trial.

You say Democrats are stepping up efforts to pressure you, and they want to use impeachment as a tool to beat you in the 2020 election. And you are playing into their hands by continuing to suborn criminal activity in the White House. Keep this up, and Texas will turn blue, and you can watch the inauguration next January on television.

Quid Pro Quo

Closing it Down, Number 7 in a Series

There is not much to add to the following, which I received from Senator John Cornyn of Texas:


It’s official. Donald J. Trump is now the third president in U.S. history to be impeached. The Democrats have taken their charade to the nth degree, using our Constitution as a partisan weapon.

This process began the day he was duly elected president, and culminated yesterday in a one-sided vote void of any fact or truly impeachable offense.

Yesterday was a sad day in American history. Democrats should be ashamed of their actions.

But John, the longer we sit in silence, the more credibility we give Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler. 

We need to ban together and make a loud statement in defiance of the Left’s disgusting abuse of our Constitution, and we need to make it quickly.

Then he asks for a contribution.

Senator, all this talk about Democrats needing to be ashamed and about upholding the Constitution comes across as flat when the facts are examined. You are carrying water for a President who lived his life as a white collar criminal and then carried this lifestyle into the highest office in the land. You have bedded down with this den of corruption, and it’s going to take you to the farthest reaches with it.

Give it a rest if you will.

Quid Pro Quo

Closing it Down, Number 6 in a Series

To understand this you need to remember who Lara Trump is:

Lara Lea Trump (née Yunaska; born October 12, 1982) is an American television producer, and campaign adviser to the 45th president of the United States (and her father-in-law) Donald Trump. She is married to the president’s son Eric Trump, with whom she has two children.

She is the producer/host of Trump Productions’ Real News Update and the former producer of Inside Edition.

So much for that. Then you begin to wonder why I am receiving this from Lara Trump?

Lara Trump <>

Dec 20 at 9:32 AM


The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Their partisan vote for impeachment in the House was a disgrace.

They let their hatred for President Trump blind them from upholding their duty to the United States of America.

How can you impeach a President that did nothing wrong? There was NO abuse of power and NO obstruction of Congress. If the Left wants to know who DID commit these acts, they should look in the mirror.

They’ve stooped so low to try and undo the 2016 Election, and we need to FIGHT BACK. I’m calling on YOU to step up and defend your President.

So, that’s a bunch to digest. The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. Yes they should. And after they finish being ashamed of themselves they are going to bring in additional witnesses to testify to the crimes of your father-in-law.

Also let’s talk about that “partisan” vote.

Yes, definitely partisan. Not a single Republican voted for Article 1. Hint: not a single Republican voted for Article 2, either. Now, that’s the definition of partisanship.

“They let their hatred for President Trump blind them from upholding their duty to the United States of America.” It would be interesting to see what duty to the United States of America the Democrats are not doing.

The House of Representatives shall chuse their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.

Yeah, it sort of appears the Democratic House of Representatives is upholding its duty to the United States of America. They impeached your criminal father-in-law’s stupid ass.

 “How can you impeach a President that did nothing wrong?” You’re right. They need to wait until the President does something wrong. They need to wait until he sets up a scam university and bilks students out of thousands of dollars. They need to wait until he organizes a charitable organization and uses it to funnel money into his own pocket. Wait! He did those things before he became President. They need to wait until he directs government business to his resorts by dragging government employees there, where the government is billed for expenses. They need to wait until members of the armed services are directed to stay at his resorts while on official business. They need to wait until he invokes his power as President to prevent investigation into his crimes. They need to wait until he leverages the Treasury of the United States to coerce a foreign government to make a phony announcement about a political rival. The Democrats need to wait until this President does something wrong.Regarding whether the Left (as you call them) committed these acts, we are still waiting for the Left to pump money from the Treasury into their own pockets. We are still waiting for the Left to leverage funds approved by Congress to exact political favors from a foreign government. We will have to wait a long time, because for 24 months your father-in-law was President with a Republican Congress, and no such allegations were ever investigated or prosecuted. How long are we going to need to wait?

Regarding undoing the 2016 election, your father-in-law, by his continued criminal actions, is doing an excellent job of that. And he does not need help from the Left.

The Awful Truth

Number 8 in a Series

Quite often comedy can deliver the truth in ways no other method can. Take this instance.

I caught Jimmy Kimmel on YouTube earlier this week, and he played recent pronouncements by Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. The senator was tearing into the basis for the original investigation into Russian meddling with the 2016 election. What he wanted to demonstrate for Fox viewers and the like was the corrupt bias behind the FBI’s decision to launch the investigation. Particularly, he quoted from texts exchanged between former government employees associated with the case.

FBI lawyer Lisa Page and special agent Peter Strzok were at the time engaged in extramarital hanky panky, and they used their government email accounts to exchange communication they wrongly assumed would be private. [Warning to all you out there using your employer’s email service: it is not private.] Anyhow, Senator Graham cruelly replayed some juicy exchanges between the two. These texts reveal a total disdain for candidate Trump. See the above for Graham’s recitation of a note from Page to Strzok.

Page: God is a loathsome human.

Aside from being totally correct, it was totally wrong to put this out over a government communication device. The senator is seen reciting additional communiques.

Strzok: Oh my God. He’s an idiot.

Donald Trump is an enormous douche.

Again, dead on, but NSFW.

And the comedian had some fun with that. However, comedians can at times be incredibly cruel, and Kimmel next displays some of that cruelty. He plays clips of Senator Graham. Let’s have a look. These are from the run-up to the 2016 election.

He’s a race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot.

I think he’s a kook. I think he’s crazy.

I think he’s unfit for office.

He doesn’t represent my party.

He’s a jackass.

Trump is a political car wreck.

He would be the most flawed nominee in the history of the Republican Party.

Donald Trump is the most unelectable Republican I’ve seen in my lifetime.

He would be a terrible commander in chief.

He doesn’t have the temperament or judgement.

He’s not fit to be President of the United States.

We would get slaughtered as a party if Trump is the nominee.

And quite frankly, we would deserve it.

At least Senator Graham did not call the future president an enormous douche. There are times when the awful truth is a slip of the tongue away.

Houston, we have a problem.

Number 16 of a series

Yes, that is correct. Our very own Texas Senator Ted Cruz is pushing the false notion that Ukraine got involved in the 2016 election. Chuck Todd interviewed the senator from Houston on Sunday, giving him ample opportunity to defend his stance.

“Because Russia interfered, the media pretends nobody else did. Ukraine blatantly interfered in our election. The sitting ambassador from Ukraine wrote an op-ed blasting Donald Trump during the election season. … It’s hysterical two years ago there was article after article after article in the mainstream media about Ukrainian interference in the elections, but now, the Democrats have no evidence of a crime. No evidence of violating the law. And so suddenly Ukraine interference is treated as the media clutches their pearls, oh my goodness, you can’t say that! Last week, Chuck, you called Sen. John Kennedy basically a stooge for Putin.”

First off, I will concede Senator Kennedy is a stooge for Vladimir Putin, albeit unwittingly, the only way he knows how.

Second, Axios goes on to provide some reality.

Reality check: In 2014, Russia invaded, occupied and annexed the territory of Crimea from Ukraine. In response, the U.S. and much of the international community denounced Russia and refused to recognize its annexation of the peninsula.

  • During the 2016 election, Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.S. Valeriy Chaly wrote an op-ed for The Hill in which he criticized candidate Trump for saying he would consider recognizing Crimea as Russian territory. That op-ed is one of several actions that Republicans say amount to election interference.

Yeah, being of sound mind and body, I also conclude Chaly’s response would be the expected one when an American presidential candidate sided with his enemy in an ongoing war. If Senator Kruz thinks this amounts to support for candidate Clinton, then, Houston, we definitely have a problem.