Happy Anniversary

From Google Images - www.bild.de

From Google Images – http://www.bild.de

Happy 70th wedding anniversary to the loving couple. My, how time flies.

It was 70 years ago today, 29 April 1945, that German Chancellor Adolf Hitler and his fiancée Eva Anna Paula Braun were wed in a private ceremony in their underground getaway beneath the grounds of the German Reichstag in Berlin.

The newlyweds were pressed for time, and following the ceremony they rushed to their private apartment in an adjoining chamber to enjoy their wedding bliss. For about 24 hours. The following day the happy couple killed themselves. Mrs. Hitler took cyanide, and Mr. Hitler shot himself in the head. The world was rapidly changing, and there was no longer any place in it for them.

Previously there had been no place in the world for a large number of others. Before exiting stage right, Mr. Hitler had arranged the deaths of many millions, including a large portion of the German population. The anniversary is not universally celebrated in Germany or in any other part of the civilized world.