Breitbart Mentality

Number 12

I subscribe to the Breitbart News email feed, and I get this frequently. It’s the “Liberal Love and Kindness” meme, intended to demonstrate that liberals are not the loving and kind people they purport to be. So stop right there. I consider myself to be somewhat liberal, and I have never advertised to be loving and kind. While there is nobody I hate, there are a few I would enjoy seeing run out of town on a rail. So, Breitbart News, forget this love and kindness bull shit. We are here to do battle.

Which gets me to my point for today. Try as I may, I find it difficult to differentiate Breitbart News from a dedicated shill for Donald Trump. Let me emphasize that. Donald Trump. There appears to be nothing Donald Trump will do or say that raises the hackles of Breitbart News. Nothing. Breitbart News, what kind of people are you? Let’s take a look at the person you are carrying water for:

Trump: Cokie Roberts ‘never treated me nicely’ but ‘was a professional’

President Trump said pioneering journalist Cokie Roberts, who died Tuesday at the age of 75, “never treated me nicely” but praised her as “a professional.”

“I never met her. She never treated me nicely. But I would like to wish her family well. She was a professional and I respect professionals. I respect you guys a lot, you people a lot. She was a real professional. Never treated me well, but I certainly respect her as a professional,” Trump told reporters on the flight from Albuquerque, N.M., to Mountain View, Calif., on Tuesday.

Yes, let’s get that straight. A person died. And President Trump noted her passing and her professionalism. And in the next breath Donald Trump, President of the United States, inserted his self esteem into the matter. What kind of human being does this kind of shit? This is the kind of person Breitbart News never seems to find fault with.

I hope you don’t think I am prepared to stop here. There is more. Please enjoy.

Breitbart News, let’s not hear a bunch more about liberal love and kindness.

Houston, we have a problem.

Number 10 of a series

It has to go down as the understatement of the 20th century. James Lovell: “Houston, we have a problem.” He actually said, “We’ve had a problem,” but I prefer the present tense. Three men were aboard Apollo 13 on the way to the moon when an oxygen tank disintegrated, dooming the mission and threatening the lives of the crew. And James Lovell phoned in to say they had a problem.

Anyhow, I now apply the quote to any of a multitude of political disasters close to my home state. Here is the most recent.

John Cornyn <>

Sep 12 at 11:41 AMNo,

Tonight, the Democratic Presidential candidates are in Houston for their big debate. Why did they choose Texas to have their debate?No, it’s because Democrats think they can flip Texas blue in 2020!

They think their policies can appeal to us, but they are wrong.

We don’t want abortion on demand, even after birth.

We don’t want to decriminalize illegal immigration.

We don’t want Medicare-For-All.

Above all, we don’t want to impeach President Trump! Democrats are trying to force all of these ideas on us. We don’t want them.

Let’s send a loud and clear message to Democrats: Don’t Mess With Texas! 

That is Senator John Cornyn of Texas making those various statements. Then he asks for money. And, yes, we do have a problem. Some dissection.

Democrats think they can flip Texas blue. No truer words were recently said. And flipping Texas blue will mean voting Senator Cornyn out of office. Any sentient carbon-based life form will do as a replacement.

They think their policies can appeal to us. Wandering around and talking to a bunch of people, I am thinking that their policies find great appeal in Texas. We wait for November next year to find out.

Abortion on demand. Isn’t that like saying if somebody wants an abortion they will request a medical professional to perform the service? Even after birth. Dude, where is that coming from? After birth it is too late to abort a pregnancy, so the phrase is just stupid. Furthermore, it’s designed to scare the bottom of the barrel voter base, aiming to convince them people want to kill babies after they are born. And it’s really bad form. By now we are beginning to realize why people are turning against the Republican Party.

Decriminalize illegal immigration. Again, a contradiction of terms. Where does Senator Cornyn, and by extension the Republican Party, get these propaganda-laced snippets? For those who are not lawyers, something that is not legal cannot be decriminalized. Not speaking for all Texas voters, I will say that coming to the United States and requesting entry, even asylum, is not now illegal. This is not illegal immigration. Coming to this country without a valid entry visa and not reporting in to the proper authorities is a misdemeanor and needs to be handled as such. Beyond that, people in dire straits coming to this country and asking for help should receive real consideration and should not be demeaned as drug smugglers, rapists, and murderers. They are people who need help, and this country does have the resources to help them. That’s the Texas I grew up in.

Yes we do want Medicare-For-All. Expanding Medicare coverage to the entire population will result in a more healthy and more productive population. My take and also the view of many Texans is a population that receives necessary medical care will be a national asset, well worth the investment.

Above all, we don’t want to impeach President Trump! Don’t want to impeach President Trump? Are you out of your mind? You don’t want to impeach President Trump? We have to ask why. Here is a person who is running the United States government as his personal ATM, and you want to keep him in office? On the payroll? Are you out of your mind? Oh yeah. I already asked that. We definitely have a problem.

John Cornyn, quit messing with Texas.


As a follow-up I sent the following by email to Senator Cornyn:

Senator Cornyn,

Yesterday I received an interesting email, and since your name was at the top I am assuming it is from you. The email contained a number of comments, and I will address two of them. First there is this, from your email:

“We don’t want Medicare-For-All.”

Actually, we do want effectively Medicare for all. Our economy will be more robust if everybody in this state has access to health care, and something modeled on Medicare will accomplish this. Don’t go off the deep end with phony scare tactics.

“Above all, we don’t want to impeach President Trump! Democrats are trying to force all of these ideas on us. We don’t want them.”

You don’t want to impeach President Trump? Really? Here is a low-grade criminal who persists in, among other things, using the United States Treasury as his personal ATM. Think about the reputation of the United States government. Think about your future electability. Quit standing up for a person who cares for little but his own gain.

The Government You Paid For

Number 61 of a Series

It was with great alarm, surprise, astonishment, shock, bewilderment that I came upon this news item from the AM Joy show on MSNBC streaming on YouTube Saturday morning. I herewith and without shame, mortification, regret, remorse, apology regurgitate the segment almost in its entirety. Following are screen shots, some rendered into classless memes, from the video. I have, from time to time, amateurishly added my comments to what is readily a transparent narrative. To wit, President Donald Trump came into office with his ill-conceived business operations hurting. Since early on in 2017 it has been obvious to all who will see that Mr. Trump is using the office of President of the United States to make his fortunes well again. To the extent possible, I might add. Here is how it’s done on two fronts.

First, the United States government is backed by the wealth of the American taxpayer, and to the extent he can, the President is guiding that wealth into the coffers of his various companies. Second, there is wealth to be had in the treasuries of foreign governments and in the treasuries of various businesses and individuals seeking favor from the United States government, and Mr. Trump is finding ways to direct some of that wealth into his own enterprises. Start with the wealth of the government treasury.

Yes, members of the United States armed services, traveling on official business, are paying to use Donald Trump facilities, specifically the Tumberry golf resort in Scotland.

Air Force crew, in their flight uniforms, found themselves ill at ease among the well-heeled patrons at this upscale watering hole. One wrote home about it.

Military personnel and other government employees are payed a per diem to cover expenses when they must live and eat while on government business. These military personnel were not directed to a military base, where they would have dined with other troops. Instead they drew per diem and leveraged it toward their expenses at the resort, way above what the government stipend would cover.

That’s right. Donald Trump enterprises include a golf resort at Tumberry near Glasgow in Scotland, and prior to Donald Trump’s presidency the resort was losing money. It lost $4.5 in 2017. Now the United States Air Force is using the resort to house service members stopping over in Scotland to refuel on their way to and from flights to Europe and beyond. Democratic members of Congress are interested in knowing why the Air Force is using public money to enrich their commander-in-chief.

To date, there has been no response from the Department of Defense, which reports solely to the President.

Vice President Mike Pence attended a conference in Dublin, Ireland, on government business. While in Ireland, he stayed at a Trump resort near the western shore of the island nation. Dublin is on the eastern coast, over 180 miles away.

The Vice President explained it this way. Paraphrasing: The need to accommodate the unique footprint of our security detail made it logical.


President Trump attended the G7 (formerly the G8) conference in France last month, and at the conclusion he heavily pitched hosting next year’s meeting at his resort in Loral, Florida. Obviously, attending countries would pay for staying at the Trump property, pumping additional wealth into President Trump’s personal equity.

I have no idea whether the other G7 members are required to follow the President’s recommendation, but any who resist can never be sure whether that will affect their standing with the United States government.

The story continues. Remember this?

Since becoming President Donald Trump has made 213 visits to his own properties.

98 of these visits were to play golf.

Full disclosure: when the President makes a trip like this for personal business, the government does not pay his expenses. If the trip requires travel on Air Force One, the President is charged a first class ticket. He has to pay the government out of his own pocket. Government employees making the trip ride for free, and that would include his security detail.

However, the President’s security detail incurs expenses at these Trump resorts, and the government picks up the tab, paying Trump enterprises out of the public treasury. Same for other government employees making the trip. As of recently total was $109 million to Trump out of the Treasury.

Then there is the matter of Attorney General William Barr.

Truth be known, on first examination I was saying, “What’s the big deal. It’s Barr’s own money, he can do what he wants with it.” Then it dawned on me. This is not a private party. It’s a department party, and the government is picking up the tab. It’s money from the Treasury to Donald Trump.

Not surprising there are impeachment rumblings, none coming from Donald Trump’s on party. So far the movement includes 134 Democrats and one Independent.

What a difference an election day can make. Would that we could have more of these. Here is what else is going on. From Politico we learn the House Judiciary panel is preparing a definition for an impeachment probe.

So, how unusual is it for American military aircraft to stop at a private resort rather than at a military base? Apparently it has recently become not so unusual. Since October 2017 it has become a lot more common for military airplanes to land at Prestwick airport about 30 miles from Trump’s Scottish resort.

Whoa! I previously served on active duty, and my experience at the time was each command, each unit, each small department, had a budget. You wanted to fly a plane, you had a budget to purchase fuel. You needed to repair a radio, you had to purchase spare parts out of your division budget.

So what do we have now? A general officer, maybe a colonel, has a command involving flying transport planes to Europe, Asia, and back. Then one day he looks at his allotment and decides he can afford to pay more for a load of jet fuel, and he can afford to put his crews up in a swanky resort instead of in a barracks at a base or even at a Holiday Inn Express nearby. Not likely. Commanding officers get graded on how efficiently they use their allotment. Some extravagances are considered part of building command morale, but going beyond a few such expenditures will require authorization from higher up. Does this come all the way down from the Commander-in-Chief? And if so, are there recommendation as to where to heap the largess? Inquiring minds want to know.

Prestwick airport is closest to any other serving the area. The airport was also losing money, and the Scottish government purchased it for essentially a dollar and has been looking for a buyer.

The Prestwick airport is essential to the health of Trump;s Tumberry property, being the closest landing spot for travelers. In any event, the airport has been getting healthy off the increased American military traffic coming through. They have made $11 million selling fuel to the American military, and this is fuel that could have been purchased cheaper at a military base. Additionally Donald Trump’s resort is prospering by having taxpayers shell out cash so military crews can stay at his resort. Keep in mind, this is a golf resort. Crew members might need to remember to bring their clubs.

What the big hullabaloo is all about is the two emoluments clauses in the Constitution. Here they are, the foreign part and the domestic part.

The Foreign Emoluments Clause (art. I, § 9, cl. 8):
“[N]o Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under
[the United States], shall, without the Consent of the
Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or
Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince, or
foreign State.”
 The Domestic Emoluments Clause (a.k.a. the
Presidential Emoluments Clause) (art. II, § 1, cl. 7):
“The President shall, at stated Times, receive for his
Services, a Compensation which shall neither be
encreased nor diminished during the Period for which he
shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within
that Period any other Emolument from the United
States, or any of them.”

These parts are in the Constitution to prohibit a likely source of corruption within, and it is apparent the current president is tromping all over both of them. Foreign governments are paying to stay at his Washington hotel, which building he ironically rents from the United States government, and American taxpayers are shelling out to Trump properties every time the President or a government official patronizes one of them. This is the classic definition of “feeding at the government trough.”

To say I am shocked, dismayed, distressed, outraged, indignant, scandalized by all these goings on would be incorrect, wrong, misconstrued, fantasized, illusionary. To the contrary, I am delighted, overjoyed, enthralled, thrilled, even happy at these goings on. Since my retirement from the workforce my greatest enjoyment in life has been to deconstruct absurdities in modern day life, and this president’s actions bring much joy, delight, gaiety, merriment, thrill, even happiness to my otherwise dull existence.

And with that my thesaurus is exhausted, bankrupted, drained, even depleted, and we are now getting the government we paid for.

A Deer in the Headlights

Some stories are told best through pictures.

From Fox News:

Trump clings to idea Alabama faced big threat from Dorian


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump isn’t giving up on the dubious idea that Alabama faced a serious threat from Hurricane Dorian.

During an Oval Office briefing Wednesday, Trump displayed a map of the National Hurricane Center forecast for last Thursday that showed Dorian could track over Florida. The map he displayed included what appeared to be a hand-drawn half-circle that extended the cone of uncertainty over a swath of Alabama.

Trump had raised eyebrows and drawn an emphatic fact check from the National Weather Service on Sunday when he tweeted that Alabama, along with the Carolinas and Georgia, “will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated.”

Meanwhile, on another planet, GPO politicians and voters continue to support this president and his administration. I will leave you with this from Lynyrd Skynyrd:

Sweet home Alabama
Where the skies are so blue
Sweet home Alabama
Lord, I’m coming home to you

Breathtaking Inanity

Number 20 of a continuing series

People will not believe the manner of stuff that lands in my in-box. This is the most recent:

Donald J. Trump <>
Sep 4 at 10:06 AM


We are 6 days away from the most important congressional election of 2019.

Dan Bishop, a FANTASTIC conservative who has my total endorsement, is running against a big government SOCIALIST hand-picked by Nancy Pelosi in the NC-09 Special Election.

The stakes are high – we NEED to win.

America doesn’t need more obstructionist Democrats who will be a rubber-stamp for Nancy Pelosi’s radical socialist agenda.

We need Republicans like Dan Bishop to KEEP AMERICA GREAT!In order to have the resources we need to win this election, we need to raise $100,000 by MIDNIGHT TONIGHT.

Yes, this is an email, supposedly from President Donald Trump, soliciting money for the campaign of Republican Dan Bishop. Think about it for a moment. You’re running for office against a Democratic candidate, and you need money for your campaign. And Donald Trump’s name is on your campaign mailer. Donald Trump. That Donald Trump. Let that set in. The Donald Trump who in his previous life ran a low-level criminal enterprise and made a name for himself as a liar and a cheat and who now runs the Executive Branch of the United States government as a corrupt enterprise is not the kind of person you want endorsing you if you crave the vote of honest citizens.

About this moment Dan Bishop needs to be thinking of that day in the future when his face will join the others in the image above. It truly is breathtaking inanity.

This is your president speaking.

Number 222 in a series

And now a few words from the President of the United States.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrumpSuch a phony hurricane report by lightweight reporter @jonkarl of @ABCWorldNews.

I suggested yesterday at FEMA that, along with Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, even Alabama could possibly come into play, which WAS true. They made a big deal about this…

6:16 PM · Sep 2, 2019Twitter for iPhoneDonald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump

….when in fact, under certain original scenarios, it was in fact correct that Alabama could have received some “hurt.” Always good to be prepared! But the Fake News is only interested in demeaning and belittling. Didn’t play my whole sentence or statement. Bad people!

6:16 PM · Sep 2, 2019Twitter for iPhone

Apparently the President clued us in on a number of states that could be impacted when hurricane Dorian hits the East Coast. Some people were chiding him for including Alabama in the mix. And they were making fun of him. Making fun of the President of the United States. Despicable! Wanted to make him appear stupid. Figured if they left out some of what he said (tweeted) he would appear the fool. What will they stoop to next?

So, what’s this all about? Some research is due. Oops! Here it is.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrumpIn addition to Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama, will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated. Looking like one of the largest hurricanes ever. Already category 5. BE CAREFUL! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!

9:51 AM · Sep 1, 2019Twitter for iPhone

And later:

Trump made the false claim again an hour later, at a FEMA briefing event that began at 12:31 p.m.He said Dorian “may get a little piece of a great place: It’s called Alabama.”

Thanks for bearing with me. I had to take some time to read this through a few times. I was looking for the part they left out. From all appearances, it was President Trump who left something out. He left out the part about throwing Alabama in the mix as a joke to draw out some Trump-hating Fourth Estaters. The joke would have made a nice splash if he had not forgotten to put in the part about Alabama being a joke.

For the record, he forgot to mention Nebraska, but now it is I who am making a joke. Another reason why, when the President speaks, I listen.

Breathtaking Inanity

Number 19 of a continuing series

These things are losing any glamour they may have once had. What was once novel and shocking is becoming mundane. It’s like grass growing. Here is another:

Newt Gingrich <>
Aug 30 at 12:57 PM


Democrats are out of control.

Their entire party has thrown its moral compass out the window to follow socialists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders down a path of lies and destruction.

The radical left has shown they are willing to say or do ANYTHING it takes to try to take down President Trump, even if it means lying to the American people.

It’s no surprise that the FAKE NEWS media is predicting a Democrat win in 2020 just like they did in 2016. We proved the haters and doubters wrong once, now it’s time to do it again.

The first thing I notice is this is from New Gingrich. I’m not sure I ever received one of these from Newt Gingrich. Maybe I have. Anyhow, that’s only a curiosity. The second thing I noticed is he didn’t call me Bob. That is gratifying. I take what I can get. The rest is mostly breathtaking inanity. Some analysis is in store.

First off, do not in your wildest dreams believe New Gingrich put his fingers to a keyboard and sent me an email. This was surely composed by a competent staffer, well versed on the party playbook. Take a few pieces at a time.

Democrats are out of control. You telling me something I don’t already know. Hey! I work with these guys, and they have a patent on out of control. They do have some catching up to do.

Sorry about that. I was looking for “out of control,” and I pulled the handle too hard.

Their entire party has thrown its moral compass out the window…


Again, oops!

The radical left has shown they are willing to say or do ANYTHING it takes to try to take down President Trump, even if it means lying to the American people.

I think I need to stop right here. I am having more fun than the law allows. Please write again soon, Newt. This was breathtaking.

Breathtaking Inanity

Number 18 of a continuing series

Truth be told, I cease to be amazed.

Donald Trump Jr. <>
Aug 26 at 11:12 AM


The Liberal Mob and Fake News media are absolutely unhinged. They’re spewing LIES and slandering President Trump’s administration every chance they get in the hopes of dividing our Nation.

“Spreading lies.” Whoa! That is unhinged. “Dividing our nation.” That’s going too far. Will nobody rid us of this Liberal Mob? See what they have done?

Don Jr., I am glad you love it, because you said it. You might want to think about quitting before you get in deeper than you already are.

Buyer’s Remorse

Number 34 in a series

We’ve seen a bunch of these already. When you buy something and after you get it home and take a closer look you realize you made a big mistake. It’s called “buyer’s remorse.” There is a bunch of that going around in Trump Land these days. The farmer above is saying, “Pig farmers are currently losing about $25 to $30 per pig.”

It is almost going to discourage farmers from raising pigs. It’s almost going to cause them to think back to the day they voted for Donald J. Trump.

I have no real evidence this farmer voted for Trump. I have no real evidence he looked at Donald Trump and saw vast business acumen, so vast he was willing to overlook reports of business failures and criminal dealings. So vast he was willing to believe stories about a woman candidate who was unwilling to make impossible promises of rosy times for all.

I certainly hope this farmer did not vote for Donald Trump, because if he did he is sitting down to dinner nightly with his family and searching for ways to justify his faulty reasoning three years ago.

I don’t make this stuff up.

Number 12 of the series

I don’t have to make this stuff up, because there are paid people who make it  up for me. Here is something recent:

Donald J. Trump <>
Aug 25 at 1:44 PM


I know you are someone I can count on to tell me the truth…

Every day, the Lamestream Media and Washington Democrats are constantly bombarding me with distorted FAKE NEWS and politically motivated LIES. I’ve never cared what they think – but I do care what YOU think. John,

Plus some more.

First off I noticed the prominent use of junior high language: “Lamestream Media.” Let’s get past that.

“FAKE NEWS and politically motivated LIES.” That’s something we can deal with. I present here a few examples of the fake news and politically motivated lies.

Are you getting tired of these lies? Then buckle up. There are more to come.

Breitbart Mentality

Number 11

Truth be known, I like Breitbart News. Let’s even say I love Breitbart News. It gives me a window into a world I would never know. It is an amazing mentality.

Donald Trump Rips Democrats for Calling Supporters ‘Nazis’

“They view everybody as fascist and Nazis,” Trump said. “They use that term Nazi. This was a term, you could not even use it, now they use it on, like, a regular basis.”

President Trump said much more, but this is the headline. So let’s get something straight. It would be improper to call Trump supporters Nazis. What would be proper is to call Nazis Trump supporters. Here are a few.

Yes, those are Trump supporters, and if they are not Nazis, then they managed to fool a whole bunch of people into thinking they are. To be sure, these people never showed up at a Clinton rally showing support. Here are some more.

Could Donald Trump have been elected without the support of American Nazis and their ilk? Possibly so, but I noticed three years ago he did not go to great lengths to scare them away. They are his kind of people, and if you support this president, you are going to find yourself rubbing up against them. Enjoy it. I am.

People Unclear

This is number 81 of a series

I find it amazing that I am up to 81 postings in this series. Not really. Hydrogen is the most abundant substance in the universe. Number two is helium. Stupidity is a close third. Take the above. This came in a mailing from a Republican Party fund raiser: NRCC Product Alert <>. One would think they would know better. One would think in vain. Here’s the associated message:

Fellow Conservative,

We just released a very limited number of our new t-shirt.

You won’t find these anywhere else, and they will sell fast.

So make sure you get our brand new t-shirt before they are all gone!

President Trump has done an incredible job at helping our country grow in new ways and we want to support his efforts.

I want to say, “People, that’s not the message you want to be sending out.” Some background:

It started as a headline seemingly straight out of The Onion. Then it launched a torrent of jokes on late-night television and social media. And finally it exploded into a serious diplomatic rupturebetween the United States and one of its longtime allies.

In the latest only-in-Trumpland episode skating precariously along the line between farce and tragedy, the president of the United States on Wednesday attacked the prime minister of Denmark because she will not sell him Greenland — and found the very notion “absurd.”

Never mind that much of the rest of the world thought it sounded absurd as well. Amid a global laughing fit, Mr. Trump got his back up and lashed out, as he is wont to do, and called the prime minister “nasty,” one of his favorite insults, particularly employed against women who offend him, like Hillary Clinton and Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

All of which might be written off as just another odd moment in a presidency unlike any other. Except that attacking Denmark was not enough for the president. He decided to expand his target list to include NATO because, as he pointed out, Denmark is a member of the Atlantic alliance. And he chose to do this just two days before leaving Washington to travel to an international summit in France, which also happens to be a NATO member.

Yeah, when your guy makes an ass of himself in front of the whole world, you don’t want to be wagging it around. On this matter some people are definitely unclear.

Adding a note: I am guessing this t-shirt is going to take off. If it is not strongly copyrighted, somebody is going to launch a business selling these dirt cheap, and all manner of people will be wanting one. Does anybody want to speculate how long it will be before Joe Biden shows up at a rally wearing one?

This is your president speaking.

Number 220 in a series

And now a few words from the President of the United States.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump“Did George Bush ever condemn President Obama after Sandy Hook. President Obama had 32 mass shootings during his reign. Not many people said Obama is out of Control. Mass shootings were happening before the President even thought about running for Pres.”

5:47 AM · Aug 6, 2019

Call me a bleeding heart liberal if you want, but the president has a point here. I mean, there were plenty of mass shootings while Barack Obama was president, and nobody ever took him to task for it. We wonder why. Inquiring minds want to know. Here are some possibilities

  • I do not recall that President Obama ever caved in to the NRA and refused to promote legislation to restrict gun ownership.
  • I do not recall that President Obama called immigrants, legal and illegal, coming over the southern border “invaders.”
  • I do not recall that President Obama ever called right-wing, anti-immigration extremists “very nice people.”
  • Nobody noticed that President Obama was ever out of control. President Obama didn’t continually label mainstream news reporting as “fake news.” President Obama did not have sexual liaisons with multiple women and violate campaign laws attempting to suppress the information. No, President Obama was about as bland as presidents go, stirring up a minimum of drama.

We live in interesting times, with a president who is all over the map, wreaking havoc as havoc has not been wreaked by a president in anybody’s memory. Enjoy it while you can. It will not last.

I don’t make this stuff up.

Number 10 of the series

My aim is to limit these to no more than one a day. Let me know whenever I start to crowd the line. The problem is this stuff comes free and in greater quantities than robo calls. Here is the latest: <>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.comAug 10 at 10:37 PM


Since Joaquin Castro released the personal information of Trump Supporters in his district in an attempt to intimidate and demean them, conservatives across the country have been OUTRAGED.

First: They called us “Deplorables”

Then: They harassed and threatened us in public restaurants

Now: They’re attempting to intimidate us because of our support of the PresidentThe left doesn’t want you to have a voice. They want to silence you. They clearly don’t believe in a FREE country, where Americans can support whoever they choose.

We can’t let the radical left-wing mob silence us. We must fight back bigger and stronger than ever before.

We’ve been receiving thousands of emails, and phone calls from proud Trump donors asking how they can help amidst these vicious and disgraceful attacks on our fellow supporters.

Reality check: the foregoing was likely not penned by Mr. Trump personally. This is the kind of stuff ginned up by staff campaign workers. They want my money. That said, Mr. Trump’s name is attached, so he owns it, and I will proceed from there.

There is a heap to unpack here, so I will take on some interesting points. Start with, “Joaquin Castro released the personal information of Trump Supporters in his district in an attempt to intimidate and demean them.” Where do you want to go with that? Here is another way to read it. “Some people are pimping for a criminal enterprise, and the congressman wrote, in effect, “These people are pimping for a criminal enterprise.” Regarding intimidation, that is reprehensible, but it’s what a person should expect when he sets out at the beginning of the day to pimp for a criminal enterprise.

“They called us deplorables.” You have in mind another term?

“They’re attempting to intimidate us because of our support of the President.” See the above.

I don’t make this stuff up.

Number 9 of the series

The words of President Trump need to be preserved for posterity. Else in coming millennia people will accuse us of making this stuff up. To this end I subscribe to Donald Trump’s campaign feed. Here is the latest: <>
Aug 10 at 5:23 PM


Governor Gavin Newsom is certifiably insane.

He knows none of the 2020 BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALISTS can beat President Trump, and now he’s trying to take us down.

With the help of liberal California politicians, Governor Newsom is trying to unconstitutionally silence conservative voters by keeping the President OFF the 2020 ballot.

We can’t let that happen, John. We can’t let them get away with another pathetic ploy in the hopes of undermining OUR President.

So, with the help of the Republican National Committee, the entire Trump Campaign, and the California GOP, we are SUING THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA.

But, we can’t do this without the support of the American people. We’re calling on YOU to stand with the President and fight back against the unconstitutional actions of Governor Newsom and the State of California.

To paraphrase, “The governor of California is trying to keep President Trump off the 2020 ballot.” But how? Not made clear in this email, but known to all, the governor wants California to require all candidates running for the office of president to disclose their tax returns. States can do that, because states must certify each candidate before committing to send electoral votes to Washington. States get to set the rules.

Mr. Trump, by implication, contends the governor’s action is aimed solely at him, because he is the only candidate so far unwilling to disclose his tax returns. That would effectively keep Donald Trump off the California ballot and would deny candidate Trump California’s 55 electoral votes. That would deny Donald Trump the presidency in the 2020 elections.

No it wouldn’t, and for two reasons:

  1. Grass will grow on the moon before California voters agree to send 55 votes for Donald Trump to Washington.
  2. Donal Trump has already agreed to make his tax returns public, so it doesn’t matter whether California enacts such a law.

And all the rest is bull shit. I don’t have to make this stuff up, folks.