The Deplorables

Episode 50 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

Hey, look! I can post multiple of these every day with no sweat. Here is another.

Four years ago Hillary Clinton tossed away the conservative vote by calling out the “basket of deplorables” who supported candidate Trump. She could have used those votes in a few swing states.

Guess what. The deplorables are still here, and you should not watch for candidate Joe Biden to be so dismissive of them. He may not need to. From current polling we observe those deplorables may be the only ones still supporting Donald Trump.

I catch Rachel Maddow on YouTube whenever I can. Her commentary is always informed, and often she illustrates with graphics produced by the show’s staff. These are usually shots of headlines from other news sources, and they succinctly illustrate her talking points. The corruption and failures of the Trump administration are a prime target of hers, and I captured a few screen shots for posterity. They are stashed on my hard drive, and from time to time I will put up one of interest. Such as the above. This one says much. Before ascending to the highest office in this nation Donald Trump and his family lived a not-so-quiet life of white collar crime, one indication being their operation of a fraudulent university aimed at bilking thousands of victims. And American citizens voted for him. They were the deplorables.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 49 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

I catch Rachel Maddow on YouTube whenever I can. Her commentary is always informed, and often she illustrates with graphics produced by the show’s staff. These are usually shots of headlines from other news sources, and they succinctly illustrate her talking points. The corruption and failures of the Trump administration are a prime target of hers, and I captured a few screen shots for posterity. I have them stashed on my hard drive, and from time to time I will put up one of interest. Such as the above. This one says it all. Before ascending to the highest office in this nation Donald Trump and his family lived a not-so-quiet life of white collar crime. And American citizens voted for him.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 42 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

Slow day. Cooped up. Took a walk. Spoke to Jesus for a few minutes. Pulled weeds on the south side. Got cleaned up and tried to take a nap. Then I thought about a well-known criminal named Eric Trump, and that got me up and going.

Eric Trump <>

Mon, Jul 6 at 11:24 AM


The dishonesty from the media and their attempt to demean, harass, and slander anything related to my father and his administration is truly mind-boggling.

And then he asked for money. Ha!

The Deplorables

Episode 36 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

They keep sending it. I keep posting it. Here is some more.

Eric Trump <>Unsubscribe

Thu, Jun 18 at 4:12 PM


I am so proud of my father.

Ever since his famous escalator ride to announce his 2016 Presidential Campaign five years ago, the Democrats and Liberal Media haven’t stopped attacking him. The harder he fought for America, the harder they tried to bring him down.

But with YOUR help, he just keeps WINNING.

Then he asks me to send him some money.

Before getting into this treasured note from the son of Donald Trump, you can possibly use some historical background. President Trump’s former security advisor is telling us in his new book that foreign leaders have “marked” Donald Trump. What does it mean, “marked?” You need to know something about a character from the American frontier days.

He was Jefferson Randolph Smith II, and how he got the moniker “Soapy” is part of the story. Smith started off well enough, but something early in his life changed his trajectory radically. He figured to make a load of money driving a herd of cattle from Texas to the northern markets. He got to the rail head and cashed in. Then he met a man.

This man on the street was playing a game of three-card monte, a suckers game. The huckster has three cards laid out on a table (or a barrel head), face down. He shows one of the cards. Then his nimble hands swarm over the three cards, picking up one or two at a time and laying them down, changing the order of the cards. The sucker is supposed to bet he can spot the chosen card after the hands stop, but this is never possible. The huckster always wins, when he wants. He will typically allow a sucker, or somebody else—a collaborator, a shill—to win. See. You can win this game and take the huckster’s money.

Smith lost all his cattle earnings. Then he did the thing that changed his life. He did not seek revenge, but he had the huckster teach him the skill. Soon Smith was a master.

From there it was a zoom to the top, and Smith ran out his life as one of the greatest masters of corruption on the frontier. Eventually in Skagway he was killed in a gun fight with a rival—both died. But in between the first and the last he built and abandoned three major criminal empires.

One of Smith’s schemes was to sell soap, advertising that some money was packed inside one package of soap. He sold out all his soap at inflated prices and gained the name “Soapy Smith.”

But in one of his empires he had various businesses, including barber shops. The barbers would talk to customers as they cut hair, and they would steer likely suckers to Soapy. To be sure Soapy identified the sucker, the barber would cut a notch in the back of the dupe’s hair to mark him. To this day a “mark” is a person identified as a sucker. The President of the United States is a world class mark.

So Eric’s father keeps WINNING. Really? Let me check with Xi Jinping first.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 33 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

The Lord daily showers his blessings upon me. Here is one recent. <>Unsubscribe

Tue, Jun 16 at 7:35 PM


Why is the mainstream media’s opinion any more important than yours?

You have just as much of a right to your beliefs about America as they do, and it’s time for the Coastal Elites in the media to accept that.

Assuming this really is from Donald J. Trump, I have little regard for the opinion of the mainstream media. They have their thoughts; I have mine. I form my thoughts by watching your actions. Today I am especially enjoying the word from your former national security advisor that you finagled with PRC President Xi Jinping for help with your 2020 campaign. Baby Cheeks, the mainstream media could not invent anything as deplorable as this. It had to come from your innermost being.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 29 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

Happiness is having somebody on the government payroll writing my material for me. Here’s the latest. <>Unsubscribe

Thu, Jun 11 at 12:09 PM


While Democrats are pledging to turn America into a BIG GOVERNMENT SOCIALIST Nation, President Trump is pledging to fight for YOU.

The ticket will come down to President Trump vs. Sleepy Joe, and we need to know where you stand, John. It’s going to be an uphill battle heading into November, which is why President Trump needs to make sure he has your support.

I need to tell you, readers, this came just in time. Before my eyes were opened I was prepared to vote for guy named Sleep Joe. I realize now my real intent is to vote for the guy who lived his life as a white-collar criminal and humped porn stars.

If it’s a choice between some Sleepy Joe Character and a president who will sell out his country for a political favor, then I’m going for Mr. Art of the Deal every time.

And I like a president with a touch of sin.

So, I guess the election is settled. Why wait for November?


And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 26 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

The aforementioned “American crime family” rightly includes President Donald Trump, his immediate descendants, and the politicians who sleep with him. Donald Trump, Jr. is a particular salient of this collection. His tweets rival those of the titular crime boss, and I often wonder. Does Junior compose these, himself, or is there a staff assigned? If he is the actual author, then his eloquence exceeds expectations of his mentality and of the amount of free time he would have for such devotion.

In any account, here is one of his latest.

Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr

Tell that to the family of CAPTAIN DAVID DORN you absolute hack.

Brian Stelter @brianstelter

Tuesday night’s @ReliableSources is about the “riot” lie:

6:22 AM · Jun 10, 2020·Twitter for iPhone

I am sure many of my readers will not believe this, but this found me absolutely clueless. What is DJr talking about, and, furthermore, what is this reference to Brian Stelter and the “riot lie?” I had to do some research.

Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy are with CNN, Donald Trumps most favorite news source (just kidding), and yesterday Stelter posted this:

Watch Fox News for a few hours, and you might think rioters are still prowling America’s biggest cities, smashing windows and stealing handbags. You might think Minneapolis is still burning. You might think the unrest is getting worse.

In the “Fox & Friends” and “Hannity” alternative universe, the rioting is still a present-tense threat and could restart at any time. This is contradicted by every news report from every other outlet. The story now is about peaceful, powerful, sustained protest all across the country. But “riot porn” video is irresistible to Fox’s producers and hosts, even though the video is out of date now.

I’ve been noticing this for several days now. Sometimes the video has a little label in the corner with the date, like “May 28” for fires in Minneapolis, but not always. And if you think the label is sufficient, you’re kidding yourself. The video is often accompanied by talk of “unrest,” violence and inner-city chaos. One of the banners on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night said “GROWING LAWLESSNESS IN MAJOR CITIES.” His show, and others, have been blurring the unrest seen in the wake of George Floyd’s death with other, generalized types of crime. Statements like “we have to restore law and order” have implied that law and order has not been restored.

You may not believe it, but I seldom link up to Fox, so I need to take Stelter’s word that Fox was doing this or is still doing this. Their past pattern leads me to believe Stelter.

So DJr responds, suggesting Stelter tell his story to “the family of CAPTAIN DAVID DORN.” Of course, I knew immediately what this referred to. No I did not. Clueless again. I had to look it up.

Dorn was a retired police captain, and without a doubt he was murdered by somebody involved in the looting of a pawn shop in St. Louis a week ago. So here appears to be the essence of the dialectic. Stelter points out that Fox continues to fan news of the rioting and the looting, even after this firestorm has abated considerably. Yes, there was rioting and looting last week. Yes, it was much worse the previous week. No, this week is nothing like before. Yes, one of the banners on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday night said “GROWING LAWLESSNESS IN MAJOR CITIES.” No, the lawlessness is not growing. Yes, Stelter is right. Yes, DRr has it wrong, again.

For the record—yes, DJr was in a criminal scheme with his father to shift money from a phony charity into their own pockets. Yes, President Trump plays to baseless claims about the police brutality protests. Enjoy the view.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 25 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

There is no help for me. I’m being overwhelmed. The shit is coming faster than I can shovel it. Here’s the latest.

Official Trump Polling <>Unsubscribe

Tue, Jun 9 at 12:01 PM


For the first time in a long time, we have a President who is putting America First with every decision that he makes.

While the Fake News media refuses to report the truth about all of President Trump’s efforts to Keep America Safe, he has never stopped delivering on his promises:

The WALL is being FINISHED – we recently completed 100 brand-new miles
We replaced the failing NAFTA with the USMCA – a massive WIN for American workers
He’s ensured our military is well-funded, trained, and equipped for battle
And, his administration is combating cyberattacks by foreign governments and rogue nations.

Finally, we have a President who KEEPS his promises to put AMERICA FIRST.

This is amazing news, even coming from a Trump source. Just when I think these people can’t juice up even more, they surprise me. What to say?

Start by being impressed to learn President Trump has at last decided to put AMERICA FIRST. See, I too, have an all-caps key on my computer. But back to misters Fruman and Parnas. it is refreshing to see that you have thrown these agents of a foreign power “under the bus.” I guess now that Republican senators have decided to acquit you of charges relating to the their actions, you have decided to finally put AMERICA FIRST. Please feel free to pardon them. We will not be surprised.

I am also glad to note your continued mention of the Fake News media. I had feared their continued reporting on your crimes and awkward reversals would have convinced you they were right all along. Keep up this line. It continues to assure us the Republicans have not done away with you and run a ringer in your place.

And I note the WALL is being FINISHED. Golly gee, you completed 100 brand new miles. Please tell me these are not the 100 brand new miles you reported months ago. It is also good to see Mexico has finally agreed to pay for it.

Replaced NAFTA? The USMCA is a massive WIN (all caps) for American workers? You may need to check on that.

Your statement about the military being well-funded and equipped amazes me, since it appeared to be so when you came into office.

And I am glad your administration is combating cyber attacks from rogue nations. I guess that was never done before your time.

Anyhow, keep up the good work, and give my regards to Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. You should be seeing them soon, like February next year when their trial begins. Golly, I am so impressed to have a President of the United States on a first name basis with notorious international criminals. I agree with you. Obama was deadly dull.

The Deplorables

Episode 23 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

People, I was not lying when I said I receive more of these than I can handle. In this post I will take a cut at working off some of the backlog. Begin with this from a member of America’s most famous white collar crime family.

Eric Trump <>Unsubscribe

Sat, Jun 6 at 2:15 PM


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my father will go down in history as THE greatest American President of all time.

He knows that none of this would have been possible without great Americans, like YOU, who believed in him from the very beginning. You’ve always been one of my father’s most loyal supporters, and now he wants to make you a very exclusive offer.

And he asks for money.

Forget that he knows that none of this would have been possible without great Americans like ME. That is surely a mistake of some kind. But, hey? Mistakes happen. Eric Trump’s father proves that.

But I am being told Eric’s father will go down in history as THE greatest American president of all time. Who is to doubt it. He tells us this all the time.

We may quibble on the “stable” part.

So much for small Eric. Let’s see what else is in the pipeline. This one is headlined Media Bias Survey.

Polling Director (via America First Action) <>Unsubscribe

Sat, Jun 6 at 12:30 PM


We’re sure that you’ve seen the unfairly biased and constant attacks that the Fake News Media have been making on President Trump as he leads the country in unprecedented times.

What do you think, John?

Apparently the Fake News Media are treating somebody’s pet unfairly. And they want to know what I think. No, they do not want to know what I think. But here it is anyway. What I think is the Trump family is about the most corrupt to ever ascent to this level in American politics, and I think the “Fake News Media” are being way to soft on them. Beyond that, President Donald Trump is receiving a fraction of what he has coming. The word “Fake” in the term “Fake News Media” gives a novel definition of the word. The much maligned media reported on the Trump impeachment trial, and wee saw all the witnesses recounting under oath what went on with the Ukraine scandal, and we saw the president blocking the testimony of others. We also saw, and the media reported, President Trump firing people who came forth to oppose his criminality.

Now you know what I think.

This one is from our senior senator representing Texas in the Senate.

John Cornyn <>Unsubscribe

Wed, Jun 3 at 5:06 PM


I wanted to make sure you saw…

Joe Biden? Elizabeth Warren? Kamala Harris? Beto O’Rourke? Eric Holder?

If you’re okay with them trying to dictate how we do things here in Texas, go ahead and close this email.

Wow! Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren. Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, Eric Holder, and bears. Oh my!

Senator, thank you so much for forwarding this information to me. I had not realized this cast of unrulies were scheming to run our state. Well, I am with you. I will not have it. For running our great state I would rather have you and your friend the pussy grabber. Yes, before I would allow any of the aforementioned scoundrels withing an inch of the state of Texas I would prefer to have this exemplary piece of humanity.

Nobody respects the military as much as Donald Trump.

“I wouldn’t go to war with you people,” Trump told the assembled brass.

Addressing the room, the commander in chief barked, “You’re a bunch of dopes and babies.”

Rucker, Philip. A Very Stable Genius (p. 136). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Rather than have a bunch of the liberal crazies calling the shots, give me the may who set up a phony charity to put money into his own pocket. I want the guy who operated a fake university and bilked suckers out of millions of dollars.

By the way, Senator Cornyn. You have been standing so close to Donald Trump that some of his shit has rubbed off on you. Tell me again who is going to run against you in November. I need to write a check.

Your Friend The Handgun

Number 220 of a Series

People, you never know when you will find yourself in danger. That is why you need to take your piece with you wherever you go.

Two McDonald’s workers shot by customer irate dining room closed over coronavirus

BY JOHN BOWDEN – 05/07/20 09:55 AM EDT

Two McDonald’s employees in Oklahoma City were injured in a shooting Wednesday after police say a woman became irate after they were told that the store’s lobby was closed for dine-in customers.

Local ABC affiliate KOCO reported that the unidentified woman, who police said was in custody, drew a firearm at some point during a confrontation with employees in the store, firing upon them and injuring two 16-year-old male workers. Police initially thought two suspects were involved but later revised that number to one.

Yes, you never know when one of those burger flippers is going to turn on you.

The Deplorables

Episode 20 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

I love it when I get these emails from children of President Donald Trump. Who would believe such an outward face of innocence emanating from a notorious American crime family? Here is what Donald Trump Jr. had to say

Donald Trump Jr. <>Unsubscribe

Wed, May 27 at 9:57 PM

I emailed you three times.

I texted you three times.

I am sorry that your inbox is being bombarded by my messages. But, this is critical.

My father is counting on you, Fellow Conservative. If we’re going to support my dad and demolish the radical left’s majority, we must fund every critical race between now and Election Day.

He says he mailed me three times. I believe him. I have received at least that many emails from Donald Trump Jr..

He says he texted me three times. I believe that, as well. A check of my phone logs shows as many such texts or more.

He is sorry my in box is being bombarded. No need to apologize. I welcome these emails. I signed up for them. They make my day. That’s what got me to this during an otherwise dull day of self-quarantine..

He says his father (President Donald J. Trump) is counting on me. He wants my help financing his re-election campaign. I’m beginning to wonder about that. I recall father Trump promising to finance his own campaign. And why not? I mean, here is a person who, from all appearances, manufactures wealth out of thin air.

Take, for example, the way he inflated the valuation of his Seven Springs Estate in Bedford, New York. And a remarkable feat this was. Observing the graphic above we see how the property, purchased at $7.5M in 1995 advanced smartly to $19M in 2013. That was a wise investment on your father’s part. It validates his claim to be an astute businessman.

Even more astute was how your father—obviously floored at the sight—saw the value rise to $291M in 2012, just at the time when he needed it to collateralize a loan from Deutsche Bank when he was attempting to purchase the Buffalo Bills football franchise. Fortunate was the timing, because immediately afterward the value dropped to $19M the following year, rising slightly to $20M in 2017. As they say in real estate, it’s timing, timing, timing. And a little fudging.

Junior, I’m thinking if your father can pull off something like that merely to purchase a football team, then he can perform even more spectacular feats to finance his own campaign. I will sit back and watch.

And thanks for writing.


Coming Apart at the Seams, A Series

Have we reached the low point yet? Don’t bank on it. Here is the most recent from a president unhinged.

Official Trump Polling <>Unsubscribe

Sat, May 23 at 4:49 PM


Obamagate is the biggest political crime in our Nation’s history.

Barack Obama will forever be remembered as the disgraced former President who used federal law enforcement in an attempt to hurt his political opponents.

His administration, including Sleepy Joe Biden, “illegally spied” on President Trump and his 2016 campaign and then LIED about it – we can’t let them get away with it.

The President trusts what you think, John, which is why he’s asked us personally to reach out to you and get your thoughts on how he should proceed with handling the greatest HOAX of all time.

Yes, Obamagate. Oh, to have a scandal named after me.

Available for all to see, this is a contrived scandal that so far has acquired a hackneyed name and may or may not be searching for an associated crime.

What is apparent to all, even hard-line Republicans, is this is designed to be a distraction from Donald Trump’s failure of leadership in the current crisis as well as being a distraction from his own criminal acts while in office. That the President of the United States continues to become unhinged is no doubt. I will be pulling from his stream of consciousness on average once a day for your enjoyment. My fondest hope is to see the tap remain wide open well past election day in November. Keep reading.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

Bad Joke of the Week

One of a Continuing Series

The Bad Joke of the Week is typically devoted to contrived, humorous stories. This week it’s a piece of news you will find funny.

Nathan Wayne Pugh, 49, a bank robber who abided by a Dallas teller’s request to provide two forms of identification before she could give him money, has been sentenced to more than eight years in prison.

The buffoon in the photo above is also a bad joke candidate, but not for a mere week.

The Deplorables

Episode 17 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

The title of this blog is “Skeptical Analysis,” and its intent is skeptical analysis of matters that require some skepticism or some analysis. A Facebook friend months ago chided me for my stance on current President Donald Trump, asking why I was giving him such a rough ride while a passel of Democratic politicians appear to be getting a free ride. It deserves some explanation.

First of all, Donald Trump is a fountainhead of untruth and other maters that require a load of skepticism. These days Trump and his extended crime family suck all the gas, leaving little for dealing with those wicked and liberal Democrats.

Second, it is not a bunch of Democrats and liberals going around claiming Mexico is going to pay for a border wall, and it’s not a bunch of Democrats and liberals going around telling people that global warming is a Chinese hoax. Also, Democrats and liberals are not tipping the hat to a crowd of low-enders parading and chanting “Jews will not replace us.” And carrying Confederate flags and flashing swastikas. Fact is, I don’t ever recall the low-end crowd showing up at a Democratic candidate’s rally and cheering them on.

And third, when credit is due, I paste one on a Democrat/liberal who shows drift toward the loony side of the road. In particular, Hillary Clinton’s bizarre Christianity caught some flack on this blog a few years back.

Having digested all that, how am I supposed to respond when I receive one of these: <>
Sun, May 3 at 12:25 PM


The Radical Left is trying to STEAL THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIVES, so President Trump is calling on you to join his White House Defense Team.

Democrats have proven they’ll stop at nothing to try and take down OUR President. Just take a look at some of the ridiculous things they’ve already tried:

  • Stuffing the ballot boxes with FAKE and FRAUDULENT votes
  • Rigging the Democrat Party nomination in favor of Sleepy Joe
  • Impeaching President Trump when he DID NOTHING WRONG
    Countless BASELESS Witch Hunts
  • Attempting to keep President Trump OFF the ballots in California\
  • Weaponizing the coronavirus investigative committee against the President

President Trump knows that the attacks from the Left are only going to get worse, which is why he’s calling on YOU to join our White House Defense Team so that you can help him FIGHT BACK.

I omitted part of the preamble that indicted me as a “supporter.” And that’s a point worthwhile. I understand this email is aimed at supporters, and it says much of what the Trump campaign thinks of his supporters.

Trump supporters think Democrats are stuffing ballot boxes with fake and fraudulent votes, the terms “fake” and “fraudulent” being redundant.

They want supporters (and some Democrats, as well) to believe the Democratic nomination was rigged. Full disclosure: I voted in the primary, and I did not vote for Sanders. It’s because Sanders did not receive enough votes that Joe Biden got the nomination.

Trump supporters are presumed to be the type who think the stuff he does is not wrong. Trump was impeached for selling out his office for personal favor, and the Trump campaign is sure his supporters believe there is nothing wrong with it.

I have to think about the charge Democrats tried to keep Trump off the California ballot. As I recall this had to do with the California Republicans deciding not to hold a primary, denying Republican voters the opportunity to select anybody else. There is some history behind this, and if you have had a course in American History you will know that decades ago the courts decided the days of dealing inside a closed room to select a candidate were past.

Regarding the last item, President Donald Trump screwed up big time with his handling of the current pandemic, and Democrats—this being an election year—are feverish to make sure he is held accountable. This is no time to let bygones be bygones. Donald Trump is a corrupt and inept administrator, and even a bunch of Republicans are coming around to that conclusion.

Final analysis: there is not much to be skeptical of here. Somebody once made the comparison of a dead mackerel in the moonlight, “It shines, and it stinks.” There are conclusions that are impossible to avoid.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

The Deplorables

Episode 14 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

Nothing original here. My aim is to draw attention to a recent item about Donald Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner. The criminal conviction of Jared’s father, Charles Kushner, for fraud is public knowledge, and has nothing to do with the younger Kushner. The criminal activity cited in this news item lies totally at the feet of the famous son-in-law:

Jared Kushner’s company filed fake rent-control paperwork about its properties in order to turn a massive profit

In case the term “rent control” is not familiar, here is a refresher:

As of 2019, five states (California, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Oregon) and the District of Columbia have localities in which some form of residential rent control is in effect (for normal structures, excluding mobile homes). Thirty-seven states either prohibit or preempt rent control, while eight states allow their cities to enact rent control, but have no cities that have implemented it. For the localities with rent control, it often covers a large percentage of that city’s stock of rental units: For example, in some of the largest markets: in New York City in 2011, 45% of rental units were either “rent stabilized” or “rent controlled”, (these are different legal classifications in NYC) in the District of Columbia in 2014, just over 50% of rental units were rent controlled, in San Francisco, as of 2014, about 75% of all rental units were rent controlled, and in Los Angeles in 2014, 80% of multifamily units were rent controlled.

And that is all I’m going to say about rent control, except the concept has been around for about 100 years in this country, and I first became aware of it in New York City by way of items in the news 60 years ago. The matter crops up in popular media from time to time.

The TV series The Equalizer, starred Edward Woodward as Robert McCall, a veteran operative who uses his skills to protect the under class in NYC. In one episode a landlord is conniving to force tenants to vacate their rent-controlled apartments. The idea is once a property is vacated the rent-control restrictions go away. We see gang members roaming the building, producing a threatening atmosphere. We also see phony construction activity that makes life miserable for tenants. That last is what I recalled when I read the subject news item:

Instead, current and former tenants of the Queens buildings told the AP that they were subjected to extensive construction, with banging, drilling, dust and leaking water that they believe were part of targeted harassment to get them to leave and clear the way for higher-paying renters.

“It was noisy, there were complaints, I got mice,” said mailman Rudolph Romano, adding that the Kushner Cos. tried to increase his rent by 60 percent, an accusation the company denied. “They cleaned the place out. I watched the whole building leave.”

The matter of NYC’s rent control pops up in the Tom Hanks film, The Bonfire of the Vanities.

Finally, Sherman is left without any allies to support him except for the sympathetic Judge Leonard White and the remorseful Fallow. Fallow gains a tremendous advantage and insight into the case when he is dating a woman who is the sub-letting landlord of Maria’s apartment, and knows of secret recordings of conversations in the apartment made by the authorities to prove that the woman is not in fact living in the rent-controlled apartment herself. She discovers information about the McCoy case (where Maria states she was driving the car), which she gives to Fallow, who in turn covertly supplies it to McCoy’s defense attorney. Sherman gets his hands on a tape and plays the recording in court, where it reveals Maria directly contradicting the evidence she has just given, showing she has been perjuring herself and causing her to faint. Sherman plays the tape in a tape recorder inside his briefcase connected to a small loudspeaker that he holds on the desk.

It’s a fun movie that did not make any money, and I will do a review if I ever get a copy.

Anyhow, Jared Kushner’s company filed false paperwork declaring specified properties had no rent-control tenants, allowing him to skirt the law and to make considerable profits. It is not necessary for me to remind people this is a criminal enterprise, and practices such as this come to mind whenever Kushner and the Trumps attempt to assert the high road.

Jared and Ivanka both obtained government security clearances after initially being denied. The people who run a criminal enterprise have access to our government’s most closely held information.

I’m concerned. You should be, as well.

The Deplorables

Episode 13 In The Further Adventures Of An American Crime Family

Donald Trump, Jr., is the oldest son of the current President of the United States. Below you will see a tweet he recently posted. It shows something by Brad Parscale, manager for Donald Trump’s 2020 election campaign. It’s a video which is supposed to be insulting to Nancy Pelosi, although she is only referred to by her first name. Nancy Pelosi is the former Speaker of the House who regained that position after the first two years of the Trump presidency turned into such a shambles that Democrats flooded back into the House in a wave.

Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr

Nancy is so accustomed to the media doing her bidding that she doesn’t even realize how despicable/tone deaf this is. Perhaps this perspective is why she’s been so partisan and not cared about Americans & their families suffering through this crisis! RT

11:16 AM · Apr 21, 2020

Junior wants us to realize how despicable and tone deaf Speaker Pelosi is, all the while failing to notice the position he and the rest of his family hold and have long held. Junior, you want to see despicable and tone deaf? I will show you despicable and tone deaf.

Yes, Junior. That one at the top is about the phony charity you and your family foisted on people, taking their money and putting it in your pockets. It was a crime, and you were a willing participant. Please, no more from you and your kind about “despicable.”

People Unclear

This is number 96 of a series

The campaign is getting into swing, and stuff is coming at me faster than I can post one a day. Here is another who appears to be unclear on some of the basics. From an email I just received.

Brigadier General (Ret) Doug Slocum <>
To:John Blanton
Wed, Apr 22 at 11:55 AM


I hope you and your family are staying safe and well. I’m Brigadier General Doug Slocum, but people call me by my fighter pilot call sign, “Odie.”

I’ve spent my whole life serving our country in the United States Air Force, and now I’m running to serve our country again in Congress.

I was an early supporter of President Trump, and won’t hesitate to fight alongside him to build a wall, protect the unborn, and keep America GREAT.

Whoa! Hold on there a minute, Odie. Let me come to grips what you just said. You spent your whole life serving your country, and now you have decided to throw your support to a person who has betrayed your country by trying to shake down a wartime ally for personal gain? Let me hope this is not the new patriotism. Also let me hope this is not the new morality. The person you are aligning yourself with is a known grifter and white collar criminal. Please let us know you have some small objection to this kind of business.

We can hope in vain.

People Unclear

This is number 94 of a series

Is there a better definition for “chutzpah?” Please send it to me. That’s because Donald Trump, Jr. has it nailed. See this.

Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr

When the look on two CNN “journalists” faces is total confusion and utter disbelief that this is the Democratic nominee you know you have a problem. Even the fakest name in news can’t fake taking this drivel seriously.

10:00 PM · Apr 16, 2020

To let you know, the Junior is having a go at ridicule. He’s poking some fun at Trump opponent Joe Biden when he should, himself, be wary of showing his face in public.

Under a settlement, the president admitted he had used his charity to bolster his campaign and settle business debts.

Yes, the President of the United States had to pay $2 million after being caught running a phony charity. So why am I on the matter of the Trump Charity when this is supposed to be about Donald Junior? Read more from the New York Times item.

As part of the settlement, Mr. Trump’s three children who were officers of the foundation — Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump — were ordered to undergo mandatory training to ensure they do not engage in similar misconduct in the future.

Yes, the guy up there trying to poke fun at a political opponent is, himself, a demonstrated criminal. Clearly somebody did not get the message. Somebody is still unclear.


An Intellect Without Equal: Number 19

I continue to plow through the book by Philip Rucker and Carol D. Leonnig. My original intent was to pick excerpts that give insight into Donald Trump’s sorry mental state. I am finding there is an example on nearly every page.

Donald Trump’s pure genius continues to manifest as he allowed his children to use positions of power in the government to further their personal interests.

White House lawyers were concerned that Ivanka’s business interests created potentially huge ethical quagmires. In addition to her clothing company, she was involved in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, which could easily become a direct conflict with her White House role.

Rucker, Philip. A Very Stable Genius (p. 20). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Only a political genius of enormous magnitude would lay out a minefield such as this and proceed to step boldly into it.

People Unclear

This is number 91 of a series

Sometimes I feel like Bob Dylan:

There ain’t no use in me working all the time
I got a woman who works herself blind
Works up to her britches, up to her neck
Writes me letters and sends me checks

Yeah, I feel like that these days. There were times past when I scrambled to find something to feed the blog machine. No more. Like the song says, I got a woman who works herself blind providing material. Others, too, of course. Here is a recent contribution.

Melania Trump <>
Wed, Mar 4 at 10:41 AMJohn,

I LOVE being your First Lady.

Donald and I have been overwhelmed by all of the incredible people we’ve met all across the country these past few years.While I’ve LOVED getting to meet so many Patriotic Americans, there’s still one person I haven’t met.

All right! I am sure the First Lady of the United States did not personally write that bit of revelation. However, her name is at the top, so she owns it, and the first thing I notice is she is definitely unclear on a number of matters. I will take only one: “Donald and I have been overwhelmed by all of the incredible people we’ve met all across the country these past few years.” What I need to do is introduce you, Mrs. Trump, to some of the patriotic Americans you have met in the past few years.

I wait breathlessly for another reminder of all those patriotic Americans you have met in the past few years.