Quid Pro Quo

Closing it Down, Number 4 in a Series

This is just getting started. I’m never going to run out of these. I have a guy who works for the government to write these for me. Here is a recent one.

Donald J. Trump <contact@victory.donaldtrump.com>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.comDec 6 at 6:56 PM




The Do Nothing Democrats had a historically bad day the other day and now Nancy is trying to cover up for it by calling for her minions to proceed with Articles of Impeachment.

They just announced that they are going to seek to IMPEACH me over NOTHING. This means that beyond the important and seldom used act of IMPEACHMENT, it will be used routinely to ATTACK future Presidents that Party leaders don’t agree with.

This is not what our Founders had in mind. The Democrats have NO impeachment case and are demeaning our great Country at YOUR expense. But, nothing matters to them – they have gone absolutely insane.


Nancy and her corrupt party have proven that there is no line they won’t cross to try and STEAL the 2020 Election. The biggest WITCH HUNT in the history of politics has reached a critical point, and I need YOU to be on the right side of history with me.

The DC Swamp wants impeachment. The Hollywood Elites want impeachment. The Fake News wants impeachment. The Deep State wants impeachment. Foreign enemies want impeachment. The Establishment wants impeachment. They all HATE you, John, and that’s why they want to steal your vote.

It’s US against THEM. Make no mistake this is a war, and a war we must win to save the United States of America.

I’m calling on my most FIERCE and LOYAL defenders to step up to the front lines of this Impeachment war and show the Left that we will NEVER stop fighting.

If the mail header is to be believed this is from the President of the United States. And we have to believe it, because this is President Donald J. Trump, and who would claim to be who was not? This is worth unpacking. Start with Pelosi will impeach.

Yeah, Jack. Nancy Pelosi is going to impeach your sorry ass. You perhaps had something else in mind when you started cozying up to enemies of the United States, all the while putting the arm on a military ally to coerce them to give yourself political leverage? You did not know this stuff is against the law and you would be impeached if you did it? You have perhaps been vacationing on Mars for the past 50 years? Yeah, Nancy is going to impeach you. In the words of a famous presidential chief of staff, “Get over it.”

You did nothing wrong? You did not create a phony charity foundation and then use it as your ATM? You did not also enlist the national treasury as your personal cash machine by funneling tax dollars into your private enterprises? You did not fire government employees who refused to stop investigating your crimes? You did not order government employees to not testify on what they know of your crimes? You are, perhaps, thinking of a different definition of “nothing wrong?”

You say the Democrats had a bad day. Mr. President, you had a bad day in November last year when the American electorate rose up and put into office people who would no longer ignore your abuse of office? Get over it.

They are going to impeach you over nothing? Dude, you have a lifetime history of white collar crime, and you carried that life style into the office of President, and you think Congress is going to allow you to continue to abuse the office? Come back from vacation, Mr. President.

“This is not what our Founders had in mind.” Really? Let me do some research into that. Ah, yes. From the James Madison archives we have this note: “And if Donald J. Trump is ever allowed to become President you need to impeach his sorry ass.” Yeah, that is what the founders had in mind. And yes, I am willing to pay for the investigations and the trial. Get over it.

Yeah, Nancy. How can you impeach a President [who] did nothing wrong? Why not impeach Donald Trump, instead. So, Donald, get over it.

Nancy and the Democrats represent a corrupt party? If Pelosi and the Democratic Party are corrupt, then what is left to call the Republicans who overlooked your criminal activities for two years while Democrats were locked out of power in the House of Representatives? Perhaps corruption needs a fresh definition. So get over it.

The DC Swamp wants impeachment. The Hollywood elites want impeachment. The Fake News wants impeachment. The Deep State wants impeachment. Foreign enemies want impeachment. The Establishment wants impeachment. I want impeachment. So get over it.

This is war? If this be war, then make the most of it. Saddle up and get it on President Bone Spurs.

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