Houston, we have a problem.

Number 15 of a series

I must apologize profusely for my obsession with Texas Senator John Cornyn. The fact is he will run for re-election next year, and he is beginning to feel the heat for his continued defense of President Trump. Does that explain the volume of email I receive from the Cornyn campaign? You decide. Here is something recent.

John Cornyn <info@johncornyn.com>
To: jf_blanton@yahoo.com26 at 5:03 PM


Open borders, early release of violent criminals and rampant drug problems. That’s what Nancy Pelosi and her liberal cronies want for the Lone Star state.

But this is Texas, not San Francisco. You earn your living.

In Texas, we want working folks to keep their hard-earned money, not have it taxed away to give free healthcare to illegal immigrants.

I can’t fight Pelosi’s cronies alone.  That’s why I’m asking you for your help.

Got my name right again. That’s a good start.

:Open borders, early release of violent criminals and rampant drug problems.” Senator, look around. These appear to be the same problems facing your home state. And this is Texas, and, yes, this is not San Francisco. I’ve been to San Francisco, and this is definitely San Antonio. And your point being? We are left to guess.

Actually, I am retired, so I am not one of those hard-working Texans, but I appreciate all those hard-working Texans, one of which I was previously one. And, no. I do not oppose providing health care for aliens, legal or otherwise. People need to be kept alive, and they need health care, because they are people and not animals. And health care is not free, and we all pay for it. Apparently you have a problem with this reality, or else you think I should. How about you do some growing up.

Senator Cornyn pleads he cannot fight Pepsi’s cronies alone. Really? Then, Senator, you are so screwed, because I plan to write a significant check to the campaign of whoever runs against you next year. Your continued wrong-headed positions on matters you describe and your continued support for the criminality of the Trump administration make you a liability for the state of Texas. We hope to see the last of you in the United States Senate in the near future.

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