Breitbart Mentality

Number 6

Caught me! My cover is blown. Yes, I do subscribe to Breitbart’s news stream. The proof is the screen shot above from an email I received yesterday.. I reproduce it here to further the conversation on Breitbart mentality. Here are some specifics.

Notice the banner: “LIBERAL LOVE AND KINDNESS.” It works this way. Liberals want you to think they are loving and kind. But we can show they are not. It’s called the straw man argument. You pose a premise that is easily knocked down: liberals profess to be loving and kind. It’s a straw man that is easily knocked down, to wit: this example. A liberal Democrat, new to Congress this month, has called President Trump a motherfucker. Bad, bad. Some reality.

Lots of my liberal friends profess to be loving and kind, and that is largely true. However, not all liberals are loving and kind, just as not all conservatives are cold-hearted and cruel. When they want to be, liberals can be most cruel, especially when they tell the truth. Here is some truth to you from me, a professed liberal. It is not loving and kind. It is the truth:

Note to Breitbart: please purchase a sense of irony.

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