People Unclear

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I subscribe to a number of conservative sources. Where else can I go to get such exciting stuff? Take this from a recent email:

Petition (via NRCC HQ) <>
Dec 26 at 11:25 AM

Trump’s agenda has been incredible:

1. Our GDP grew at an astonishing 4.2%.
2. 4 million jobs have been added since Trump took office.
3. Efforts have begun to fund a wall on our southern border.

BUT — Nancy Pelosi wants to stop all of Trump’s great success.

Call me a bleeding heart liberal if you want, but I consider that to be a resounding set of accomplishments. I mean, I’m beginning to wonder why I didn’t vote for this Trump character two years ago. President Obama must be squirming right now. Let’s look at the comparisons:

Yes, that’s GDP growth per year for Obama years (blue) and Trump years (red). Trump’s first two years nearly equaled a couple of years during Obama’s last term. That’s impressive.

And some more:

  • Employment rose by 1.213 million during Obama’s first term (4 years). That’s piss poor.
  • Employment rose by 10.288 million during Obama’s second term (4 years). That’s only 25% better than Trumps first two years (not quite finished). Obama is surely distressed over this.

It is apparent to all who will see that President Trump is on track to almost equal President Obama’s best term. Well done. I doubt I could have done as well had I been elected, which I was not.

And finally, President Trump is making excellent progress toward building a wall along our border with Mexico. And Mexico is paying for it. Or else somebody is unclear on a few matters.

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