This is your President speaking.

Number 155 in a series

And now a few words from the President of the United States:

Billions of dollars are, and will be, coming into United States coffers because of Tariffs. Great also for negotiations – if a country won’t give us a fair Trade Deal, we will institute Tariffs on them. Used or not, jobs and businesses will be created. U.S. respected again!

Amazing! It’s almost as though somebody else is going to pay those taxes. What a deal! Congress cuts income taxes, the president signs off on the legislation, income taxes are now cut, with lower income brackets getting bumped up again in a few years. Now there’s a massive deficit looming. How to fix it? Re-institute the tax in a new form. Now all Americans are going to pay these new taxes—businesses, as well. But only if the businesses keep doing business, and if buyers keep buying products. My guess is some of this activity is going to shrink. Who would have thought?

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