The Apple and the Tree

The distance is measured in inches. This is number 2.

Full disclosure: I subscribe to Donald Trump’s Twitter feed, for this very purpose. There is  a problem however. Confusion arises from time to time. I spot a juicy morsel, prepared to pounce. Then I pull up short. This was not posted by the President of the United States, although it was posted from the same tree. To wit:

Mark Levin: The attacks on Trump and his family are ‘unparalleled in American history!’

4:54 AM – 3 Mar 2018

All right. Those are not the words of Donald J. Trump Jr. That bit of silliness was posted by Mark Levin, a conservative radio and TV personality famous for his attacks on all things not conservative. Mark Levin is the person who decided the attacks on Donald Trump and his family (including Donald Jr.) are unparalleled. It was Donald Jr. who decided the comment was worth re-posting. The world wonders. We wonder what Donald Jr. would post if he had nothing to pull from a nearby source. Perhaps:

I love it.

This pertaining to the suggestion that he and other campaign officials attend a meeting with a Russian lawyer who might have dirt to dish on opponent Hillary Clinton.

Regarding Mark Levin’s comment: “The attacks on Trump and his family are unparalleled in American history!” Dude, get a grip on reality.

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