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Repeating from a previous post:

It would appear this is not going to end anytime soon. For the record:

schlemiel: an inept clumsy person; a bungler; a dolt (Yiddish שלעמיל shlemil from Hebrew שלא מועיל “ineffective”) (OED, MW)

Yes. We do have a Schlemiel-in-Chief. And, as much money as it is costing me, it’s worth it for the entertainment value. Let’s get to the story.

Yes, White House Communications Director Hope Hicks is resigning, leaving her position, leaving government service, going to seek other career opportunities. And there is no doubt that a brilliant future awaits, for she, as opposed to others, has exhibited talent and promise. She follows Sean Spicer (acting), Mike Dubke, and  Anthony Scaramucci through the door, at 170 days beating them all in length of tenure. A problem has been that her job included papering over Donald Trump’s ass with fabricated statements.

Yes, when the story broke that Trump campaign people met with a Russian lawyer close to the Putin government in June 2016, she helped craft the statement that it was “all about adoption.” And how did that play out?

“Adoption” has acquired a new meaning since those days.

So Hicks is leaving, coincidentally scant hours after testifying under oath that her job included telling “white lies” for the President of the United States.


For all Schlemiel-in-Chief fans, Hicks will stay on for possibly a few more weeks before exiting through that notorious revolving door. She will need to  avoid the traffic jam. Let’s take a look at that list again. Warning: this was captured a few minutes ago. It may no longer be current.

In all fairness, some of these departures should have been expected in the normal  nature of such jobs. Not all of those on the list have been charged with crimes, nor even indicted, nor currently serving time. But, again, that is yesterday’s news.

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