The Government You Paid For

Number 14

Being retired, we receive an overload of email at our house. Actually, we received a bunch before we retired. But now I have some time to deal with some of it. This one came from the Governor of Texas, and it was most impossible to ignore. Most impossible because Barbara Jean kept insisting I create a blog post. Gladly done. It’s about the government you paid for.

The heading tells you right away this is a campaign plug.

Yeah, that was a dead giveaway. Like the typical campaign spiel, this one is long on platitudes and short of specifics. But it starts off nicely enough.


It’s no secret that liberals have been salivating over Texas for years now—not just for the power they believe controlling the Lone Star State will hand them in Washington, D.C., but also because our success highlights what a failure liberals’ policies have been all over the country.

“It’s no secret that liberals have been salivating over Texas for years now…” Rats! They are onto our scheme. We need to search for a mole in our conspiracy. But there is more, and some of it is amusing:

Instead of ditching traditional values like hard work, faith, and family, Texans proudly stand for them.

Oops! News to us. The Governor is thinking perhaps liberals don’t care for hard work, faith, and family. People like the Blanton family, who served in the armed forces, put themselves through college, worked in private sector and government jobs for decades, enjoying great family life all the while? Actually, Governor Abbott may have us on the “faith” bit. Yeah, when the guy came around with the Kool-Aid, we generally took a pass.

2018 will be a make-or-break year in the fight to defend traditional values. Help us start 2018 strong with a contribution today!

The above was supposed to be a link to a page to take your campaign contributions. Shifty that I am, I deleted the link.

Governor Abbott wants us to “defend traditional values.” He gives no indication of what these values are. I have an idea of some values that were traditional in the past, and I am hoping the Governor of Texas does not want us to return to those. Here’s more.

Instead of looking to government to solve all of our problems, we value independence and limited government. Instead of placing extra burdens on families, small businesses, and entrepreneurs in the form of high taxes and stifling regulations, we’ve let them lead the way.

That sounds about right. I have all these problems, and for years I have been relying on the government to solve them for me. For example, there was the problem of people driving on the wrong side of the road, so sometime back the government made it against the law to drive on the wrong side of the road, and they started arresting people who were doing that, and there’s not so much of that going on now. There were other problems, as well, that I shoved off onto the government, such as ensuring the bridge across the Brazos River near my childhood home was safe for large trucks, and all the while I should have been seeing to that myself. I also wanted the government to restrict the activities of others to ensure they did not pollute the air that I breathed and the same with respect to water.

Yes, I have seen these stifling regulations first hand. I talked to a man who ran a small business, and that small business was involved in trenching work, like for water lines and such. And the government required that when his crews dug a trench beyond a certain  depth in a certain type of soil, then no worker must be allowed to go down into the trench unless the sides of the trench were shored up to prevent collapse of the soil. And the man complained to me about these regulations, but he also mentioned his son went into such a trench to work, and it caved in on him, and he required medical treatment, which was covered by workers compensation insurance, which was mandated by the government of Texas. Yes, we definitely need for the government to get out of the way and let businesses make their own decisions about how to run their operations.

And instead of waiting around for Washington, D.C. to get its act together, we take it upon ourselves to protect our way of life.

Again, Governor Abbott has a point, and I have in the past brought this matter up with Senator John Cornyn of Texas. I strongly urged the senator to work with Congress and go around the gaggle of clowns currently occupying the Executive Branch. Maybe Governor Abbott would care to step over and have a chat with Senator Cornyn.

And there is a lot more stuff, but here is something interesting.

The good news is that after suing the Obama administration 31 times, I’m no stranger to high-stakes fights with the left.

I’ve won far more than my fair share—including stopping President Obama’s executive amnesty scheme at the U.S. Supreme Court, preserving the Ten Commandments monument on the Texas Capitol grounds, protecting the words “one nation, under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance, and ensuring that prayer during the presidential inauguration continues.

Right on, Governor. What is important to a 21st century state such as Texas is that we preserve a graven image on government property honoring the predilections of a band of desert tribesmen from 2500 years ago. Also, we should subordinate what we hope to be the greatest and proudest nation on this planet to a piece of ancient fiction. Yeah, I’m starting to feel proud already.

Governor, when you start to get serious about what really matters to the people of Texas, then I am going to start taking you seriously. Until then I have to conclude you are a manifestation of a mass of what has gone wrong in recent years. Keep talking that talk. Never let us forget.

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