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I subscribe to a newsletter from Trump News. That’s the sender’s name when their daily report shows up in my inbox. The site is, and the screen shot above is their masthead. I am 100% sure this site is in no way associated with Donald Trump. If I had to bet the farm, my bet would be is a for-profit concern whose business model is playing to an audience. And I don’t own a farm. That aside, the target is ultra-conservative America, and here’s what’s latest. See the headline:


Please pardon, but I jacked up the contrast so you can read the caption beneath the photo. The link is to a page that elaborates:

BAN On Islam In Public Schools UPHELD…Big WIN For Our Kids!

Gorsuch made a statement that will inspire as many people as it annoys: “We should (n’t) be teaching any religions in this country besides standard Judaeo-Christianity, as our founders wanted, and we certainly shouldn’t be filling the children with lies about Islam being a ‘religion of peace’ when they see the carnage on the news almost every day.”

It’s a strong point he makes, but one that is represented in the nation’s founding documents. Whether or not you believe that schools should be teaching ANY religion is not really the point; the United States IS culturally Judeo-Christian. And the fact that are so many atheists actually proves this. In no other religion on the planet are there such things as atheists; it is a creation of the Judeo-Christian culture.

Thomas Robertson, author of the above, almost has this right. The United States decided in 1791 the government must not get involved in religion. This was in reaction to a prior government, the British Crown, that incorporated a state-sponsored religion. Government-sponsored religion was officially discarded with the Engel v. Vitale suit in 1962. The Supreme Court in that case ruled official prayer in public schools violates the First Amendment Establishment Clause. The Murray v. Curlett lawsuit of 1963 resulted in a Supreme Court ruling that Bible reading sponsored by public schools is also illegal.

Robertson gets most of the remainder wrong. “[T]he United States IS culturally Judeo-Christian.” We will see about that. Watch this space. “In no other religion on the planet are there such things as atheists; it is a creation of the Judeo-Christian culture.” At this point we have to wonder which planet Robertson is from.

And I should not be required to point out that Robertson gets the whole thing wrong from start to finish. Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch made no such ruling. It’s a piece of fabrication that’s been floating around for several months, and this Trump News writer scooped it off the cutting room floor and posted it raw. Here’s some background:

You will be shocked to learn that this story is fake news. The first tip-off is that the language sounds nothing like Gorsuch. The second is that Justice Gorsuch has an alibi for April 10: It was the day of his swearing in ceremony. And as for the rest of the Supreme Court, there were no decisions handed down between April 3 and April 18.

What you may be looking at now is “confirmation bias.” This posting by Thomas Robertson confirms my personal bias, that being ultra-conservatives live in a fact-deficient universe. I will be content that anybody can respond and disabuse me of this notion. And may Jesus have mercy on your soul.


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