Bad Movie of the Week

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Most-reliable Amazon Prime Video came through for me again this week. Getting desperate for a Bad Movie of the Week, I skimmed titles from Amazon. This one came through. It’s Inhuman Resources, 2012, and I have to warn you, it’s a slasher movie to end all. Wikipedia doesn’t have an entry, so I’m getting details from IMDb. Here are the highlights:

You have heard of human resources. That’s what they used to  call personnel in companies. Anyhow, this is inhuman resources, so you begin to get the picture. It’s corporate politics from hell, and it starts out provocatively enough. There’s a blonde corporate type making waves as she struts her stuff between the cubes and gets on an elevator.

The next time we see Ms. Hot Stuff she is decapitated on the floor of the elevator car. Annabelle Hale waits for the doors to open and comes face to face with the gruesome scene.

Regional manager Nicholas Reddmann is standing there with the bloody ax and a fiendish countenance. It’s the most recent of a series of such atrocities.

Of course, Reddmann is tried and convicted but is deemed insane. He appears to die in a fire during an escape attempt. Annabelle, daily looking for work, picks up living expenses doing Internet strip shows. Here is the slasher movie obligatory bare breast scene. Show me a slasher movie without bare tits, and I will show you Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

But Annabelle is abducted from  her apartment, and comes to, chained to a conference table along with five other people. Each is in some manner connected with the ax murder.

Reddmann is miraculously alive, and he directs his captives to work mightily at proving his innocence of the ax murders.

When somebody’s work slacks off, Reddmann employs his hook of a hand to inscribe a mark on the forehead of the miscreant. Five such marks, and Reddmann dispatches the offender in the most gruesome manner imaginable. Here William Tucker (Sam Reid) already has three.

Cutting to the chase, Annabelle works diligently and finds a way to escape through an A/C vent in the women’s rest room. She puts the kibosh on Reddmann and unchains William and one more. They are the  remaining survivors.

As the three battle to escape, one of the three is killed, leaving only William and Annabelle. It becomes apparent to Annabelle that William is not as innocent as he claims, and he reveals what really happened on that fatal day months before.

William was a parcel delivery man, and he had a habit of waylaying officer workers and decapitating them. He reveals his method and describes how he wielded the ax and handed it, covered with blood, to a shocked Reddmann, who took the fall when the elevator doors opened at the ground floor.

Reddmann and William disappear, leaving only Annabelle for the rescue squad to haul away from the gruesome scene. Annabelle recovers to write a book about the episode and is scheduled for a book signing. But William, in hiding, has taken offense, and he murders Annabelle’s publicist and forces his way into her apartment, bloody knife in hand.

Annabelle fights William off and flees onto the street, with William in deadly pursuit. She encounters Reddmann on the darkened sidewalk, and Reddmann kills William, leaving Annabelle with William’s severed head to take to the book signing. She presents the head and asks if there are any questions.

Do I need to explain why this is the Bad Movie of the Week?


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