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There may be some readers who think they quit making bad movies 60 years ago. It could be because I tend to dig way back in the archives to find a BMotW candidate. This one puts the lie to that idea. It’s from three years ago, and it’s bad. It’s Deeper: The Retribution of Beth, from Fat Lemonade and Atomic Imagery, currently streaming on Hulu. Wikipedia does not have an entry for this one, so I’m getting details from  IMDb.

There’s not much to explain about the plot, but I will have a go at it. It’s in Seattle, and there are these two jerks, John (Greyston Holt) and Steve (Andrew Francis), who make a living producing porn videos. To sweeten their profits they work a scam that goes like this. They cruise the streets in  a white van, and when they spot a likely mark, a sexy babe walking alone, they stop and present their proposition. They are making a video, and they would like to interview her. Will she get in the van? They offer money. We see multiple marks taking the bait.

Steve converses while John shoots the footage. A little money offered. Will you do this? Yes. More money offered. Will you do more? Viewers get a chance to see a bunch of women’s tits.

Anyhow, when the marks are not looking, Steve steals back the money, and the victim is turned loose feeling sorely burned, while the jerks go off laughing at their grand joke.

Mark (Matthew Kevin Anderson) and Susan (Olivia Cheng) set out to do a story on the two porn kings, and they meet the pair on a street corner. Mark thought the plan was to meet in their office, but Steve insists that Mark ride along for a live interview. He insists that Susan cannot come along. It turns out to  be good news for Susan. For Mark, not so much.

In a twist from their usual prank, the two pick up a pair of babes. Sam (Elise Gatien) is sweet and prime. Beth (Jessica Harmon) has a few more miles but still passes for for hot.

While Mark looks on the scammers start their spiel. Sam warms to the scheme and suggests migrating to a more remote spot before getting down to  serious business. The van heads into a secluded section of boreal forest.

That’s when things turn deadly. As Sam commences to display her feminine wares, Beth whips out a piece of her own and blows John dead away.

The remainder of the plot is a mash of mayhem, as Mark and Steve are cuffed with tie-wraps, and Steve gets pistol whipped while being reminded of his past sins. People happen onto the scene and get murdered, there are repeated escapes into the woods accompanied by determined hunts and recapture. At gunpoint Mark is forced to hump Steve from behind, at which point a hunter in camo puts a wing shot into Beth to break the matter up. Eventually everybody dies.

Except, Sam and Steve. With everybody else dead, Sam retrieves slip-joint pliers and grips Steve’s tongue, pulling on it and slicing it off at the base. A black car drives up and Sam gets in and departs. And that’s the end of the movie.

Yes, there is a back story, but it shows up only in retelling. There’s a load of plot churn that leads nowhere. Somebody wants to depict a gruesome extreme of the human condition and almost succeeds.


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