Quiz Question

One of a continuing series

This week it’s back to language and literature. Following is a list of words:

  • HOT
  • MOM
  • PAT
  • BOAT
  • COAT
  • TAKE
  • EAT
  • CHAP
  • TAPE
  • PACT

Besides being simple words and presented here in all caps, what do all these words have in common? Post your answer as a comment below.

Update and hint

Here’s a hint. I’m adding more words that fit the requirement. What is the least common thing all these words have in common?

  • MYTH

Update and answer

Nobody even made a stab at this one, but the answer is simple. All the words are spelled with letters that look like capital letters in the Russian alphabet. Keep in mind, they are not necessarily the same letters in both alphabets. A comparison:

  • A = A
  • E = E
  • K = K
  • M = M
  • O = O
  • T = T

None of the others correspond.


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