Buyer’s Remorse

Number 11 in a series

Somebody help me. I cannot stop. The story keeps getting better by the day, if not the hour.

Most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one Don jr attended in order to get info on an opponent. That’s politics!

Really. Really? Why? The meeting was about the adoption embargo. Yesterday’s ABC World News Tonight with David Muir has the word from press secretary Sean Spicer:

Note to Spicer: get in a room with your boss and figure out what the official story is, which is that the meeting had nothing to do concerning collusion with Russian intelligence gathering services.

Oops! How did that get in here?

Actually, as ABC reported, and as we all know by now, “The four pages of email setting up the meeting don’t even mention the word adoption.”

Additionally, we have Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow demanding to know how come the Secret Service didn’t get involved. Apparently the highly-paid Mr. Sekulow fails to notice that Donald Trump Jr. did not have Secret Service protection at the time. Apparently, also, President Trump is spending too much on legal representation and not getting his money’s worth.

David Muir goes on to report on a Washington Post poll that has 67% of Americans disapproving of the President’s use of Twitter. Full disclosure: I am not among that 67%. I love Donald Trump’s use of Twitter. I love it so much, I think I might just die if the President of the United States ever grew up and quit laying his soul bare in 140 characters or fewer.

There’s going to be a lot more on this. Keep reading. And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.


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