Friday Funny

Number 67 of a series

Thank Jesus I don’t have to rely on stupid criminals for this week’s Friday Funny. Anytime I run out of stupid criminals I can always fall back on stupid stupids. Take Si Robertson, for example:

In an interview with CP Voice on Wednesday, Robertson, along with the film’s lead actor Kevin Downes, commented on how the Gospel is presented in the letters between the two men. “One is a skeptic. And there’s a lot of skeptics,” said Robertson. “I dont believe there’s a such thing as an atheist. Because there’s too much documentation. Our calenders are based on Jesus Christ.”


And if you don’t believe in Jove, then think again the next time you get it all figured out, and you exclaim, “By Jove!”

These guys really are funny.


3 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. Lovely quote. Quite timely.

    Reminds me of the declaration of Texas Governor ‘Ma’ Ferguson, who was quoted in opposition to bilingual education as stating ‘If the English language was good enough for the Lord Jesus Christ it is good enough for the schoolchildren of Texas.’

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