Quiz Question

One of a continuing series

Mondays are slow days, but there is always a Quiz Question to puzzle, confuse, entertain.

Geography again. Everybody’s favorite subject. No fair running to Google maps. Just close your eyes and remember what it was like when you last drove through these places. Answer any or all. Highest score wins.

Which countries share a border?

  1. France and Luxembourg
  2. Luxembourg and Liechtenstein
  3. Italy and Slovenia
  4. Austria and Romania
  5. Greece and Bulgaria
  6. Czechia and Hungary
  7. Switzerland and Luxembourg
  8. Slovenia and Hungary
  9. Germany and Denmark
  10. Poland and Ukraine

Post your answers in the comments section below, then scurry to Google Maps. Best score wins.

Time’s up.

Nobody had a go at answering last week’s Quiz Question(s). Some were easy, others not so. Here are mine:

  • France and Luxembourg – Duh, yes.
  • Luxembourg and Liechtenstein – No way. Switzerland is in between.
  • Italy and Slovenia – Yes. Not something most people would know 70 years ago. Things have changed.
  • Austria and Romania – No, Hungary is in between.
  • Greece and Bulgaria – Yes. There is a considerable stretch of border.
  • Czechia and Hungary – No, Slovakia is in between.
  • Switzerland and Luxembourg – No.
  • Slovenia and Hungary – Yes, new since the last big war.
  • Germany and Denmark – To be sure.
  • Poland and Ukraine – And yes.

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