Bad Movie of the Week

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Has to be Glenn Ford‘s worst movie. It’s The Disappearance of Flight 412 from 1974, made for TV release. Ford is Colonel Pete Moore, in charge of an Air Force detachment dispatched on  a radar test flight. The crew are going to be in for a rough ride. This appeared on NBC, now available for view on Amazon Prime Video. Details are from Wikipedia.

Here we see Colonel Moore prepping  his men for the mission. He stays behind.

Things shortly go bizarre. The radar operator spots three UFOs in triangle formation, and the Marines scramble two F-4 fighters. Only, the movie shows what is definitely not an F-4. Looks more like an A-4. Subsequent shots of the fighters show F-4s.

Anyhow, the radar test crew observe the F-4s entering a cloud layer and never coming out. They disappear from  radar.

Viewers are treated to an array of interesting equipment to convince them some really high-tech stuff is going on.

After the radar crew reports the incident, something strange happens. Another communication overrides their operational instructions and orders them to land at an abandoned airfield.

There they are taken into custody and interrogated relentlessly. More than interrogated, they are strongly coaxed. They did not observe what they thought they saw. We now know this is the classic U.S. government cover-up of a UFO incident, one that involved the disappearance of two F-4 fighters and the four crew members.

Colonel Moore intervenes and seeks out the abandoned base. He demands the return of his men.

For his intransigence Moore is denied subsequent promotion and retires from  the service. Crew members who go along with the coaxing are promoted. Others get dead end assignments.

It’s a lesson to all of us that the United States government is covering up UFO incidents, and the truth is still out there.

Yeah, pretty bad. This is a sure candidate for BMotW.

Glenn Ford appeared in a number of prime roles, tops of which may have been The Sheepman, which I do not have a copy to review. I have reviewed Experiment in Terror, with Lee Remick and Ross Martin, both putting in first class performances, especially Martin. Also see the review of Trial.


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