New game in town—number 30 of a series

I was having a conversation with some of my liberal  friends, and the general agreement was reached that we are glad we did not elect a woman for president. That’s because women are too sensitive and are not up to the rough and tumble of top-tier politics:

Trump asks for apology over Russia probes

President Donald Trump on Monday asked for an apology over the investigations into Russia’s election meddling and possible collusion with his 2016 campaign because those probes, which are ongoing, have not publicly turned up any proof of coordination between Trump associates and the Russian government.

In addition, in a flurry of tweets, he also accused his predecessor of purposefully ignoring Russian efforts to interfere in last year’s presidential election for fear of altering the course of an expected victory by Democrat Hillary Clinton.

When I brought this to the attention of my liberal  friends I found they were already lining up to apologize. Not only were they ready, they already had their backs turned and their pants pulled down. In the background an old phonograph was softly giving forth a sweet rendition of “Blue Moon” by Rodgers and Hart. It was so sweetly sentimental  I had to pause and wipe an eye before joining them.


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