The Quintessence of Dumbshitia

Number 2 in a continuing thread

For the second day in a row I’m drawing from email sent by Trump News:

What Trump Just Removed From The White House Will ENRAGE All Muslims Throughout The Country!

This was posted Monday by , apparently aimed a conservative audience. The note at the top reads,  “The Top Conservative Topics Of Today.” Apparently there is a segment of the American electorate that conservatives figure they can do  without, which is, itself, an interesting proposition.

It’s interesting because Muslims align strongly with social conservatism:

  • Religiously devout
  • Fundamentalists in their religious convictions
  • Historically support legal systems based on religious teaching

And more. One would think American Muslims would support conservative candidates over liberals, since liberals tend to hold that religion and government are separate spheres of influence. Regardless, modern conservatives, particularly what is called the alt-right, hold Muslims in particularly low regard. Also Jews in many instances.

Anyhow, what President Trump has done which has caught favor with the alt-right is to skip over acknowledgement of the end of the Muslim holy month:

For eight long years under Barack Obama, the White House pandered to the Islamic world.

Even presidents before Obama were careful to tiptoe around Muslim sensitivities.

Not President Trump.

President Trump stands for what HE believe in, and doesn’t really care if others don’t like it.

Especially a Muslim world that demands so much of America, while giving so very, very little.

So, I doubt very much that Trump lost any sleep over his decision to abandon the White House tradition of hosting a feast marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

Full disclosure: I have no  truck with any religious hogswallop, but then, I don’t need anybody’s vote. I am guessing American  conservatism, enshrined in the current administration, only needs some people’s vote. Meaning Muslims can go suck an egg.

And that pretty much tells the story. American conservatism has as a core value holding the Christian religion esteemed above all others—the one, the true faith. We get the story from state religion’s point man, Mike Huckabee, former Governor or Arkansas and sometimes presidential candidate:

Anyhow, the kids in our drama arrive at a church in Nottinghamshire and meet the pastor and the congregation. All is going swimmingly well until suddenly armed officials burst in and demand the congregation be disbanded. Parishioners are advised that failure to comply carries the sentence of death. The children witness first hand the denial of religious faith.

What the story does not point out is that those men from the king’s government, those men who ordered the church be disbanded, those were God’s own enforcers. The scene is cast as a denial of God by the government, but the producers of this drama apparently missed the irony. This is what it looks like when the government decides to protect the word of God.

Yes, that fairly well summarizes what today’s Republican Party has come to. Having my go at mixing metaphors, dumbshitia has come home to roost.

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