Your Friend The Handgun

Nothing new here, folks.

Sometimes you cannot have too much protection. What is needed is more guns in the hands of more people. At other times:

Innocent bystander shot outside popular downtown Minneapolis

Steve Ericson, KARE 10:26 PM. CDT May 14, 2017

MINNEAPOLIS An innocent bystander was caught in gunfire during a fight and subsequent shooting outside a popular downtown Minneapolis bar on Saturday night.

The shooting happened around 8 p.m. outside Lyon’s Pub at 16 South 6th Street. Authorities say there was some sort of argument between two groups of younger people when several shots were fired.

Obviously, too slow on the draw. Needs more practice.


2 thoughts on “Your Friend The Handgun

  1. Byron Black was unable to post a comment, possibly a technical glitch. I am posting it for him:

    Problem John is ‘Damn Yankees’. I would not be surprised at all to learn that this sort of silly [lethal] jousting does not occur nearly as often in Texas, where you assumed that one of the other aggrieved parties may be packing. Male or female, young or old.
    When I first went to Thailand, walking around Bangkok I said to myself ‘I know this feeling’. It was a display of politeness, aversion of eyes, soft speech and a definite aversion to confrontation. And the reason is the same: Thais are absolutely THRILLED by firearms and it seems like everyone from the lady office worker to the guy selling fried foods on the corner is armed and dangerous.
    ‘An armed society is a polite society.’ There is a certain degree of truth in this (40%?) All that gefuffle on the bridge in London – even though the cops managed to get there quickly and blast the malefactors off to paradise in under ten minutes I daresay if there had been armed Texans in the crowd they would have taken out their pea-shooters and snuffed the bearded weirdos rather sooner.
    Damn Yankees don’t know how to treat firearms. There’s your problem.

    (Or maybe I’m full of it. Again.)

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