Friday Funny

Number 63 of a series

I woke up this morning, and it was after 5 o’clock, so I’m getting a late start. Along about 8 I  realized I did not have a Friday Funny post, so I started feeling panicked.

Ha! What a crock. I have a ready source of Friday Funny’s, and that source would be our collection of Christian historical revisionists. Let’s start with Aledo, Texas‘, own Joe Barton:

David [Barton]:

That’s right.

God Is In Control Of The Weather

Another one I’ll throw out is weather. It’s interesting in the Bible, weather patterns are often predicated on whether the people doing the right thing or the wrong thing. And if people sin against God, then you get floods, and you get storms, you get lightning, you get all your crops get destroyed, you get all sorts of things-

Yes, you heard it right. Pseudo historian Joe Barton is telling us this planet’s weather is not solely driven by natural forces. There is an invisible person, somewhere, who is devilishly concerned with every aspect of human life and who puts a finger  on the scale from time to time to tip the consequences and to remind everybody he (she) is in control. This in lieu of posting a notice in The Wall Street Journal, which would be much less expensive.

For those disinclined to follow the link, here is some background. The foregoing is from the transcript of a WallBuilders podcast that aired 13 June 2017. The podcast is titled Trump’s Religious Liberty Executive Order Is Better Than You Might Think, and guests include Mat Staver, David Barton, Rick Green, and Tim Barton. David Barton “is the founder of WallBuilders, LLC, a Texas-based organization that promotes unorthodox views about the religious basis of the United States.”

And if all of this were not the least bit scary it would be very funny.


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