Your Friend The Handgun

Nothing new here, folks.

I’m not vouching for this Benjamin Franklin quote, but  it stands to reason if you don’t have a handgun, then how are you going to keep somebody from shooting you in the back? For example:

Teen nicknamed ‘Shoota’ accused of shooting girl in the back, say investigators

by SBG San Antonio Thursday, May 18th 2017

SAN ANTONIO – Less than two days after a teenage girl was critically wounded in a late night shooting, police arrested a suspect in the case.

Ezequiel Vela, 17, is accused of shooting the 16-year-old victim in the back late Monday night. The bullet then came out through her chest.

Investigators say Vela, who also goes by the nickname, ‘Shoota,’ and the victim were with a group of people behind Burke Elementary School on the Northwest Side when Vela reportedly pulled out a gun and shot the girl. The arrest affidavit states Vela also tried to shoot another girl, but the gun failed to fire.

You get ’em , Ben.

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