Et Tu, Rupert?

Is this the unkindest cut of all?

All others had their say. Each, in turn, thrust his blade. “If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.” Now comes one last friend.

Look, in this place ran Cassius’ dagger through:

See what a rent the envious Casca made:

Through this the well-beloved Brutus stabb’d;

And as he pluck’d his cursed steel away,

Mark how the blood of Caesar follow’d it,

As rushing out of doors, to be resolved

If Brutus so unkindly knock’d, or no;

For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar’s angel:

Judge, O you gods, how dearly Caesar loved him!

This was the most unkindest cut of all;

It is a sad day when Caesar’s most trusted ally steps up and sinks the shaft:

The White House Mess

A shakeup needs to start with some self-reflection at the top.

White House aides are leaking that President Trump is considering a staff shakeup to stop them from leaking, and the casualty on Monday was communications director Mike Dubke. Mr. Trump certainly needs to fix his White House mess, but staff changes won’t matter unless the President accepts that he is the root of the dysfunction.

There was no question about The Washington Post, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times. They were never in his camp. The Dallas Morning News, which could not find a Republican candidate it did not like, signaled early trouble when it endorsed Hillary Clinton  for President. The business-friendly Wall Street Journal would have reliably supported Donald Trump in years gone by, even before it was scooped up into Murdoch’s World.

The honeymoon is well and truly over. Reality has seeped into the highest level of conservative America. Everybody is coming to see what is obvious to most. The American electorate fell for a political hoax of massive scale. It is time to bury Caesar, not praise him.


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