Friday Funny

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House of Secrets, from 1936

Friday again, and I don’t know whether to laugh or to cry. From Texas, of course:

In a story resembling elements of the classic 1979 ‘Piña Colada Song’, the man – who we cannot identify
for privacy reasons – had been using the booking website for some months to hire prostitutes and meet
them for sex at motels in neighboring areas.

On the most recent occasion, which occurred last weekend, the man told his wife he was going on a 􀃗shing
trip with friends, when in reality he was traveling to a motel on the outskirts of town. Upon checking into the motel on Saturday afternoon the man used his phone to access his regular website used to book prostitutes. According to a statement he made to authorities, he saw the pro􀃗le of a new 28-year old woman who caught his attention.

As with many of the photos on the site, the photo only showed the woman from her neck down, but the man is
said to have liked what he saw and he sent her a message to see if she was free later that night, and what her price would be for 2 hours.

She replied back within minutes to confirm she was available, and could meet up with him at the motel that
night. The pair agreed on a price of $150, bargained down from her original request of $200.

Guests at the hotel in adjoining rooms called the front desk to report a disturbance at around 8 pm after
the woman arrived at the property and found that her client was none other than her husband of the last
17 years.

Yeah, that didn’t go well. Also, it reminds me of an old joke, which I will post as Bad Joke of the Week, coming soon. Keep laughing.


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