Number 19 in a series

This series takes its title from a Yiddish term, referring to an awkward, unlucky person, failing at most endeavors. I think Donald Trump knows what it means, and I use it a lot in reference to him. I’m sure Trump gets a lot of things right. I’m not aware of which those are. I have more fun poking at his voluminous and notable miscues. Here is one more.

President Trump is not prominent in this one. It features some people working for him—doing what he apparently told them to do. It lands in his lap, regardless.

The above image shows White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer explaining, to all who cannot resist watching, one of Trump’s latest and greatest accomplishments—a thing Trump promised his supporters on a regular basis since he announced his candidacy two years ago:

“I would build a great wall, and nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I’ll build them very inexpensively. I will build a great great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall.”

Seeking to assure Trump’s political base that a promise made is a promise kept, Spicer emphasizes how much has been accomplished with the first 100 days. Spicer uses props to illustrate the progress so far. In the video CNN commentator Anderson Cooper notes that the current budget, touted by Trump, contains no money for new border wall construction. Cooper describes how Spicer points to images of border wall under construction and also how Spicer highlights a chain link fence that is being replaced by a steel wall. It’s an example of how the President is keeping his pledge, all within the first 100 days.

Cooper next takes us to Mick Mulvaney, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, nominated to the position by President Trump. The OMB is one of the largest departments in the Executive Branch. These people work for President Trump.

Mulvaney uses some of the same visual props used by Spicer, and he too touts the President’s success. Tapping an image, “When you heard in the last 48 hours about the deal, did you think we could build this? I’ll bet you didn’t. Nobody did.”

That’s strong support, even from somebody who depends on Donald Trump for his daily bread. Beyond that, who would possibly believe that a Schlemiel-in-Chief could accomplish such great things in such a short time? Not I.

In fact, not anybody with any sense, because it never  happened.

First of all, the current budget does not contain any money for new border wall construction. Nobody is constructing new border wall, although some wall repair and replacement is going on under the budget passed during the previous administration. Border wall pointed out by Spicer and Mulvaney was actually constructed during the Bush and Obama administrations, something that everybody living along the border already knows.

And that chain link fence, that chain link fence that we see a Mexican  kid climbing on, that chain link fence that is incapable of protecting our borders, that chain link fence that’s being replaced under the direction of the new President.

Yes, that chain link fence. That chain link fence is not part of the border fencing. That chain link fence is in Sunland Park, New Mexico. This is a place where the Union Pacific rail line runs close to the Mexican border, and is notorious for illegal crossings. In prior years illegal immigrants would dash across the border and hop aboard a freight train.

Google Maps

The fence was put up by a construction  crew to keep trespassers out of their work area. It’s not going to be replaced by any kind of wall. My guess is it’s going back to the fence rental company when the construction contractor is finished with it.

What we see here is a Schlemiel-in-Chief sending his hirelings out to tout a non-accomplishment, of which there appear to be enough to provide enjoyment to me and to others for months to come. So, enjoy.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.


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