New game in town

Where the flakes are flakier: nowhere else but at America’s own White House. How many different ways are there to spell “delicate of skin?” Here’s one more:

Trump abruptly stops interview with CBS after they confront him over Obama wiretap accusation

President Donald Trump apparently still holds onto the belief that former President Barack Obama “wiretapped” him during the campaign last fall, and abruptly ended an interview after the subject was brought up.

Trump, speaking to CBS’s John Dickerson, was responding to a question about what advice the former president gave to him before entering the Oval Office. It was Trump, in fact, who brought up the issue of surveillance himself, though Dickerson did ask him to elaborate.

Get used to seeing lots of this:

  • Donald Trump makes some ridiculous claim.
  • People check it out, and there is nothing to it.
  • People ask Donald Trump if he’s serious or just joking.
  • Donald Trump assures everybody he’s serious, and what he said is true.
  • Evidence continues to pour in debunking Donald Trump’s lie.
  • Reporters ask Donald Trump if still stands by the lie.
  • Donald Trump disparages the reporters and flees the interview.

Its is possible that when the day arrives that a foreign leader confronts Donald Trump on one of his lies, he will check with people who know and get his facts straight? We can  only hope.

We can also piss in a boot.


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