Quiz Question

One of a continuing series

A star actor’s career typically stumbles onto the scene as a bit part here with a screen credit near the bottom. Few know where most were before they gained momentum. Last appearances are more noted. And that’s this week’s Quiz Question. What was the last movie for the following? Film theatrical releases only. No TV.

Post your answers in the comments section below. Extra points for Peter Falk.

Update and answers

I’m going from memory here. Tania can weigh in if she wants. She probably knows them all. I have added the answers to the list above.


2 thoughts on “Quiz Question

  1. Monroe, Gable, & Cliff= The Misfits
    James Dean = Giant
    Peter Falk = The Princes Bride?
    Victor Mature = The Twilight Zone, wasn’t he the one killed making it?
    Peter Finch = Pink Panther?
    I’ll have to think about the others.

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