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There is an old joke that goes, “Tragedy is when I slip on a banana peel and bust my butt. Comedy is when fall down a sewer and die.” This is that kind of story:

‘Psychic’ accidentally stabs himself in the heart with a sword and dies in front of horrified spectators while demonstrating his immortality

A man claiming to be a psychic died when he accidentally stabbed himself in the heart with a sword in a bungled act to prove his immortality.

Theprit Palee, 25, had been performing the traditional dance in front of spectators in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, yesterday afternoon.

The folk ritual is said to honour the spirits of ancestors and in previous shows he would impress onlookers by appearing superhuman when the blade broke as it was pressed against his chest.

But the well-known clairvoyant’s act went horrifically wrong when he plunged the blade through his rib cage after it failed to snap.

There is immortality, and then there is immortality. Theprit Palee will live forever in our hearts and minds.


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