Quiz Question

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This is from somebody else. It showed up on my Facebook feed just in  time, when I needed inspiration for a new Quiz Question. It’s easy. Give yourself about 15 seconds. The problem was posed as:

There are three boxes and three statements. There is a car in only one of the boxes. Only one statement is true. Which statement is true, and in which box is the car?

Post your answer as a comment below.


5 thoughts on “Quiz Question

  1. The car’s in box 2 and statement #3 is true. John look up Professor Layton online, find the “walk through” for any of the games. You will have a never ending supply of all kinds of puzzles.

  2. I agree, the car is in box 2, making statement 3 true and all others false.

    Now, for some real fun we should have a problem that is not subject to a “brute force” attack, but is still solvable by a mere human without computer help!

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