Friday Funny

One of a series

Friday at last, and it’s time to shut down the work week with yet another comical criminal. This time it’s Charles Reardon of Great Falls, Montana. has the story:

How do we say this diplomatically? Best not to even try. Levi Charles Reardon was dumb enough to “like” his own wanted photo Facebook. When he was featured as a wanted fugitive on the Great Falls / Cascade County Crimestoppers Facebook page, he was compelled to click that thumbs up button.

In April the non-profit posted Reardon’s photo along with a brief description, they even offered a $2,500 reward to the person who had information leading to his arrest. Much to Crime Stopper’s surprise – Reardon responded to the post under his own name. Needless to say, it didn’t take police long to track him down.

I hope it’s not necessary for me to remind you how funny this is.


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