Bad Movie Wednesday

One of a continuing series

This is a strange one, but you quickly realize you are seeing The Blair Witch Project rebooted. This is Cloverfield. It came out in 2008 from Paramount Pictures. I watched in March on Amazon Prime Video. Details are from Wikipedia.

As in Blair Witch, somebody found video taken by people now dead (missing in the case of Blair Witch). We are treated to the intro added to the found clip for identification.

Rob is moving up in his company and is relocating to Japan. His friends have arranged a surprise party, and somebody is making a video. There is a problem. Beth shows up. It gets out that Rob previously humped Beth, and now he’s leaving without so much as a goodbye. Poor Beth.

Beth leaves after making a short testimonial on the video, and Rob’s friends urge him to make things  right with Beth. At that moment disaster strikes. The building shakes, and the lights flicker.

From the rooftop of the Manhattan apartment building the party goers watch as their world dissolves under an alien attack.

An attempt to escape over the Brooklyn Bridge is thwarted when some monster creature severs the bridge mid-span, and Rob’s brother is killed.

Rob learns Beth is trapped in her East Central Park apartment, and he determines to rescue her. Taking to the subway, Rob and three others encounter a small version of a monster in the tunnel, and one of the girls is severely injured.

Exiting the tunnel they encounter military forces, who advise them to evacuate. The injured girl is determined to be fatally infected by the monster and is taken away.

The remaining three make it to Beth’s apartment and rescue her. They board evacuation helicopters, but a monster attack brings down a helicopter in Central Park. A monster kills the guy who has been managing the video camera.

The remaining survivors take refuge under a bridge in the park as military forces come in to flatten  Manhattan. The video shows the last moments of their lives.

Well acted and skillfully captured by somebody who imitates amateur video camera work. Scenes are choppy, and panning is second grade. That’s second grade student level. The video loses some credibility as found footage by the introduction of flashbacks, which would not appear in video captured either on tape or on flash memory, which this purports to be.

Aliens attack. Massive explosions take down lower Manhattan. And the power doesn’t go off all over? Rob finds a working cell phone in an electronics store, and he phones his mother. Really? He can get a line with all this going on?

There is a clock on the wall at the party, and is shows 10 after midnight a few minutes before the shit goes down. The video stops somewhat after 6 a.m. During that time they were supposed to have evacuated a large part of the population of Manhattan? With the Brooklyn Bridge out?

According to Wikipedia this was to be the start of a franchise, but after nine years there is still no sequel. The theme has been continued, however, by 10 Cloverfield Lane, currently running on Amazon Prime Video. God Particle is coming out this year.


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