Bad Movie of the Week

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This one is really bad, especially for a comparatively modern production. It came out in 1977 and went under a number of titles. This is Warhead, starring David Janssen as Lt. Col. Tony Stevens, United States Air Force. The titles do not show the production company. I watched this on Amazon Prime Video. Details are from Wikipedia.

Opening scenes show Stevens in what appears to be Jerusalem, at the Wailing Wall. Jews are praying, and Stevens is just observing. Then a car drives up. He is needed immediately. An American nuclear weapon has been jettisoned in Jordanian territory, close by the Israeli border. Stevens must parachute in and deactivate the warhead. Hence the title.


Meanwhile the bad Palestinians ambush a school bus, blowing it up and killing all inside. Except for Lt. Liora (Karin Dor). She survives and kills all the attackers, except one. That one is Malouf (David Semadar), the leader. The Israelis mount a reprisal raid to kill Malouf. Lt. Liora is to go along, because she has just laid eyes on  Malouf and can identify him.


The raiding party includes a sniper named Namoi (Joan Freeman) and Captain Ben-David (Christopher Stone), who is to lead the mission.


Stevens parachutes into Jordanian territory and proceeds to disarm the bomb, still attached to its own parachute. He is surprised by a Palestinian band led by Malouf, who decides the PLO can make better use of the device.


Surprise, surprise! These festivities are interrupted by the Israeli raiding party, who kill much of the band of Palestinians and take charge of the bomb and also Stevens. Malouf gets away again and regroups with the aim to  ambush the Israelis before they can return to the homeland.


And that’s the core of the movie. Layer by layer the Israelis and the Palestinians whittle down each other’s forces, often by inventive and gruesome means until there is a final showdown at an abandoned fort in the desert. In a final battle all are killed, except Stevens, who travels back to Jerusalem and to the Wailing Wall, to ponder.

There is a lot of action: running gun battles, sneak attacks, blazing .50 caliber machine gun fire, gruesome death. All for nothing. Reality is tossed out the window.

Take a look at the nuclear device. Its front sports a transparent window and a light inside that pulses to the sound of something that brings to mind a reciprocating  water pump. Can anybody believe that? The thing is still pulsing at the end of the movie.

And get this. They are in Jordan. Malouf discusses tactics. The Israelis’ movements are restricted, he explains. There is the sea to one side and mine fields to the other. Only, Jordan does not have a coast line. Despite this, views at the abandoned fort show the sea in the background.

Forget about seeing this, that is, unless you are 15 years old and always wanted to see a war movie of some sort.


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