Bad Joke of the Week

One of a continuing series

Mother of Jesus, please come back.

Suzie was all alone. It was two months since her dear Herbie had passed away, and she just couldn’t seem to move on.

“Listen here, Suzie,” said her good friend Barbara, “maybe you should go see a psychic. One of my friends did it after her husband died, and it made her feel so much better knowing that her dearest was happy.”

So that’s how, on the next Tuesday, Suzie found herself in a dim room with a crystal ball and a psychic talking in a calm voice.

“Is he here?” Suzie asked.

“Yes, I sense him,” was the reply.

“Can you ask him if he’s happy?” Suzie constantly asked.”

“He’s putting his hand to his mouth like he wants to smoke,” said the psychic.

“Oh, of course,” said Suzie, “he needs a cigar. Herbie can never last more than a few hours without a cigar. I guess they don’t have cigars up there. Did he say where he is or how I could get one for him?” questioned Suzie urgently.

“Hmm,” said the psychic. “I can’t seem to get that question across to him. But then again,” said the psychic after a brief pause, “he didn’t say anything about needing a lighter.”


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