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The man is going down, and it’s a sorry sight to see. OK, a joyous sight to see for Liberals, and I’m laying on the celebration right now. It has come to the point the President of the United States is being called a congenital liar on mainline news. When was the last time this happened? Oh, right. The last time this happened was when the President had to stand up before a national audience and declare he was not a crook. This may be worse. Yesterday on CNN Anderson Cooper finally had it with dancing around the facts:

‘Oh, come on Jeffrey’: Anderson Cooper finally reaches his limit with Jeffrey Lord defending Trump lies

20 MAR 2017 AT 22:34 ET

Led by host Anderson Cooper, an entire CNN panel blew up on regular Jeffrey Lord who refused to admit that President Donald Trump habitually lies when — not only when he speaks — but when he tweets.

Addressing Trump’s tweets about ex-President Barack Obama wiretapping his offices,  the panel turned to presidential credibility, with long time White House aide David Gergen explaining that President Lyndon Johnson,”didn’t have a credibility gap, he had a canyon.”

“That is what is happening here,” Gergen asserted. “It makes a real difference in the capacity of a president. We’ve seen it again and again. when we have a president who is a congenital liar, it really matters.”

That was 20 March of 2017, and we have to wonder whether it has taken all this time before people started blurting out what we all knew months, years, ago. I have a regular column, one post every day for 80 days, each post laying out yet another lie by the Snowflake-in-Chief: “Daniel Dale, with the Washington bureau of The Star, compiled a list of 80 fabrications by the Snowflake-in-Chief, all during the first four weeks of the new administration.” People are cataloging Trump’s fabrications, and they are going  to be in history books in a few years. Richard Nixon and Joseph McCarthy are going to come off as Boy Scouts.

I’m going to keep chronicling the enduring adventures of our nation’s very on Snowflake-in-Chief. Keep reading.


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