New game in town

You have got to be kidding me. No, really. What’s the latest? From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — In the latest verbal acrobatics over President Trump’s allegation that President Barack Obama spied on him during the 2016 campaign, the White House spokesman said on Tuesday that he was confident Mr. Trump’s claim would eventually be found to be true.

Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, said he was “very confident” that the Justice Department would submit data to the House Intelligence Committee after it missed a Monday deadline to produce evidence of Mr. Trump’s claim. The House committee is investigating Russian interference in the presidential election.

Mr. Trump is “extremely confident” that there will be evidence to support his accusation, Mr. Spicer said on Tuesday. “There is significant reporting about surveillance techniques that have existed throughout the 2016 election. I’ll leave it to them to issue their report, but I think he feels very confident that what will ultimately come of this will vindicate him.”

Are you kidding me? Apparently so:

WASHINGTON — In a striking repudiation of President Trump, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, a Republican, said on Wednesday that he had seen no indication of Mr. Trump’s claim on Twitter that former President Barack Obama wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign.

“We don’t have any evidence that that took place,’’ Representative Devin Nunes, Republican of California and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said at a news conference on Capitol Hill. “In fact, I don’t believe — in the last week of time, people we’ve talked to, I don’t think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower.”

If Mr. Trump’s Twitter claim is to be taken literally, Mr. Nunes said, “then clearly the president is wrong.”

And your job is what? President of the United States? Are you kidding me?


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