New game in town

How can you tell when you’ve elected a snowflake as President of the United States? Let me count the ways.

Start with whining the day following  inauguration. Dismissive reports of the crowd attending President Trump’s big show struck a tender nerve, and the new snowflake in  town went off on the false reports. Came the revelation that opponent Hillary Clinton got 2.8 million more votes in the election, and there came the cry of massive voter fraud and the call for a special investigation. Came the fourth of March, and the Snowflake-in-Chief got on Twitter calling out President Obama for wiretapping his phones in Trump Tower (New York City). If there exists a better way to spell “snowflake,” somebody had better clue me in now.

The story rolled on for more than a week. The Justice Department, now headed by the new and diligent Attorney General Jeff Sessions, promised to look into the matter and to report back by yesterday (Monday). Came Monday, and the Justice Department needed more time.

Meanwhile the fake media, the Democrats, the Republicans, all are telling us this has the appearance of a made-up story. Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona publicly advised Donald Trump to disclose any evidence he had that such an action occurred. Essentially, “Put up or shut up.”

Neither has Trump nor his minions put up, but some of the shutting up is beginning to manifest. That was the gist of a story that ran on ABC World News with David Muir last night. The President is being continually asked, but no confirmation is forthcoming.

Asked three times on Monday, the President responded with “No comment” each time.

Even the dissembler-extraordinaire seemed to fumble for words. Maybe the “surveillance” went beyond wiretapping.

Faltering at that, Kellyanne Conway sketched out generalities. We all know, she reminded us, in this modern world people have come up with novel ways of spying on us. She mentioned microwave ovens turned into cameras.

That concept drew immediate and hilarious attention in the blogosphere.

Call me a left-leaning liberal if you want, but I went immediately downstairs and unplugged mine.

Trump’s stand-up explainer, Sean Spicer, elaborated. We should not have taken the President’s off-the-cuff remarks about President Obama ordering Federal spies to wiretap candidate Trump’s phones in Trump Tower all that seriously. He was only thinking out loud (my phrasing) in generalities. He even put the crucial words in quotes. Yes, he did.

And we all know that when you put accusations in quotes, we are not serious accusations, and there should not be a government investigation involving the expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars for professional law enforcement agents (read FBI) to go probing around looking for a presidential order to install wiretaps. Which is what happened.

If only he had put his accusations in quotes.

It’s now Tuesday, another day. And the drama drags on. The President of the United States is revealed as a blow-hard, slinging random accusations around, catching the attention of America’s fake media and also that of foreign leaders, friendly and otherwise. Is now the time to pivot from the United States as a serious player on the world stage? Is now the time for a greedy power to make its move against a weak neighbor? Would anybody like to take a peak at a high school history book 20 years in the future?

And I have yet to touch on the fumbled plan for replacing the Affordable Care Act. Keep reading. The story continues to unfold.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.


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