New game in town

Hard times in D.C.

Mar 7

It must be tough with somebody else always having the last word. Just when things are finally going swimmingly in Snowflake Heaven, those fake news stories keep harping on Trump’s turbulent times. Here’s one of those stories:

Last night with Chris Matthews, the great Dan Rather had said that, if the administration continues to lie its face off on issues large and small, the press should reply with “cold steel, oak and iron.” (Dan Rather is the last Viking chieftain, motherfckers!) It might not take that level of energy, though. The administration seems to have taken on the internal dynamics of a middle-school run by the Borgias.

The Washington Post put together an overview of the first weekend that was startling in its implicit revelation that the backstabbing among the White House apparatchiks is reaching levels unseen in those halls since the rats were heading for the ratlines on Richard Nixon in 1972. After all, somebody had to tell these reporters about this amazing episode.

Wow! What a low blow, even for the liberal media. A “middle-school run by the Borgias?” Not even the Mafia. There must be a bottom to this:

White House turmoil rankles Washington more than Trump

Hey, liberals! Are we looking forward to the next four years or what? Grab some popcorn.


2 thoughts on “Snowflake-in-Chief

  1. Poor Borgias. How sad. Sadly sad. Of course they’re all dead, so dead. But I’m not. (Trumpspeak infuses throughout the Republic).

    Difference is that the Borgias were efficient (murderously so).

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