Back Home Where You Belong


Earlier this week I lost an old friend. The eggshell skin, the frothing mouth, the strangler of fact, the Donald Trump I knew so well for nigh 20 months left without so much as a goodbye kiss. Instead, before me stood a visage of reason, unification, and soaring spirit. That was Tuesday night. Would I ever see my friend again?

I need not have worried. Early this morning my old friend came roaring back, and in top form. It was as though he had never left. Possibly he was off taking a refresher course in self-humiliation, but who am I to question. My gratitude is without bound:

15h15 hours ago

15h15 hours ago

15h15 hours ago

What do you say, readers. He the man! There will be more to come. Keep reading.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.


3 thoughts on “Back Home Where You Belong

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