Number 14 in a series


A short history lesson:

At a rally in Sanford, Florida, Donald Trump railed against the Affordable Care Act. The GOP nominee called Obamacare a “disastrous law” and told supporters his first presidential act would be to repeal. “You’re going to have such great healthcare at a tiny fraction of the cost, and it is going to be so easy,” Trump said.


Right on! That was candidate Trump back in October explaining to fools like us. Fools like whom?

President Donald Trump said during remarks at the White House on Monday that “nobody knew” that health care “could be so complicated” as his party debates an alternative to Obamacare, which they have vowed to repeal.

What a difference a few days of on-the-job experience can make. There’s going to be lots more. Keep reading.

And may Jesus have mercy on our souls.

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