Blind Sided


Some stories just come free over my Facebook feed. Here is one from today. All the people involved are now or have been previously related to me. My brother commented on something  from Daily Kos, and there followed a comment storm.

Maisie Morris Freedman replied to a comment on this.

Marion Keith Blanton shared Daily Kos‘s post.

Yesterday at 8:39pm ·

Pretty rotten state of the Nation we have arrived at when the White House press secretary is used to defend the President’s daughter’s business interests. But I guess that is the Republican way.

Daily KosLike Page

Yesterday at 4:10pm ·

Here’ s a newsflash for Donald Trump and his supporters: this is how the “free market” they love so very much works. Stores discontinue selling products that aren’t performing well.

Two more retailers drop Ivanka clothing line, WH spokesman calls it a ‘direct attack’ on Trump

Two more retailers have pulled the plug on Ivanka Trump’s (made in various parts of Asia, definitely not the USA) clothing line. From the New York Times:…

Maisie Morris Freedman Oh yes that is what is so important to the people of this nation ! We are all so upset that Nordstrom’s and TJ Max is dropping her line of extremely expensive stuff made in China or wherever !

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Helen Cutler Ridiculous! Why does everything have to be about him? Maybe it’s because the stuff’s just overpriced junk.

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John Blanton Fallout that should have been anticipated.…/fronting-the-brand-4/

Fronting The Brand

Continuing a theme Continuing to snow in D.C.: Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 11h11 hours ago My daughter…

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So, the Daily Kos got in some digs at troubles Donald Trump’s daughter is having with her fashion line. Its popularity is sagging, likely due to Trump’s bizarre behavior since  taking office. People are not buying, and merchandisers are dropping the line or else pulling it back from the front tier. All of us had some great fun at Ivanka’s misfortune. Then an additional relative chimed in, obviously of a different political persuasion:

Donna Blanton The Democrats are havning temper tantrums and acting like babies because they didn’t get their way so they are holding up progress and our safety. I realize a lot of the protesters are being paid and some just like a reason to act a fool but enough already. All the Democrats and some Republicans are blocking Trump because they know he wants to make changes that will tear up their little play house.

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Marion Keith Blanton So what you are telling us Donna Blanton, is that you really like Trump?

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Donna Blanton I make no secret of it, I really like Trump and believe given a chance he can make positive changes.

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Marion Keith BlantonDonna Blanton So tell me, why do you think it was okay for the Republican members of the Senate to deny Obama his right to appoint a justice to the U S Supreme Court?

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Donna Blanton Why should he? Be was on his way out and the next President should have had the right to do that even if it was Hillary (which thank God it is not).

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Right away I need to advise people how to argue politics with a Trump supporter. Never take a defensive position or any position that could be interpreted as defensive. Go into the argument (discussion) with the assumption you are correct, because you are. So, rule number 1 is—always talk down to Trump supporters.

The next illustrates my approach:

John Blanton Donna Blanton – Glad to see you commenting. Welcome to the real world. Whether the Democrats won or lost the election, people like me will be going for people like Trump and everything he stands for with a blood lust. My major purpose in life is to expose and to humiliate until there is no skin left. Thankfully, in this endeavor I have a major ally, and that is Donald Trump of the Golden Shower. If there is a God in Heaven, then He daily delivers Trump into my hands. And I do not have a play house. I have a brain, and I have a computer connected to the Internet, and I intend to have fun while it lasts. May Jesus have mercy on my soul.…/snowflake-in-chief-6/


New game in town Some people’s feelings are easily bruised. These people are labeled…

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Donna Blanton I feel sorry for you and people like. I have a bigger purpose in my life that to

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Donna Blanton Sorry I hit the button too soon. As I was saying I have a more important purpose in my life than trying to tear down another human being. We put up with your unless Obama for 8 long year but we did not exactly not complain but we didn’t Riot a,d act like a bunch of fools. I understand you have a high IQ and I have always found that most of you have no common sense. And I would not have bragged that the first time you ever voted in your life was for Obama.

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Donna feels sorry for me. I wish I had a nickel every time an opponent used that argument. It’s a good sign. It’s a sign your opponent has no support for their position.

Wendy Blanton Donald Trump is Satan

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Bad form, Wendy. Maybe Donald Trump is Satan, but your job is not to point out the obvious. Make factual statements and allow your opponents to conclude that, for example, Trump is Satan. By the way, in case you didn’t already know, Satan is a mythical character. Trump can’t really be Satan.

Donna Blanton You got that all wrong.Hillary Clinton is the devil. She will lie, cheat and kill to get what she want, however Donald Trump believes in a higher power than the devil and that is why he is President.

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Now the shoe is on the other foot. First Trump is Satan, and now Hillary Clinton is the devil. Unless readers didn’t already know, Satan and the devil are the same mythical beast. Next Wendy states the obvious again. Always bad form in  a discussion (argument) to state the obvious. You need to let your opponent figure out the obvious. Don’t tell people they have been conned. People who have been conned will never believe they have been conned.

Wendy Blanton You’ve been conned

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Maisie Morris FreedmanWendy Blanton No Wendy she is brainwashed pure and simple. I just wish she would show us some proof of her allegations of both President Obama and Hillary ! Saying Hillary killed people is pretty serious ! I would love to see your proof of this Donna !

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Maisie is Wendy’s mother, in case you didn’t already know this. Again, Maisie is stating the obvious, something to always avoid.

Donna Blanton Open your eyes she is a crook. If you followed the election the way I did you would know what I am talking about. Can I prove it , no but if she was a regular person and with the bodies piling up behind her, she would be locked.

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Donna Blanton Ruting for Trump to lose because you don’t like him is liking wishing our Country to lose.

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There it is, readers. The absurd and unsubstantiated accusation. You always want your opponent to do this, and you need to be ready and take advantage. Remember what supposedly was George S. Patton’s philosophy of war:

"Ride the enemy to death.  L'Audace -- L'Audace -- Tout jour

See the movie.

Donna Blanton We should be praying for him to do what is best for this Country.

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Yes, Donna, we can pray in one pocket and piss in the other and see which one fills up first. In this case it’s too late for anybody to help Donald Trump. Less than three weeks in he has matters so fouled up he is not likely to be able to recover, nor willing to. And he has had zero help getting to  this position. He did it his way.

Wendy Blanton Bodies piling up? Tell me, Donna. Where do you get this crap? I mean, its such an irrational theory. This is delusional talk. You really need to find another place to get your news. Also, might I suggest a psychiatrist?

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Donna Blanton I ama very sane and we’ll ajusted person. Where have you been.. The main stream news make up half their news and hide all things Hillary and Obama. They are out for Trump and will twist the news because of it. Let me ask you exactly why do you not like Trump. I hated Obama with a purple passion but I never wish for him to fail. That would be like wishing the pilot of the plane in which you are a passenger would crash and burn. I know you will never give him a break because I thought everything Obama and Michelle was stupid and classless because I would never like them; but I never wished him harm or failure.

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This is what I like about my cousin’s wife. She is the ideal Trump supporter. Facts are so 20th century. An old cartoon in a magazine showed a sexy young wench telling, “I still have my virtue, but I seldom use it.”

Wendy Blanton Did I say I wished him to fail? No one wants our President to fail! I wish you Trumpsters would stop saying such nonsense.

Also, I don’t have the time (nor do I really care) to list all of the things about Trump that is rotten just to pacify a conspiracy theorist.
In fact, Ive already wasted enough time in this insanely ridiculous conversation.

Good Day

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Donna Blanton You probably don’t really now why. And you right this conversation is over, I don’t agrue with stupid.

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At this point  the conversation drifted off topic, and I made some deletions.

Maisie Morris FreedmanDonna Blanton In order for you to argue with stupid you need to go look in the mirror ! You are so totally brainwashed and have no facts to prove anything that you say ! Do you have any idea just how stupid your comments make you look. I’m not sure if you are just totally ignorant or really that stupid that you believe the things you said about Hillary. Oh by the way who said anything about any of us wanting to see Trump fail. Wasn’t it Mitch Mcconnell that said he wanted to see President Obama fail ?? Why don’t you try looking up some of the things you are stating as facts before you say them.

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Ha! Personal attacks. Avoid personal attacks in all situations.

Donna Blanton I am very involved in politics. I have been 1st Vice President and President of Ellis Country Republican Women. I am friends with many Senators, Governor and many local politicians. I have been an election judge for years so I have to keep up and get my information from the horses mouth so to speak. Last week I met and got to know Allen West. You may not know who he is but he is a big deal and friends with Trump. I am also friends with Nick Adams and you probably don’t know who he is but he is also a big deal. I don’t get my information from the news but from people on the front line. By the way we are even, I think everything you say is stupid so we will just have to agree to disagree.

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Donna’s comments speak for themselves. The tone of self righteousness betrays a true believer, never to be convinced otherwise.

Maisie Morris Freedman Sounds like you are friends with a bunch of lunatics ! I know who Allen West is and he is insane !!

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Come on, Maisie. Get off the personal attacks.

Donna Blanton Your opinion. He isery sane and well respected by people who know him. There is a difference in knowing someone is and spending time with him and hearing him speak. I am sure crazy liberals think he is insane because he speaks the truth.

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Ho! Pay dirt. Allen West is the wrong person to get in bed with, and I moved on the opening.

John Blanton Donna Blanton – Wonderful! Allen West! I am so glad you brought up Allen West, the Manchurian Candidate. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have brought additional joy into what seemed destined to be a deadly dull evening.

Heinz 57

Angela Lansbury practically stole the spotlight from Frank Sinatra. The movie was a Cold War…

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Some more “Oh yeah?” level  of argument. Absolutely avoid getting sucked into this line of conversation.

Maisie Morris FreedmanDonna Blanton Oh Like Trump speaks the truth ??

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Donna Blanton Like Hillary did?

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Donna Blanton John I am glad you are amused.

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Donna has gotten around to addressing me at last. Of course I was amused, and that is the direction take with Donald Trump. Trump is self-destructive, and amusement is an ideal approach to take. He provides ample proof he has become a punch line about political  circles, and anybody in discussion with a Trump supporter needs to maintain this line. A supporter can defend a liar, a thief, a murderer, or even a child molester, but defending a buffoon is a  thankless task.

John Blanton Donna Blanton – I’m glad you are glad, and I am glad for Donald Trump, who continues daily to bring joy to my life. I look forward every day to new gifts from the Golden Shower. Keep it coming. And may Jesus have mercy on my soul.…/schlemiel-in-chief-8/


Number 8 in a series Bear with me readers. I’m having a hard time keeping up. The…

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Donna Blanton I hope He has mercy on your and I hope you are a believer and I am not judging but from the way your talk…

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Wendy Blanton John you’re cracking me up! Lol!

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Jesus Christ! I’m glad I’m cracking somebody up. For awhile it appeared that with over 3000 comedians out of work my efforts at levity were going unappreciated.

Wendy Blanton John Blanton is the most devout, church-going Christian I know! 😀

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Wendy, dear niece, if you are reading this please be advised I am an atheist, and I never go to church.

Donna Blanton Glad to hear.

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More self-serving references to my own writings:

John Blanton Wait.. There’s more.…/the-golden-shower-7/

The Golden Shower

Something interesting To clarify: the sign reads: Trump the man who gave up his billionaire lifestyle to be…

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And that’s all I’m going to relate about that. This conversation could possibly go on into Friday morning, but I’m calling it quits for tonight. Keep reading.

And may Jesus have mercy on your soul.




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